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Shouldn't enemy champions be shown in Blinds? @riot @Morello @Certainlyt @Meddler IS1330ca164c1e976181edd by IS1330ca164c1e976181edd 8 Riot Post 3,602
5v5 ranked spectate slipstreem by slipstreem 2 1,659
Buying champions under 975 RP with RP is a waste. Alopix by Hirok0 2 2,063
Lobby Report / Mute optios Zarramock by Hirok0 1 1,360
Camera Rotation DeathBlad3 by Hirok0 3 2,066
Normals Matchmaking needs SERIOUS readjustment I Like Tortless by Hirok0 3 1,785
Read before riot deletes this!!!! Turncoatlol by Llanite 6 2,008
I need 4 RP to mystery gift Pevul by W4terboy 1 Riot Post 2,289
Friend sent me a gift, but I can't recieve it and it freezes my client onoz by Angelsfury93 7 Riot Post 2,216
Friend list queue/match timer issue Volk by Volk 1 1,776
"No runes" option Fetchystick by Hirok0 5 1,537
Say My Name, Say My Name thegreatmrkuhn by thegreatmrkuhn 2 1,568
Reporting a troll Mage Lord Nelber by Mage Lord Nelber 0 1,292
Mystery Gifting Suggestion EZ Burnin by bick2dig 3 1,557
Suggestion: Report people without being in stat screen MoonToxin by MoonToxin 0 1,190
Whats the precentage? Deveyes by Pissfer 5 2,033
notes Ioanite by Ioanite 2 1,104
So... Yutue by Yutue 0 1,011
Looking for java expert in return for a coach/duo to gold-plat! Chasqui by Chasqui 0 1,034
Refunds Chipolata mama by Chipolata mama 0 1,030
Please Riot, Fix Your Lanes Call Outs. MrSicuro by MasterofSFL 5 1,790
Unranked Stats Dominator J by Dominator J 0 1,128
Birthdays... ntut12 by ntut12 0 833
Solo Queue Rating Soren Valsen by Soren Valsen 0 846
Ranked Preferred Role Icons in lobby FerretInABox by FerretInABox 0 862
Invisible Mode Verei by Verei 0 779
League System Issues/Suggestions Daen by Daen 0 752
Champion Tabs. MasterofSFL by MasterofSFL 0 654
Matchmaking Client Virgin Pubes by Virgin Pubes 0 615
Game Crash Neoslayer47 by Neoslayer47 0 690
There should be a Skin Spotlight / Skin Tabs with-in Champion page. iGoogledYourMOM by iGoogledYourMOM 0 668
My store isn't working N7Mobius by N7Mobius 0 778
Match invite timestamp? leBucketman by Exgeniar 3 Riot Post 2,642
Gifting Pop up cheesewolfe by cheesewolfe 0 561
Disconnecting from games HeroofBlood by HeroofBlood 0 836
Was Kicked out of Game, No Reconnect when I log back on? LoveIvyScream by Vaurnbarn 1 Riot Post 1,640
Launcher keeps crashing Tyrannus0 by Vaurnbarn 1 Riot Post 1,113
@Riot help me play you! Donut Demolisher by Donut Demolisher 2 561
Suggestion: Champion Comparison TPjorgeDP by TPjorgeDP 7 Riot Post 2,099
Nidalee Sale PandaBooBooChild by PandaBooBooChild 0 553
unable to connect to server The Rabid Gerbil by The Rabid Gerbil 3 1,822
Suggestion: Kick vote in champ select Shrrg wolf by Shrrg wolf 0 448
Suggestion: Upfront latency monitor for game servers Tayarayne by Tayarayne 8 1,787
Buying Skins in Champ Select SupportNidaleeOP by Vaurnbarn 1 Riot Post 1,943
Lagging before champion selection Yutue by Yutue 0 534
Solution to common problem (Champ select trolling/abuse) Pervy In The Par by Pervy In The Par 0 623
Skin Refunds oSoGodly by oSoGodly 0 493
Client doesn't rescale with 15in 1080p res. Captain Marvel by Vaurnbarn 4 Riot Post 2,102
Just a suggestion about the UI King Gillgamesh by King Gillgamesh 0 459
Mystery gifting notifications. Honatuto by Honatuto 0 452