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is there way to transfer from American server to EU Wickedthing by Wickedthing 0 5,398
In-game tab iWraith by iWraith 0 5,429
Inactive Accounts Drive Me Nuts Joggawitz by Appo 2 5,518
Sort by IP in Store Xienwolf by Xienwolf 0 5,448
[Suggestion] Profile Interface Addition Velven by Velven 0 5,489
Why no own pictures as avatar ingame ? Master Cen by Joggawitz 2 5,880
Allow players to see time till Win of the Day is ready outside of a game FossaFerox by FossaFerox 0 5,575
New Pricing Structure Abecbu by Abecbu 0 5,537
[Suggestion] Skin trade and remaining RP. Skeithh by Skeithh 3 7,132
Please log me out instead of crashing me pyro93735 by TheEye 2 6,129
Add functionality to converting RP to IP BlkZen by Skeithh 4 12,458
New summoner icons Bakumian by Bakumian 0 5,593
Log Out button Dolphium by Cuchullian 3 Riot Post 5,972
[Suggestion] Logout Button Bernard Augustus by Cuchullian 3 5,592
Log out button Morderius by Cuchullian 4 5,675 logout feature Torfindel by Cuchullian 2 5,802
Logout Function? ZergHydra by Cuchullian 4 14,961
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@Riot on standardization pOwErstEErIng by pOwErstEErIng 0 5,518
DND: or Other, similar features DemonBOF by DemonBOF 0 5,493
Working for league of legends forum rayoul by rayoul 6 5,862
Identifying and Pardoning Disconnections Diamondragan by Diamondragan 0 5,470
having problem connecting to PvP umad mah by Aurora Borialice 1 5,789
Mastery Pages FONT got a lot DARKER... HARD to see now. PoDragonSlayer by Voxletum 1 5,586
Backing out at the Champ Selection Screen :/ ZeKKKK by Tyrandiz 1 5,977
The NEW Champion Select Bug   ( 1 2) Phonike by something1111 10 6,525
After game stats-grid gnoevoet by Agent Epsilon 1 5,707
New video coming out this thursday!!!!!!! PlzReleaseDiabl3 by PlzReleaseDiabl3 0 5,511
Over 9000 KoinuKoji by Herunúmen 7 6,453
@Riot Suggestion For the Abilities tab in Champion Windows Fei Korlock by Fei Korlock 2 5,718
Suggestion: Champion Usage Stats Baldbagger by Baldbagger 0 5,685
@Riot Same IP support? AusBloodSpilla by AusBloodSpilla 2 5,977
AFK In Champion Select Suggestion zpwR by Joggawitz 1 5,629
"Preferred Champion(s)" - [ Champion Selection ] Joggawitz by Joggawitz 1 5,862
Countering Insta-lock Honoke by Demon Firebrand 4 6,491
Custom item interface and forum Red posts SixSixTrample by SixSixTrample 2 6,083
@Riot - Fix the Store Please Herunúmen by Herunúmen 0 5,745
Champion Selection Ability Preview webadict by ShenTianWen 1 6,173
Even more bugs after the patch lvchaos by InSilenceWeServe 1 5,679
About summoner name change... InSilenceWeServe by InSilenceWeServe 2 5,948
Queue trolling is a serious problem and you need to react to it. Cadfan by ShenTianWen 4 6,237
Rioterz: Simple Matchmaking Usability Suggestion Cheesebeard by Cheesebeard 0 5,678
Tired of Leavers getting 20+ chances. Phonike by Phonike 5 5,853
refunds on lowered prices? rumples by rumples 0 5,655
Cant get on?? Malvernio by Malvernio 0 5,671
This is the actual problem with your queue dodge penalty Riot. Daniellynet by iob 2 10,424
Feature Request: Queue Dodge Button iob by iob 0 5,716
How about adding an option to opt out of champion queue if someone leaves? theguythatiam by theguythatiam 0 5,711
Color code player names after the game ironicinorironic by Joggawitz 1 5,811
@Riot Co-op vs. AI: Time To Farm Kills Needlessly and Never Push or Dragon/Baron? Diamondragan by Joggawitz 4 6,142