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Masteries being saved Sagata by 42shadow42 1 9,737
Language Barrier Eizan by Eizan 0 9,715
Talon Doesn't have the 'Stealth' tag ElBoob by ElBoob 2 9,746
Possible addition to endgame/stat screen. alexjuiceman by alexjuiceman 2 9,793
(suggestion) to end ranked trolling once and for all! Warrikon by Warrikon 3 9,768
Forum Suggestion - To REDs to help the community! Sounga by Sounga 0 9,696
[Suggestion] Something for those who've put lots of $$$ in Kedei by Caveman4Athene 7 9,858
[Client] Add warning when clicking on client links? Gillette Series by Gillette Series 1 9,761
In the ranking list, the ( -/+ X), whats it mean? Dr Fuzzy Gloves by Dr Fuzzy Gloves 2 9,878
summoner name exchange for 1 payment kavinh the third by kavinh the third 0 9,881
[Suggestion] Surveys for riot points Dirtyund3rwear by kavinh the third 4 10,418
Post game graph UI Change? 42shadow42 by 42shadow42 0 9,790
Unsubscribing to Chat Channels mookwak420 by mookwak420 0 9,691
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Riot, Please do something Kittencoil by KillJoy117 2 9,716
Thank You Riot! DarkPlaguedFiend by national 2 9,777
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I Have a Friend List?! EvilCartographer by EvilCartographer 0 9,708
Launcher not working, RADS error BelldandyPuss by Osogitz 2 13,086
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A couple of suggestions to ranked matchmaking, please read. Logistyzx by Logistyzx 5 9,917
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Item Tooltips for LoL Forum Treschonde by Treschonde 3 10,824
Can you please fix the afk rooms in the custom games. Cricketot by Findaer 3 9,879
afk autoselect Salindor by Dread Blade345 1 9,728
Friend option suggestion TyphoonCane by TyphoonCane 0 9,677
Friends List Add-on, would help us out. Sk8ers by Sk8ers 2 10,033
Elo disapeared. over 1250 elo / 50 games played RB28 by RB28 0 9,714
@Riot please make requeue an option Flarey by Flarey 4 9,766
[Problem] Champion Select won't let me choose, even though it's my turn Outdoor Plumbing by Silverst?rm 2 10,036
ugh, whats the priority of making the auto-requeue an option? Gillette Series by Gillette Series 0 9,695
@Riot : Why no Chat filter options for the forums? Birdoflegends by Birdoflegends 0 9,671
r3d logs? GoTWooD by GoTWooD 0 9,833
[suggestion] queue again as team button. Poponfu2 by Poponfu2 0 9,698
booting AFK ppl from champ select SwordOfRahl by SwordOfRahl 0 9,710
AFK Rooms Merewood by Merewood 0 9,702
Possible fix for an annoyance Bookmite by Bookmite 0 9,677
[Client] Bottom scrollbar in store. Sharkpants by Sharkpants 0 9,686
Quesiton about rewards Inorashi by TheArtisanOfWar 2 9,692
You might want to remove the Riot SInged Thing from the announcements Gem Knight Bot by Gem Knight Bot 2 9,760
Simple question from being banned. EightAndOh by EightAndOh 0 9,694
Forum Functions ElCappaTen by ElCappaTen 0 9,712
PLEASE get rid of AFK rooms Skiggz by Kittencoil 1 9,792
show MS before you start a game. kUnjU by Xeptance 9 15,938
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What is becoming of League of Legends (raging) Dracoptra by 00011011S 7 11,352
Suspension idea Shredderbot by Shredderbot 0 9,674
Sort Skins by Champion Name Gillette Series by 00011011S 2 11,512