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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
The new harassment reports Darion Mograine Kiingler 9 6777
[Suggestion] Disallow "random" champion select outside of custom/bot games Voltorocks Voltorocks 0 5403
Suggestion: Real match history hitoriaruki master0068 2 5415
How often do you encounter AFK'ers or Game Leavers MrANi Villiroth 3 5466
Inbox for clans JackalHide Villiroth 2 5528
Reconnect Button..... Epsilon2012 OddName 1 5614
is there way to transfer from American server to EU Wickedthing Wickedthing 0 5408
In-game tab iWraith iWraith 0 5437
Inactive Accounts Drive Me Nuts Joggawitz Appo 2 5531
Sort by IP in Store Xienwolf Xienwolf 0 5457
[Suggestion] Profile Interface Addition Velven Velven 0 5496
Why no own pictures as avatar ingame ? Master Cen Joggawitz 2 5900
Allow players to see time till Win of the Day is ready outside of a game FossaFerox FossaFerox 0 5585
New Pricing Structure Abecbu Abecbu 0 5544
[Suggestion] Skin trade and remaining RP. Skeithh Skeithh 3 7148
Please log me out instead of crashing me pyro93735 TheEye 2 6138
Add functionality to converting RP to IP BlkZen Skeithh 4 12487
New summoner icons Bakumian Bakumian 0 5608
Log Out button Dolphium Cuchullian 3
Riot Post
[Suggestion] Logout Button Bernard Augustus Cuchullian 3 5602
Log out button Morderius Cuchullian 4 5692
PvP.net logout feature Torfindel Cuchullian 2 5850
Logout Function? ZergHydra Cuchullian 4 15049
Logout Button XiTro Cuchullian 4 12933
@Riot on standardization pOwErstEErIng pOwErstEErIng 0 5529
DND: or Other, similar features DemonBOF DemonBOF 0 5503
Working for league of legends forum rayoul rayoul 6 5872
Identifying and Pardoning Disconnections Diamondragan Diamondragan 0 5478
having problem connecting to PvP umad mah Aurora Borialice 1 5818
Mastery Pages FONT got a lot DARKER... HARD to see now. PoDragonSlayer Voxletum 1 5596
Backing out at the Champ Selection Screen :/ ZeKKKK Tyrandiz 1 5998
The NEW Champion Select Bug  ( 1 2 ) Phonike something1111 10 6541
After game stats-grid gnoevoet Agent Epsilon 1 5720
New video coming out this thursday!!!!!!! PlzReleaseDiabl3 PlzReleaseDiabl3 0 5519
Over 9000 KoinuKoji Herunúmen 7 6460
@Riot Suggestion For the Abilities tab in Champion Windows Fei Korlock Fei Korlock 2 5725
Suggestion: Champion Usage Stats Baldbagger Baldbagger 0 5696
@Riot Same IP support? AusBloodSpilla AusBloodSpilla 2 5986
AFK In Champion Select Suggestion zpwR Joggawitz 1 5634
"Preferred Champion(s)" - [ Champion Selection ] Joggawitz Joggawitz 1 5870
Countering Insta-lock Honoke Demon Firebrand 4 6526
Custom item interface and forum Red posts SixSixTrample SixSixTrample 2 6095
@Riot - Fix the Store Please Herunúmen Herunúmen 0 5758
Champion Selection Ability Preview webadict ShenTianWen 1 6183
Even more bugs after the patch lvchaos InSilenceWeServe 1 5688
About summoner name change... InSilenceWeServe InSilenceWeServe 2 5957
Queue trolling is a serious problem and you need to react to it. Cadfan ShenTianWen 4 6246
Rioterz: Simple Matchmaking Usability Suggestion Cheesebeard Cheesebeard 0 5688
Tired of Leavers getting 20+ chances. Phonike Phonike 5 5864
refunds on lowered prices? rumples rumples 0 5663