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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
champion info pages suggestion Kanizier Kanizier 0 9575
Authentication Check yadion yadion 0 9567
1 hour+ long queue to login, again Evolnemesis Darmival 4 9700
Wow!!!! porpoise101 porpoise101 0 9576
Twisted Treeline 3v3 needs reworked JewelsBOT 00011011S 2 9688
Suggestion: Custom champion list Jack20202 RCmillitant 1 9776
Waiting and hour just to wait another hour Skiggz Skiggz 0 9557
Somebody needs to get "Lookging for Group" under control sidewinderlok Arthemedus 1 9619
patcher error invalidlove invalidlove 0 9552
Account migration, where are you? tomesan tomesan 2 14076
Suggestion: Remove restrictions on entering games Isaiha Isaiha 0 9700
[Suggestion] Users Champion tabs made visible Beaumains Beaumains 0 9547
General Object Size in PvP.Net Interface Beaumains Beaumains 0 9594
Custum games, need 2 players Enalung TheExistantOne 9
Riot Post
[Suggestion] PVP.net small improvement Kei143 Kei143 1 9530
[Suggestion] Display ping by/on the Start button. RulerOfOZ RulerOfOZ 0 9602
Suggestion: first win of the day kursch Beddlam 1 9552
There has got to be a better way find a custom game Beddlam Beddlam 0 9523
Skin images Rixius13 Rixius13 0 9521
Suggestion for deal /w solo Q ranked trolls SomethingWild SomethingWild 0 9542
a better ignoring system please jesus christ  ( 1 2 ) NOMNOMNOMNOMN Firebyrdx 12
Riot Post
suggestion Zulajax Zulajax 0 9507
Chat Room message sounds Pear Seller Pear Seller 0 9647
League of Legends Wishlist ZippTheHero ZippTheHero 0 9572
RIOT - DO IT! (little improvement for store) f3jk Valorius 2 9582
Suggestion About Mastery Pages DennisKRQ DennisKRQ 0 9553
@Riot Level system UndeadcrowN RaelXX 1 9614
PriorityOne's Interface and Store Suggestions PriorityOne PriorityOne 0 9523
[Suggestion] Loading Screen Chatbox Mohsinre Enalung 5
Riot Post
Does Riot not mention this issue today? Woundnaught Woundnaught 0 9490
I noticed something fishy in the PvP.net client Gallant Spike NZtheGingerNinja 1 9539
Ingame notice for warnings! D3matt D3matt 0 9452
Riot is pathetic Darthfalcon ShadowStromm 5 9598
Champion Banning Phase Salinkus Salinkus 0 9492
[Suggestion] Baron and Dragon kills in statistics Quinshin Quinshin 0 9493
LoL for windows 7? xxsuzukixx xxsuzukixx 4 9711
Please Let Duo Queues Be 1st-3rd Pick Odin Prime Odin Prime 0 9518
Suggestion: Remove Load Screen Jockhockey Jockhockey 0 9503
LoL Not finding games AcMonkey AcMonkey 0 9839
Those Custom Games.. iMelon iMelon 2 9498
constant "Session Closed" The23rdPiGGuin The23rdPiGGuin 0 9488
Why do the servers suck? Palofer ischemic attack 8 15598
Rune Pick Suggestion Adreldon Adreldon 0 9474
Ranked Stats Reset (with RP) Renvo Renvo 0 9570
Some ideas about the PvP platform Thundragon Thundragon 0 9546
The numbers on graphs are a bit too hard to bring up SamuraiPanda SamuraiPanda 1 9504
Champion Profile Tab Filter: Owned? Goldoak Goldoak 0 9495
Chat Boxes in loading screen ShadowStromm ShadowStromm 0 9482
[Suggestion] Custom game "Dungeon Finder" queue Herak Herak 0 9543
Dodge timer for Custom games imhuge imhuge 0 9482