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Games are not starting!!!!!!! Not even champ select Skiggz by rustyAK47 4 10,274
[Suggestion] Login Queue skip for players who have a game in progress aotnemrot by Skiggz 2 11,471
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RP PURCHASE HISTORY: change it back to all-time and not last 30 days Gillette Series by Gillette Series 3 10,947
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New icon at game history Nuclear Titbit by Zkaiser 3 Riot Post 10,633
More postgame stats please! TheXeph by Eiales 8 Riot Post 10,717
Penalty for winning? TheMagicStik by 00011011S 1 9,990
Can I make it so my email is unchangable on my account? Spymethyl Crabide by Spymethyl Crabide 0 9,899
Champion Select from 40 to 50. GhstBster by Malrock3 4 Riot Post 10,973
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Please add a report option for obvious, intentional unwillingness to finish the game Arcaria by 00011011S 1 9,897
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Where'd my friend list? BOLTBOLTBOLTBOLT by Johnson987 7 29,895
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There needs to be a way to report people if the stats screen lags out Vinco by Vinco 0 9,899
Dominion game length Eyreyon by Eyreyon 2 10,525
reporting players who do nothing but farm kavinh the third by PwnHead 6 10,128
AFK people in Ranked Queues Sift and Winnow by KillJoy117 2 10,060
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Riot System Causes LAME LEAVES WolfofSamhain by ObsceneDream 1 10,009
disconnect everytime you ignore? Gillette Series by Gillette Series 6 10,234
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Non-connected players in queue Traps* Players. Rhul by Rhul 0 9,949
Reporting players when stats page doesn't load? werupenstein by werupenstein 0 9,871
Grace Period for logout Jahnkasad by sildan 4 9,989
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Summoner Icons Kajitii by burnthemprisons 2 10,565
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Will rune pages bundle sale ? NeverousFonteair by NeverousFonteair 0 9,820
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