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[Suggestion] LoL Chat kick/ban CTG Pringles by Chatastrophe 6 4,890
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Having to have 2 players in a custom game? Placido12 by LowPolyCount 1 Riot Post 4,893
[Request] Fast-Foward mode for Custom Games NekoRamza by NekoRamza 2 4,872
afk during selection NEEDS to be a dodge, not random The Abortinator by Ogly 6 5,073
Ranked Game Team Composition Vote FairShot by Bugalos 4 4,853
Tribunal records? Hextech TRex by Hextech TRex 0 4,497
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PVP.Net and Server overload discussion Zerosk83 by killahpeach 2 5,477
[Suggestion] Patch Pre-Load System for Major Patches Compreet by Nynnja 1 4,645
make loss forgiven if turret dies early kavinh the third by churahm 1 5,576
Leaver Buster Does Not Go Far Enough - Lower the Hammer   ( 1 2) DogofWar1 by systox 12 12,177
LoL Store "gifting" options. Highcastle by Ellencia 3 5,914
Addressed to riot. (Not a rage or negative attitude post.) Prometheus56 by Prometheus56 0 4,506
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[IP REWARDING SYSTEM SUGGESTION] Addons regarding the ip rewarding system SerubNox by Niblib 1 4,549
My wishlist of client interface changes for Season 2 Aslann by Aslann 1 5,052
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Matchmaking issues in Normal games Kaedan by Trocore 1 4,780
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Summoner Icons? Vorpal Chill by Vorpal Chill 0 4,522
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Latin American Server hexzerg by Fontolan 5 5,107
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