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Crashing. Again. DestructoX by DestructoX 0 218
Swapping Alt and Space KnightWhoSaidNee by KnightWhoSaidNee 0 268
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Remove Auto Random from the Character Selection Lolyness by Lolyness 0 287
Champion Screens OminousJester by OminousJester 0 206
Manually setting the spectator delay. Laue by Laue 0 210
Solution for those "4v5 before game even loaded" games Demonac by Criztalmeth 5 433
Que As Pre-Selected Champion Game0ver420 by Game0ver420 0 200
Why is dominion the defaut mode? Satanplus by Satanplus 0 180
why THE H3LL AM I FVUKING TARGETING WHEN I HIT B BUTTON TO BACK herewithkiki by herewithkiki 1 261
Need to be a vote out option in ranked OTL LingLing6116 by OTL LingLing6116 0 176
Forum/Site Integration geezisaac by geezisaac 0 168
Excessive Alert Pings!!!! InfinityDread by Cpt Munchies 5 Riot Post 1,182
Match History Info Styna by Styna 0 305
[Ideas] Options UI etc. Leehalt by nocanhaz 8 283
Custom Game/Test drive champ RageStormbreaker by Leehalt 4 456 Store Danja by Riot Ambassador 2 Riot Post 2,337
Loading Screen Team Chat Sunli Min by Riot Ambassador 3 Riot Post 754
Homepage Design ChairmanMeowth by ChairmanMeowth 0 209
Fancy !!, but bugged. BRAVEYpl0x by Riot Ambassador 1 Riot Post 576
RP to IP option Ellipsian by BlizzGrarg 2 364
@Riot: Good job Sarg338 by Riot Ambassador 1 Riot Post 585
Retrieving Data from Server   ( 1 2 3 ... 4) Loasted by Poopapotamus 32 22,028
Haha why am I seeing news from August? Curiôsity by Curiôsity 0 156
Thoughts and feelings on Ahri. Yapikadk by Yapikadk 0 206
Central/South American Servers Are In Need Stigmå by Stigmå 0 178
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Rune page design Bellyon by Bellyon 3 257
[Suggestion] In-game video settings menu on Sneezenoise by WetUnderPants 2 2,092
Canceling queues for disconnected players BlizzGrarg by BlizzGrarg 0 151
champion info page suggestion? KTXReaper254 by KTXReaper254 0 135
New Champion Info is BUGGED! Might want to HOT FIX THIS! BowAndQuiver by Vaurnbarn 5 Riot Post 935
@RiotKiddington Ashqelon by Ashqelon 9 1,428
New Champion tab - Legacy Skins not hidden Hesufo by Hesufo 0 145
If you could add a feature to the client for Season 2, what would it be?   ( 1 2 3 ... 19) ArbiterOfCool by ongelvin 184 Riot Post 13,920
Anyone else having DC issues from the launcher? Phantom Peanut by Phantom Peanut 2 212
Solution to people leaving during the champion loading screen Tancorani by Cpt Munchies 2 364
[Suggestion] Champion testing Grimjaw438 by QueCachorro 5 3,339
new lock in what were doing thing herewithkiki by herewithkiki 0 174
[Request]Reduce Mastery Clutter UI (Champion Select) Phonike the 2nd by Phonike the 2nd 3 270
No Stats on Client Champion Viewer Cantor by Cantor 0 244
IP/XP Boost hours/Weekends exKonvict by chelom 3 715