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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Random Game Type addition Cyprex2020 Cyprex2020 1 4993
Daily Network Issues for LoL and Leagueoflegends.com Big McLarge Huge Big McLarge Huge 0 4527
Match Length in Match History? Vouvray Vouvray 0 4242
Global Kill/Death and other statistics Lysam Sicarius2 1 4863
Just a suggestion or two. Toxicfox63 Toxicfox63 0 4247
[suggestion]Sell items in shop xRusko Villiroth 3 4503
Gifting system and sign out system minxx minxx 0 4249
Is there really an elo reduction when you QD? Threefiftyseven Threefiftyseven 3 4510
Custom Summoner Icons? BLTsammich MisterBombastic 4 14971
Bell Canada not supported by Boko Mobile RP purchasing? Junks001 Junks001 1 4404
A New Queuing Option: Team Composition Mode! Arxon Arxon 2 4645
Winter - Summoner's Rift DarkVirux ldpyzatxvoaq 2 11718
Thank you riot for making a addictive competitive game. Humanquation Apexflash 2 4435
New Summoner Icons The Iron Chef The Iron Chef 0 4403
Change Lenguage "Option" for this Region Elbirri Elbirri 2 4643
Tribunal First Thoughts Black Eis GrandBreaker 3 11508
@riot The solution to playing with bad people. READ Xenophobed GrandBreaker 7 17857
A great job with the new store, but one feature I would like. TheViralStitch TheViralStitch 0 4398
New maps Littlemandude Azaraki Dragon 1 4442
Champion skin artwork download Apexflash Littlemandude 1 4509
Disconnect from Chat after ignoring someone XiTro XiTro 1 4567
The new store.. liranforu xRusko 1 4483
Referrals Reward Changes  ( 1 2 ) bakagi6 sodacanTHEgreat 11 20208
Noxus vs Ionia for real Tycandrias Tycandrias 2 4601
Runes: In store show Primary/Secondary/Tertiary TheMarkMark TheMarkMark 0 4548
My game's broken. theo7011 theo7011 3 4536
[Suggestion] Include passive ability in Champion Info/Dialog Apexflash Vorpal Chill 2 4503
Custom game player requirement EnormousWalrus EnormousWalrus 1 4458
Suggestion for Match-Made Balanced teams antiara antiara 2 4771
Looking for people to play with pickaninie EliteGodmode 1 4596
"Retrieving data from server" - Load Forever Glo3BeaR Glo3BeaR 2 4950
Add heroes passive abilities to info screen  ( 1 2 ) Stop Meh Now NeonSpotlight 16
Riot Post
Summoners Rift Battle Training error ItzWarty ItzWarty 0 4587
New Patcher Issue waffledaffle waffledaffle 0 4478
Wrong Forum Fugitive Unknown Thunderhardt 5
Riot Post
"advanced" option for spells on champ pages Capcake Capcake 2 4536
Key Mapping AceofSpikes AceofSpikes 0 4518
FPS Problems... omgwtfbubble omgwtfbubble 0 4468
Make champ selection pre-game enabled Bezant Gebal Bezant Gebal 0 4495
Just me and bots! Or not... Tsugaga LowPolyCount 1
Riot Post
@Riot Isn't it time to update the installer? NODMvp Malchak 1 4539
@riot Custom Not Working AusBloodSpilla AusBloodSpilla 2
Riot Post
make auto-requeue an option or a toggle Gillette Series Gillette Series 1 4480
Is riot still working on matchmaking? JesterLion JesterLion 0 4471
unlocalize? Blue Screen? Disconnection? Azn l Gamatatsu Azn l Gamatatsu 0 4517
Suggestions for more custom game options Simna ibn Sind Simna ibn Sind 0 4436
@Riot and community: Guild Support Kuruslayer Isaiha 1 4485
Suggestion regarding custom games Hexalion PaleWarrior 6
Riot Post
Update Chaos Tiapaola Tiapaola 0 4458
[Suggestion] LoL Chat kick/ban CTG Pringles Chatastrophe 6 4889