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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
One simple broken mechanic that ruins a whole game. Furity Furity 5 1258
server downtime AGAIN! Deathbringer1313 Deathbringer1313 0 109
New Champion Stats ePalm ePalm 0 110
Skin Test-Drive Gradash Gradash 2 741
My Account? Pactee AdempTrElzEr 8 5265
The Player Base's complaints - PLEASE READ RIOT. CheckFirst LowPolyCount 6
Riot Post
Chat during Loading time Dreadape Dreadape 0 101
Whenever I try to ignore/block someone, I get disconnected. Sentiment Ersu 2 172
5 top champions instead of 3 , on player profile xTaco Ersu 1 166
Rematch button? MichaelAbboud MichaelAbboud 2 1055
"I am having problems" button Die Nacht Die Nacht 3 143
Caps lock alert on password entry Anandre Udub 4
Riot Post
Ability Descriptions - Exact Stats Hksaru Hksaru 0 109
|Clan| Channels mightybosstone Isaiha 6
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[Suggestion] Forum Threads - Sort by up votes. Tobius the Grand Isaiha 2 179
An Idea for Season 2 Orphenn xPhantasm 1 3261
The Banhammer: Riot is too light on leavers. Free Solution Imbel Imbel 8 244
"hero renting" alexman5566 Kinios 4 2925
Link for the Tribunal? UnclePickle UnclePickle 2 118
Suggestion to help resolve some common help&support problems Blinder Blinder 0 80
[Suggestion] Shop Front Reload theEscape Sintobus 1 143
RANKED + NORMAL Takedowns, it's all that we ask MANGUEBOY MANGUEBOY 5 1168
[Suggestion] MVP system xxxyz MANGUEBOY 3 111
[REQUEST] Updated Downloader Fifty Ninjas Fifty Ninjas 0 88
[Suggestion] Gifting Riot Points Raito09 Victavious 2 3726
Language filter blocks out "rape", but not "raped?" ProfessorFT ProfessorFT 0 91
Moving Assist Numbers in Match History Sammym3 Sammym3 0 84
A better viewing system for skins.  ( 1 2 3 ) Ym1r Decorpsed 20
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Champion Selection Screen Complaint Auguss Auguss 0 109
Please Update the Website! Jaarx srsizzy 8
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More Champion Bundles: Possibly Custom Bundle TheMarkMark TheMarkMark 0 102
Cant see times of friends in game PumpActionWang PumpActionWang 0 79
Profile Highest Rating VS Highest Rank Attero Xythera 1 192
Kick in Ranked RB28 Xythera 2 124
[Suggestion] (Chat room) c30x c30x 0 110
Remove the wait time for leaving a ranked game lobby! DarkePacific Justenian 5 823
[Suggestion] Clicking send message switch to current player Egyptian Ninja Egyptian Ninja 0 128
Queues after dodges wegin Sintobus 2 94
Champion Security - Read on Kinios wegin 3 3504
Custom Games Fix Please X Avatar X X Avatar X 2 958
Delete "AFK ROOM" games daily Villiroth X Avatar X 3 4153
Riot games you suck genesis978 genesis978 0 98
Friends List: Two Enhancements LordJay LordJay 0 84
Store feature: runes owned meat rampage Sintobus 1 94
Pvp.net constant crashes / disconnects Vysen Vysen 4 371
Search Function Improvement LastProtagonist LastProtagonist 0 93
cap time spent waiting for players to load 00011011S LastProtagonist 1 254
Client problems Buffzilla Buffzilla 0 105
Unable to disabled auto-join for a chat room Elan Tedronai Elan Tedronai 2 269
@Riot, Possible solution for Australian and South American Players Ryban23 Ryban23 0 149