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Always disconnected from chat one account, and not the other. Bardibominable by 1opmudatrucka 3 9,654
@RIOT soultion to "champion selection is emminent" bug 00011011S by MrSpaz 1 519
vision issues vain11 by vain11 0 438
End game screen suggestion Philamnos by Philamnos 0 509
testing CareFreeLiving by CareFreeLiving 0 471
The Ignore System   ( 1 2) Dyrus by Hakouden 10 1,041
Disconnected and now I have to wait? This is stupid. TheGangsterPanda by TheGangsterPanda 0 514 disconnect/can't connect to games Newbmin3r by Angelwork 4 3,235
Problem getting into champion select Pinkie D Pie by Pinkie D Pie 0 481
[suggestion] Champion Select Options Rupert the Thir by Ulfang69 1 480
Rigged game to quit... Robo19 by Ulfang69 2 592
Horrible Lag and Latency PStyle by PStyle 0 607
Please, PLEASE, Stop games if someone never Connects guno by guno 0 564
Clan Creation NavyDragons by Isaiha 1 860
Chat Rooms are overflowing! U H8 N8 by ezuF 1 10,519
[suggestion] Make it possible to search these forums for posts made by users Blazingdragoon by Blazingdragoon 0 512
Region Locked Accounts combat1921 by combat1921 0 565
[Suggestion] "Busy" option Colsta by Colsta 0 475
I can not connect to chat HELP! FARCELESS by FARCELESS 0 551
[Suggestion] disable ignite if you can't fix it 00011011S by 00011011S 5 767
[Suggestion] UI-level patch note displaying MrSpaz by MrSpaz 0 530
[Suggestion] Win Streak Counter/Win, Loss Counter ParagonRice by Zeroksis 1 706
Profiel picttures!!! Largest Person by Zeroksis 3 618
Filter Custom Games Firzen777 by X Avatar X 3 9,184 needs a minor overhaul. Delicious Nyquil by Delicious Nyquil 0 556
Get a better Server Oo Light oO by Oo Light oO 0 507
Surprise Fiddles Login Screen qourthon by DrOctogonapus27 1 617
FPS Junk KiDProdigy by KiDProdigy 0 533
The Chat System is Garbage - Shape Up Bizzard is comming Troy Spiral by DarkMyste 1 639
Show win/loss stats of unranked players Valestein by Valestein 0 753
Not sure if this is the right forum, but there's a forum bug I think LeagueBrains by LeagueBrains 0 494
[SUGGESTION] Rent a Champ   ( 1 2 3 ... 4) Pissfer by Troy Spiral 38 8,802
Get Rid Of It Troy Spiral by Troy Spiral 0 475
Can you PLEASE fix custom game making?!?! Dalmascan by Dalmascan 0 515
Chat disconnect mookwak420 by mookwak420 0 561
Pre-Game Chat: Scroll loses position upon receiving new message. AileTheAlien by AileTheAlien 0 511
We need more options... StolenName by StolenName 0 512
Can't add trolls/spammers to my ignore list. Ineidooh by BlueD0t 3 1,204
[Suggestion] bucky1andonly by bucky1andonly 0 486
[Suggestion] "disable auto-rejoin q" button. Knifes by Lawl 1 547
[Suggestion] Forum to Game Profile Linkage FalcoVet101 by FalcoVet101 0 514
Problem with joining game. "Disconnected form" BellaFrozenheart by dukevonart 3 1,188
[Suggestion] Show User-to-User Champion Intersection Krifshan by Krifshan 0 486
Can Buff the Ranking System Please? TheSoloPopo by xZephyre 1 608
[Suggestion] Latency Bar In Main Menu Minebeasties by xZephyre 4 708
Bug: Champion Selection Imminent Lockup MikeLemmer by dukevonart 1 688
Testing Characters Suggestion NicolasRaine by NicolasRaine 0 509
More Reconnect Buttons MikeLemmer by MikeLemmer 0 483
Add latency on post game stat screen GAm3CrAzY by GAm3CrAzY 0 551
a developer's insight to better interface hellcat5 by hellcat5 0 534