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Expanding Suppenkraut by Suppenkraut 0 7,123
[Feature Request] Rune/Mastery page names Prodigion by LowPolyCount 1 Riot Post 7,880
Magma chamber... where? CaptainAwesoman by Bane Wraith 5 7,807
[Suggestion] Game Mode: Pre-Made Teams MemoryLapse by Bane Wraith 7 7,589
[Store Suggestion] Champion Price Toggles Ko Hakoo by Bane Wraith 1 7,205
When is season 2 iTz Bubby by iTz Bubby 0 7,195
SUGGESTION: add a "invite recently played" bjpennHERO by bjpennHERO 0 7,187
Selling champions Hibblesnicker by Hibblesnicker 2 7,361
@Riot: Fix the client...seriously. Dubby Dublin by Dubby Dublin 5 8,315
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Leaver Shenanigans GaiaMike by Bane Wraith 9 7,615
Play again button LEADS to custom games list dsifu by dsifu 0 7,144
How do you chat ingame Osminum by Yosomo 1 7,457
Startup dimensions of client Dead Head Nik by Dead Head Nik 0 7,254
Free skins FANG003 by Bugalos 4 7,454
Store Logs Stop Meh Now by Stop Meh Now 2 7,566
server status tray indicator Reefiasty by Reefiasty 5 7,685
Can't join solo ranked 5vs5. Pluppeyy by Pluppeyy 3 8,566
@Riot: Updating the tips for Jax Mortis45 by Bane Wraith 1 7,310
[POLL] Merely a Suggestion HughJerection by Bane Wraith 1 7,349
View Items when not playing the game AnTs95 by Bane Wraith 5 7,479
Suggestion: Premade Ready Check S2LDreX by Bane Wraith 3 7,660
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Queue Timer Allows Changing Submitted Password Accidentally Karew by Karew 0 7,223
A Call-out for Feedback: Bane Wraith by Bane Wraith 9 Riot Post 8,944
Just a little rant about Matchmaking   ( 1 2) HunterMcJesus by Bane Wraith 17 11,455
Trying to play a team game solo Icelite by Bane Wraith 2 7,391
extra 100+ mb update after wednesday!?? LUCI MALLI by Diamondragan 1 7,372
After downloading recent patch Phreak Avenue by Phreak Avenue 2 7,291
@Riot: Implement a exclusion filter please biomorph by biomorph 0 7,258
[Suggestion] Skip queue time on crash. Lemirith by Ducks 6 Riot Post 16,135
Champion passives RJthewolf by Bane Wraith 1 7,330
Ignoring users and queues D3viLsL3ttuce by Bane Wraith 3 7,387
Interface with chat Outski by hajtuJ 2 7,672
Servers Busy, Please Try Again Later Xsjadolol by Xsjadolol 0 7,641
I got banned for a week by Tribunal, with ABSOLUTELY NO WARNING prior h0tkarl by General8 7 8,072
I can't join any games. Sephram by Sephram 1 7,281
Problem with the new RADS launcher Saraman by Saraman 0 7,314
how do i fix this. Aazah by devil6 2 8,638
minor wording issue Nosferatu523 by Nosferatu523 0 7,100
Check username/password BEFORE putting people into the queue. Hypersauce by Nosferatu523 3 7,301
[Suggestion] Queues Desshaker by Desshaker 3 7,319
Accidental Static Content: ItzWarty by ItzWarty 2 7,257
Why can't I read patch notes during the updates? Dathadorne by Villiroth 1 7,138
Riot servers screws me again umadbroskiHAHA by umadbroskiHAHA 0 7,212
How about more servers ? STTLegend by OvaSativa 3 7,391
(Suggestion) You folks need stats export to stay alive OttoBohn by WhyterFang 6 7,291