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Buying Skins in Queue Lobby Slev by Slev 0 549
[Suggestion] Notes In Launcher While Patching For ALL Patches Hjalmr by Hjalmr 5 653
Suggestion, No penalty for AI queue dodge. FelixNz by FelixNz 0 446
[Suggestion] Selling Champions for IP LegendaryDonut74 by LegendaryDonut74 7 2,489
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My disconnect every 2 minutes! AxL15 by AxL15 0 478
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Log-In problem Moluscoo by Madattack93 7 1,029
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First Win of the Day Reset trashbocks by trashbocks 2 834
stop lose elo when we left Q Noobstone by Noobstone 0 418
[Bug] Can't click the horizontal scroll-bar IvaBrasx by IvaBrasx 0 463
RP Purchase page in the store is still broken Demonicous by Demonicous 0 446
[Suggestion] Friends List RamenL by Snip3d L0L 1 387
[Suggestion] Make Invite Notice Bigger Isaiha by dragonbretheren 2 594
Suggestion: Option to surrender when not 5v5. Superbratan by Superbratan 3 644
[Suggestion] Rename Mastery and Rune Pages chaosbeowulf by Void2258 2 1,264
[Suggestion] Replacing Leavers Guiiziin by Acru 2 402
Awesome idea for champion select screen. Phenrix by xKorialstrasz 2 391
Summary of masteries page Ruffian by Grisna 4 562
[Bug] Illegal Mastery Page! Acru by Acru 3 Riot Post 1,262
[Suggestion] More contents on Profile page   ( 1 2 3) RudahBR by RudahBR 27 798
[Suggestion] The Fake Ímit by The Fake Ímit 3 532
List the summoner spell cooldowns! pie4all88 by ExsulChao 1 9,750
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Champion Avatars Exdeadman by Cybroxis 3 1,090
20 to 30 Mastery pages, please~ Acru by Acru 0 387
[Suggestion] Random Character selection Spaga 4 Life by RudahBR 1 404
what did u guys do to nvz by nvz 1 368
[Feedback] Red tracker in Forums Yasuhiko by jokull 4 Riot Post 760
Spectator Mode: Ideas for Development SoulCrafter1 by SoulCrafter1 0 478
[Suggestion] Change to refund policy. Reverend Zeratul by imexy 6 1,442
[Suggestion] Combine accounts? PapaTang0 by 00011011S 1 573
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[Suggestion] About leavers Chagrinn by freakboy186 1 390
6 bans and requirements for queue The Cool Train by 00011011S 1 414
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why did i lose elo for this? McEmoLovin by Arrix 2 452
Notes onto friend list DomoKun by DomoKun 0 412
A (long) thought on ELO hell and why queue dodging shouldn't be so bad Something Snazzy by Ashqelon 1 677
[Suggestion] More precise Date/Hour for return of leaver accounts imexy by imexy 2 416
What happened to IP price reductions? 00011011S by 00011011S 0 431
[Suggestion] Simple friends list change Demosthenes by Tc BaNisH 1 493
[Suggestion] Change Runesetup in Champselection The Fake Ímit by The Fake Ímit 2 382
Is a game of lol considered as a download??? OwnOps by D3monsDoor 6 470
Unable to change location I7eathI7ealer by I7eathI7ealer 0 395