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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Talking to team while people load. WestinP WestinP 0 231
[Suggestion] for Server Downtime WoLF42 WoLF42 0 323
Another solution to leavers Demian Demian 0 229
Time in Game BlizzGrarg Mavian 1 334
Key bindings unique to character Lacris Lacris 0 260
"First win of the day" timer Allegedly DJ Reeve 6 2312
Damage to Summoners in game summary Keeperofstars Keeperofstars 0 223
Ignore feature. psikoticsilver Keeperofstars 2 226
Why can't LoL client be more like Hon's? Why not invest in a NEW client???  ( 1 2 ) Pr0jectseph 00011011S 11 463
Stop re-queuing me automatically. Fishous Fishous 0 188
Order Complete 3mptylord 3mptylord 1 306
Champion Skin Purchase without Champion Emperor Leonaire Emperor Leonaire 2 339
[Suggestion] Draggable Rune Pages AndroidXIV AndroidXIV 0 217
[Suggestion] Most used champion in ranked as summoner icon outy Dissidential 1 1082
Feature request: disable auto-requeue Xaanix RAWRitsjaay 1 259
why we can't connect to the server StyleGreen Rising Unit 1 510
Matchmaking Is a Joke Vyriel sickjacken 5 509
We Need a New Feature for League of Legends(click me to see my idea) sickjacken sickjacken 4 284
Who misses "Over 9000" instead of "Over 20K"? FinalFan FinalFan 2 277
[Suggestion] AFK Solutions  ( 1 2 ) Golwen Lunn sickjacken 14 2189
Tournament Draft Mode bug 2xHero 2xHero 0 604
Ranked Matchmaking Question sultryvoltron redmaw226 1 192
Please help bornalive redmaw226 3 187
Matchmaking Trolls.... Enalung Enalung 0 195
Additional Stat to be shown on Match History RG Stylus Antich666 4 372
even i want to recconect game, game don't admit!! Kiriel R Infunce Kiriel R Infunce 0 243
riot can you please make an Oceania server (Aus NZ) tubbeebucket222 tubbeebucket222 0 197
Mastery Pages not letting you reassign points Doc Snail FinalFan 6 592
[LoL Not Opening] lol isnt getting past log in... BabeCalculator BloodyRackham 9 614
Ranked team display Suggestions sïd sïd 0 193
PvP Client crashes December 26th making me lose elo Spekulate Spekulate 0 292
Stuck in "Retrieving data from server" RichiSkaro tubbeebucket222 3 1111
connection error qweqweasasdadsff Fatal Earth 1 718
Solutions to: Leavers  ( 1 2 3 ... 4 ) c0wb0ys7y13 IAMIMP 37 28569
I am able to go into champion select, but not enter a game! WHY?!?!?! DntEatYellwSnw K K0 1 227
Matchmaking by experience in ranked Mätävarvas Mätävarvas 0 205
Implementing a Inbox system bakatobaka Demonic4ce 2 246
three ideas for riot pacman529 pacman529 0 177
Customer Support for Pre-paid cards Raimius Raimius 0 214
Firewall preventing league? l3tha1ity sickjacken 1 618
Hotkey profiles. Arimil T3hj 1 684
new ello system suggestion kavinh the third kavinh the third 2 350
[Suggestion]: The Loading Screen PBG Wayside CactiXVI 2 282
Get rid of randomlock in ranked combat1921 CactiXVI 1 247
I have a suggestion. AydinAJ DntEatYellwSnw 1 216
"Unspecified error occurred. Please check the logs for more information." DntEatYellwSnw DntEatYellwSnw 1 1232
No Random Button SpecAce mdigibou 3 900
New Champion Info Screen - Do you like it? TheCastleBuilder folderpaper 8 643
Window Size ShadowEatsNoodle ShadowEatsNoodle 0 486
Duo Queue vietnameasy vietnameasy 0 252