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Custom filters for the champion selection screen I am French by I am French 0 2,248
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custom game ISSUES and IDEAS WaRiRaW by WaRiRaW 0 2,469
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Wont update or let me delete league of legends files because of shen_splash? LiTTleT2 by LiTTleT2 0 2,491
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Change the Greed talent TheUtraofKharma by Shooty McSnipe 3 2,843
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PVP Client dimensions on lower resolution screens Magical Magi by Magical Magi 0 2,638
Is my "First Win of the Day" bonus ready? Zwiki by Magical Magi 1 2,921
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Female TF MothFriend by Rjo 2 2,990
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[Bug] Typo in current Announcements 8/4 Michael Mayhem by Michael Mayhem 0 2,636
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Runeterra Map + Champions SoloDragoon by SoloDragoon 0 2,795
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Since Logfiles downs LoLBase/Riotstats Shooty McSnipe by Al Hatal 1 2,939
List the passives for in their Description, please. GigantorTheEND by GigantorTheEND 2 2,733
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Match history and leaves won or lost? MidnightSoldier by MidnightSoldier 0 2,900
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