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[Suggestion] Wards stats CrystalBlade496 CrystalBlade496 1 484
Champion Avatars Exdeadman Cybroxis 3 1111
20 to 30 Mastery pages, please~ Acru Acru 0 398
[Suggestion] Random Character selection Spaga 4 Life RudahBR 1 424
what did u guys do to pvp.net? nvz nvz 1 380
[Feedback] Red tracker in Forums Yasuhiko jokull 4
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Spectator Mode: Ideas for Development SoulCrafter1 SoulCrafter1 0 499
[Suggestion] Change to refund policy. Reverend Zeratul imexy 6 1525
[Suggestion] Combine accounts? PapaTang0 00011011S 1 614
[Suggestion] Clock on forum Wimse Wimse 0 371
[Suggestion] About leavers Chagrinn freakboy186 1 401
6 bans and requirements for queue The Cool Train 00011011S 1 426
[suggestion] Chat box on loading screen? Aingisni Aingisni 0 497
[Suggestion] Recently Played log shadow codex shadow codex 0 464
why did i lose elo for this? McEmoLovin Arrix 2 464
Notes onto friend list DomoKun DomoKun 0 424
A (long) thought on ELO hell and why queue dodging shouldn't be so bad Something Snazzy Ashqelon 1 691
[Suggestion] More precise Date/Hour for return of leaver accounts imexy imexy 2 429
What happened to IP price reductions? 00011011S 00011011S 0 449
[Suggestion] Simple friends list change Demosthenes Tc BaNisH 1 505
[Suggestion] Change Runesetup in Champselection The Fake Ömit The Fake Ömit 2 392
Is a game of lol considered as a download??? OwnOps D3monsDoor 6 487
Unable to change location I7eathI7ealer I7eathI7ealer 0 406
Suggestion: Sync Mastery Pages luizsantl SnowFall 2 7307
Why we can see only 1 page of masteries in another summoner's profile? SnowFall SnowFall 0 404
Multiple Suggestions for the Profile UI Ghordath Ghordath 3 462
Suggestions Undefinedmaster Undefinedmaster 0 373
Custom Game Creation is extremely broken Xetelian Cpt Munchies 1 383
Custom Games - New Game Modes [Discussion] Cpt Munchies Cpt Munchies 0 563
Suggestions for game in general Ghordath Ghordath 0 370
It doesn't save your invite list anymore between games Pesz Pesz 0 366
Lets all start dodging (Why you need to dodge)  ( 1 2 ) eabe MrSpaz 12 1180
promote should grant minion bonus damage kavinh the third kavinh the third 0 410
Odd GPU usage at launcher Rufferal Rufferal 0 494
Chat Cursor Focus Void2258 Void2258 0 413
[Suggestion] Dominion Elo system 00011011S Demosthenes 1 655
Cooldowns WaterD103 WaterD103 0 378
Name Change Suggestion garrettcurrie garrettcurrie 0 438
Maintanance shuts game servers down CrazyTyphoon TokraZeno 2 531
What the hell is happenig to PvP.net rustyAK47 rustyAK47 0 440
[Suggestion] Spectator Normalization Start Option TisJokar TisJokar 0 425
Rune Problem for the less unfortunate 10incherdangler 10incherdangler 0 452
Spectator Mode, starting from a good place? Noodlesyet Noodlesyet 0 415
Great suggestion for Elo hell fix. Humanquation Humanquation 0 400
Suggestion for post-game stat screen Oberic Oberic 0 420
Custom Games 7se7 7se7 0 402
Request: unlimited gold/xp practice mode  ( 1 2 ) FABIOForever kavinh the third 10 7314
Suggestion: Make Rune Pages Character Specific Maligance Something Snazzy 1 628
Riot: A doubt regarding the assembly of teams and game latency. Ricoldi Volgarini 5
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Hey League of Legends Community, Don't Be a Jerk Haters gonna hate Shaverick Shaverick 0 413