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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Detecting ping pre-game. neXianXavia neXianXavia 0 336
Buying RP as a Gift Mizz Penny Golwen Lunn 3 1012
PVP.net Window Size default Carvalho NuclearRogue 3 921
Overview Page for Ahri Bakabear Bakabear 0 267
Why so many updates? Factor3x RiotKiddington 1
Riot Post
D/C from ranked with internet connection Potato Jews Vyriel 3 308
'Damage dealt to Champions' statistic H34DCR4B H34DCR4B 0 341
Session Closing during Ranked Champ Selection Lucazke Lucazke 0 279
Bot-In-Custom Data Point 7rmb7 7rmb7 0 222
[Suggestion] Custom Game Bot AI XypherMHT XypherMHT 2 1021
Don't let me buy more than 9 Runes...! Kades Kades 0 231
Issue with Tribunal (Not about troll and getting unjustly banned, its about reload) Fozen Ember Fozen Ember 0 206
Riot: Got a simple store idea Chinibaugh Caramel Snow 1 314
Since Riot Doesn't do **** about trolls in ranked QuestionM4rk Caramel Snow 1 299
The New Champ Pages Caramel Snow Caramel Snow 0 198
Extending Masteries Pages From 10 to 20 Pages imjustconceited Darmival 2 298
Leaving queue Cupiter TheCowness 1 424
Frustrated about Ranked Queuing Systems CptSmackThat mdigibou 2 294
[Suggestion] Problem with /r chat function gonano9er gonano9er 0 342
[Suggestion] Clan Bulletin Mischgasm Mischgasm 0 219
[Suggestion] Block list. ElBoob lolololnub 4 2023
I think its time for a South America Server SpatulaXx SpatulaXx 0 231
Strength of Spirit Lynxion Lynxion 0 391
When do we get the dodge rune refund ?  ( 1 2 ) NProud RegalCabbage 16
Riot Post
Pertaining to Ping Wandering Ninja Wandering Ninja 0 214
Summoner pages 1337Archer 1337Archer 0 302
Regarding the New Champion Profile Pages Diamondragan Diamondragan 0 361
Increase number of Mastery Pages? Darmival Darmival 1 287
Tips and Items Kiddalee Kiddalee 0 211
The last hit on Dragon / Baron SerC SerC 0 567
Suggestion: Wasted screen space Enalung Enalung 0 294
The Smite Mastery Kimimaro49 Beaumains 5 1630
Personal Friends list notes. The Nash Noxcucurari 2 784
Think before you speak. SkyDaemonaut Aametherar 1 308
[Suggestion] Various Spectator Mode Ideas Thunderclise Thunderclise 0 251
Mastery pages saving to account paRalyse Acru 2 627
Matchmaking Problem BlackEagleMBT Sizzlichen 4 300
Language settings... Danihel Danihel 1 285
Pay safe card problems DrWho2310 DrWho2310 1 676
Skin's Now Not Activated When Champion Clicked! Bulkatha Bulkatha 0 271
Queue times are way too long. Appesso Appesso 0 456
Get League Of Legends Back For Mac Users OptimusPrime2000 sumone4life 5 7246
Report? Failed system, improvement needed SkLoped SkLoped 1 360
Inaccurate hero stats in information pages (attack, defense, ability power) Unfukwithable Unfukwithable 2 489
Improved Ranked Stats? Kokowam Kokowam 0 344
Crashing. Again. DestructoX DestructoX 0 222
Swapping Alt and Space KnightWhoSaidNee KnightWhoSaidNee 0 278
Is there a way to remove the featured video section? Nubbinsmcnubster Nubbinsmcnubster 2 253
Help? Xx tyranitar xX Xx tyranitar xX 0 194
Anyone else having problems connecting to pvp.net chat ? poopding Gionex 2 664