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[Suggestion] Save PVP.net resolution belowza luiserafork 3 4666
(SUGGESTION) New first win of the day method. Superglew Superglew 0 2279
[Suggestion] 1v1 Map stealthydog RPGKing4 5 9805
Suggestions for the game oh my car oh my car 0 2312
@Riot Matchmaking Social Options Spartan214 WaRiRaW 1 2835
role selection icon Bloodseek WaRiRaW 1 2829
Rank Ban AFK KyoNanashi KyoNanashi 0 2377
Everytime I vote on surrender my cursor errors Myndlss moneymango 1 3075
Disconnect players dasfrenchi dasfrenchi 0 2403
Why cant i start a game bzc Atyamat bzc Atyamat 0 2403
custom game ISSUES and IDEAS WaRiRaW WaRiRaW 0 2473
Solo-Queue Matchmaking daxtep daxtep 0 2461
Wont update or let me delete league of legends files because of shen_splash? LiTTleT2 LiTTleT2 0 2496
Increase the number of bans MugurumaKensei MugurumaKensei 0 2460
eh HandBoots HandBoots 0 2478
Change the Greed talent TheUtraofKharma Shooty McSnipe 3 2844
How about a vote-kick from queue? SquishyTomato EpicHookMaster 1 2556
PVP Client dimensions on lower resolution screens Magical Magi Magical Magi 0 2642
Is my "First Win of the Day" bonus ready? Zwiki Magical Magi 1 2933
[Suggestion] How to reduce rage ingame by 50% [technical thing] TheAndy TheAndy 0 2551
Sick of playing with people that dont speak english moneymango Villiroth 4 2770
Can't buy RP Beda Beda 0 2543
Female TF MothFriend Rjo 2 2993
[Suggestion] Server-side 'Recently Played' list. Kalean Senretsu XTreeX 5 12172
The Rune Combiner Fail Weigel420 Weigel420 3 2936
Rune Trade-In Feature coltoon Seph?roth 5 3395
[Bug] Typo in current Announcements 8/4 Michael Mayhem Michael Mayhem 0 2638
logout button to op ShawnZeeny ShawnZeeny 0 2684
Runeterra Map + Champions SoloDragoon SoloDragoon 0 2797
Fix Problems With Queue The Green Amoeba The Green Amoeba 0 2759
Since Logfiles downs LoLBase/Riotstats Shooty McSnipe Al Hatal 1 2945
List the passives for in their Description, please. GigantorTheEND GigantorTheEND 2 2735
Forum search function ChimearaGrand ChimearaGrand 0 2779
Gifting A Flying Walrus Zwiki 1 3049
Match history and leaves won or lost? MidnightSoldier MidnightSoldier 0 2903
Reporting INTENTUALLY feeding noobkaiser I want killz jetpotion 1 10322
Failed to connect to pvp.net server?!?!?! far too drunk The Gobbler 1 3558
spamming in chat Paonihoa Paonihoa 0 2797
high level players in low level games iZestyi Villiroth 3 3155
Annoying afk rooms Starwrath Villiroth 1 3026
The ELO System Purplehayze Druqz 3 3012
2 Glitches need to be fixed... StrygwyrBS StrygwyrBS 0 2872
Rank Rewards? Jackyra Jackyra 0 3264
Bug with PvP.net connection and Chat with Ignore function. Burn The Bads Burn The Bads 0 2854
Riot please explain me : Matchmaking system? Julius Cesarus Julius Cesarus 0 2875
Change champion portrait according to skin  ( 1 2 ) moment22 Darkseus 16
Riot Post
Free week / new champs in ranked games. joale huple 1 3462
AFK in Ranked Champion Select RED response Please mzags WolfLegacyX 7 3192
Is PVP.net getting fixed anytime soon? Devildog1775 Devildog1775 2 3488
Scroll bar is glitched GrayWolfe42 GrayWolfe42 0 2952