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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Suggestion regarding queue Xyre Xyre 0 4464
Having to have 2 players in a custom game? Placido12 LowPolyCount 1
Riot Post
[Request] Fast-Foward mode for Custom Games NekoRamza NekoRamza 2 4871
afk during selection NEEDS to be a dodge, not random The Abortinator Ogly 6 5073
Ranked Game Team Composition Vote FairShot Bugalos 4 4853
Tribunal records? Hextech TRex Hextech TRex 0 4497
Good patch but new issue Mayobe Mayobe 0 4491
Patcher broken? Help me Riot! Centuros Centuros 0 4529
Champ selection: Random button Grailstone Grailstone 0 4491
Starting games and Invites GeneralRoundeye GeneralRoundeye 0 4500
unreadable masteries font Foucz Foucz 0 4642
PVP.Net and Server overload discussion Zerosk83 killahpeach 2 5476
[Suggestion] Patch Pre-Load System for Major Patches Compreet Nynnja 1 4645
make loss forgiven if turret dies early kavinh the third churahm 1 5576
Leaver Buster Does Not Go Far Enough - Lower the Hammer  ( 1 2 ) DogofWar1 systox 12 12177
LoL Store "gifting" options. Highcastle Ellencia 3 5914
Addressed to riot. (Not a rage or negative attitude post.) Prometheus56 Prometheus56 0 4506
How to vastly improve your game. Sabelan cuckoocachoo 2 4940
More Stable Servers Equals High Quality Enjoyment akacinna Drakeamarus 6 5222
Editing runes during champ select Gloserous Private Riem 1 4896
View Profile not working sometimes. Peixe Nuclear Drakeamarus 2 5380
Champion passives listed in the ability list StubbledYuMYuM Drakeamarus 7 5400
[IP REWARDING SYSTEM SUGGESTION] Addons regarding the ip rewarding system SerubNox Niblib 1 4549
My wishlist of client interface changes for Season 2 Aslann Aslann 1 5052
Riot kSWAG415 kSWAG415 0 4538
Matchmaking issues in Normal games Kaedan Trocore 1 4780
Hiding Rating destroys Competition iob iob 0 4549
Summoner Icons? Vorpal Chill Vorpal Chill 0 4522
Please get rid of the time limit for ip gain in coop mode. BiggieSmallsssss BiggieSmallsssss 9 12974
Latin American Server hexzerg Fontolan 5 5107
[Suggestion]Queue Dodging Penalty PsychoAbaddon PsychoAbaddon 3 4759
Latency majista majista 4 4749
Server Issues Evers the Roo SilFerWolf 1 4565
Friend not showing up. Megraw Megraw 2 4685
Champion "More Info" Links Fix GhillieForce Archemonde 1 4693
Client Crashes After Disconnect Lupus Deus Archemonde 3 4815
Suggestion for Improving Gameplay Experience Through Matchmaking Change Sparkykun Sparkykun 0 4624
[Suggestion] Player Training Queue AegisX AegisX 0 4637
Queue Dodging HelplessKitten IuseHeroism 4 4767
Nerfs among other things IceDragonMaster IceDragonMaster 0 4709
my computer overheats in a game minecrafter2 minecrafter2 3 6005
"My Posts" Page GhillieForce GhillieForce 0 4757
[Suggestion] - Alert Window Code Hand of Might Hand of Might 0 4625
Champion Loading Screen Suggestion Raliegh Fhang Raliegh Fhang 0 4674
Help new players Cheranumir Espy Psyche 4 4943
Ban expiration needs a listed time Espy Psyche Espy Psyche 0 4699
character passives viewable from pvp.net prYzm prYzm 0 4757
Open the log file in fileshare.read orygin orygin 0 4876
Exalting Fellow Summoners? (suggestion) Sivera IceDragonMaster 1 4820
Latency increased, please help :) feniks38 feniks38 0 4807