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RIOT - DO IT! (little improvement for store) f3jk by Valorius 2 9,567
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@Riot Level system UndeadcrowN by RaelXX 1 9,602
PriorityOne's Interface and Store Suggestions PriorityOne by PriorityOne 0 9,509
[Suggestion] Loading Screen Chatbox Mohsinre by Enalung 5 Riot Post 10,218
Does Riot not mention this issue today? Woundnaught by Woundnaught 0 9,482
I noticed something fishy in the client Gallant Spike by NZtheGingerNinja 1 9,530
Ingame notice for warnings! D3matt by D3matt 0 9,444
Riot is pathetic Darthfalcon by ShadowStromm 5 9,585
Champion Banning Phase Salinkus by Salinkus 0 9,482
[Suggestion] Baron and Dragon kills in statistics Quinshin by Quinshin 0 9,483
LoL for windows 7? xxsuzukixx by xxsuzukixx 4 9,696
Please Let Duo Queues Be 1st-3rd Pick Odin Prime by Odin Prime 0 9,508
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LoL Not finding games AcMonkey by AcMonkey 0 9,770
Those Custom Games.. iMelon by iMelon 2 9,490
constant "Session Closed" The23rdPiGGuin by The23rdPiGGuin 0 9,480
Why do the servers suck? Palofer by ischemic attack 8 15,590
Rune Pick Suggestion Adreldon by Adreldon 0 9,464
Ranked Stats Reset (with RP) Renvo by Renvo 0 9,561
Some ideas about the PvP platform Thundragon by Thundragon 0 9,538
The numbers on graphs are a bit too hard to bring up SamuraiPanda by SamuraiPanda 1 9,494
Champion Profile Tab Filter: Owned? Goldoak by Goldoak 0 9,487
Chat Boxes in loading screen ShadowStromm by ShadowStromm 0 9,473
[Suggestion] Custom game "Dungeon Finder" queue Herak by Herak 0 9,532
Dodge timer for Custom games imhuge by imhuge 0 9,464
No way to view W/L for normal games outside of end-of-match screen haniblecter by haniblecter 0 9,470
Suggestion: Filters/Admins in chat channels kfrr by kfrr 0 9,496
Need some help with some questions T1gBits by T1gBits 2 Riot Post 9,968
Suggestion-When downloading a new patch... heyimgay by Dathadorne 1 9,436
In-Progress Spectating Bravest by Glyndwr 5 15,269
Suggestion: "Your session has timed out." Inquest the Mild by Inquest the Mild 0 9,498
Suggestion: In Game Voice Communication dacbietelite by 00011011S 3 9,517
Suggestion: Being able to give Mastery pages names Lemonshat by SamuraiPanda 1 9,516
Summoner Waiting Might result someone to get banned. XxGrimRapeRxX by 00011011S 1 9,396
Character Selection pre-game SoloDragoon by Big Chick3n 9 9,953
Not sure where to put this (IP changes) Kuscythen by Johnny Two 1 9,442
Leaving champion queue Darthfalcon by Darthfalcon 0 9,478
This Website.... Really? Ebonclaw by Darthfalcon 1 9,419
is the server down right now? Ikimono by Radchek 3 9,593
Multiple US hosting servers Killdrith by Killdrith 2 9,572
Seriously Riot? MindFlux by Ixeo 7 9,580
[Suggestion] Rename buddies and remove penatly for leaving champ select Isakmannen by Ixeo 3 9,484
Queue-dodging, Penalties, and "Locking In"   ( 1 2) Ixeo by Ixeo 12 10,098
afk custom games tslm by tslm 0 9,419
Chat Window Bug Xatus by Xatus 0 9,404
The Learning Center - keeping it current Jojosan by Jojosan 2 9,601
[Suggestion] Passives Labeled NOX89 by NOX89 0 9,488
Viewing profiles bug(steps to repeat inside) Sintobus by Xeptance 1 9,453