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[Suggestion] Custom summoner icons please! Askye by Valorius 3 8,192
we need more stats Majber by Majber 0 6,587
Passives listed on a champ's page. Teh JAG by Teh JAG 2 6,690
Servers fenix144 by fenix144 0 6,578
First Win of the Day Dimethylsulfide by Bane Wraith 3 6,690
[Suggestion] Chat with people not in your friend list AF39 by Bane Wraith 2 15,028
Language Barriers - NA server Geminus by BootHands 1 6,723
client bugs bleh fuzzion by fuzzion 0 6,657
People screwing gameplay all the time ZeMacaco by Bane Wraith 3 6,754
No More Reporting, in Public Chats?   ( 1 2 3) Bane Wraith by Bane Wraith 26 Riot Post 17,781
[Suggestion] Selling runes Cricketot by IronicSkull 2 6,623
Re: Faded Posts ongelvin by Napalm4Kids 3 7,055
Add Advanced Options to Custom Games xXTarzanXx by xXTarzanXx 2 7,315
[Suggestion] Best thing to make starting ranked games more convenient. Frit by Bane Wraith 5 6,949
AFK For Champion Select Haloce by Atyrano 6 Riot Post 8,189
Should get a quest system and a title system Chun090 by Io Reign 2 6,859
I don't notice my notifications heyboyhey by heyboyhey 0 6,626
Expanding on Custom Game's Features Denwise by Denwise 0 6,623
Total damage dealt and total damage dealt to champions (post game info) Downa by Bane Wraith 5 8,841
Custom Game Refresh Button. Feral Renegade by Bane Wraith 1 6,799
give AI a skin Chun090 by Bane Wraith 2 6,919
Public Chat and all other Chats... UnbalancedKarma by Bane Wraith 1 6,803
Notes for friends   ( 1 2) Pyrinoc by Periniquus 12 Riot Post 12,693
Store EquilibriumForce by EquilibriumForce 0 6,622
Bugs bugs bugs TheBlackest by TheBlackest 7 6,727
Game is not ****ing starting Acidinner by onici 1 6,732
The waiting (for an error message) list Nanano by Nanano 0 6,702
Client problem AzreBalmung by Janovjev 1 6,619
i cant start any game!? R71Ellcy by Janovjev 2 6,609
Can't play due to PvPnet bug Janovjev by Janovjev 0 6,554
Stunningly unimpressed AdyNZ by Climonite 1 6,542
unable to connect to the server luckas22 by luckas22 0 6,520
Tribunal Good Idea not worth the time. CrusadingSteiger by CrusadingSteiger 0 6,525
Bug with some characters (with pics) CapTortuga by CapTortuga 3 7,275
Frequent server issues. pronii by pronii 0 6,512
In Game/ On Website Server Clock michill by michill 1 8,588
[Suggestion] Refund Option in Store. Khaos Ultrim by OnceAndForAll 4 6,925
The sorting feature in store is bugged C1osed by Khaos Ultrim 2 6,648
Kill Pictures to Reflect Skin? BootHands by BootHands 0 6,691
cheaper rune pages SlickRickMa by Salient0ne 2 7,115
Suggestion For Queue Dodgers Akamai by Br0din 8 6,952
[Suggestion] Have a timer in that shows how long you can get it for Quaelyn by Sya0 2 7,581
[Suggestion] Post-game Stats display ongelvin by ongelvin 2 6,765
A New Graph? Suggestion dBSau by dBSau 9 Riot Post 7,398
Remove lock in.. at least for a few seconds? Josh1billion by Bane Wraith 3 6,657
Augmenting the ELO Algorithm Archoni by Bane Wraith 3 6,879
Taskbar Icons Devil by Bane Wraith 3 7,847
Chat during loading screen (if possible) Faalen by Kenfrot 8 Riot Post 8,404
Repeatedly getting disconneted? remembamlilf by remembamlilf 0 6,435
[Suggestion] Clan tags. xFortune by xFortune 0 6,482