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Increase level cap to 35? Madness6 by Acru 2 1,051
What do you think of linking one (or more) mastery page with one champion? DopedSi by Acru 1 432
About this new afk system Varador by Varador 0 426
Plan B GunnGrave by GunnGrave 0 386
[Suggestion] inactive friends Sumatri by Sumatri 0 371
Unsubscribing to Chat Rooms mookwak420 by mookwak420 4 641
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server connection faild Berilion by Berilion 0 442
MIS-Matchmaking... YFYAWTD by Gene Firewind 7 792
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More Improved Chat Channels Cpt Munchies by Cpt Munchies 7 3,242
Mastery Error Pistachio Nuts by Acru 2 1,142
Why an inconsitent first WotD timer? seriously... 00011011S by 00011011S 4 689
LET BOTS Take Over AFK or Leavers CHAMPS!!! NeoSlade by Acru 5 927
There should be an in-game messaging system for ranked teams inbredJedd by inbredJedd 2 555
[Suggestion] New Skin Bundles Sammym3 by Sammym3 1 840
Masteries on Server Kameryl by Kameryl 0 493
Naming Rune and Mastery Pages; Grouping Pages T3CHNIC by TheCowness 1 880
10 minutes for dodging queue? HeXaG0n by TheCowness 1 589
can this guy get a ban please? XHugsandDrugs by mdigibou 5 554
The game client need to have an option to block notifications! Dumbs up if u agree! alexEgan by alexEgan 0 499
"Reconnect to chat" OPTurtleIsOP by CanWe69 1 649
bravo on the new nav bar Liath by Liath 0 442
Suggestion: Role Matchmaking Alfleet by Slavik1 1 469
Can we please get a "Damage dealt to champions" stat after games?   ( 1 2 3) SamuraiPanda by Gablesmath 20 Riot Post 8,688
Bonshan's Suggestions Bonshan by Bonshan 7 Riot Post 1,036
@Riot A little improvement on the rune page Gablesmath by Gablesmath 0 456
Sever extreme lag ksodvas by Clon 6 1,232
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Rune Store Addition Wales by Void2258 1 518
Rune Shop Changes Teh JAG by Void2258 2 661
Team Name Word Filter JiggalyWiggaly by Chagrinn 8 Riot Post 2,119
5 Million Prize Pool Would Be More Effective If They Put It Into Servers COexFLow by Chagrinn 5 Riot Post 1,204
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Web site broken in Internet Explorer TheCowness by SweetRein 5 704
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Let COMPUTER's Take over AFK Champs!!!! NeoSlade by NeoSlade 0 452
Champion Lore and Tips in Loading Screen Rizor by TheCowness 4 780
[Suggestion] Add more data to the after-game stats Grukasa by Rectifier 6 Riot Post 973
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Ok...what the... TylerLacanle by NoOtherDestiny 8 Riot Post 1,665
[Suggestion] Remember password. Varador by Stradd 7 1,013
Please Fix: AFKs continuously requeue Rakshaka by Crashpoint 2 995
Word Filter in creating Ranked Team names Euthanasia by Euthanasia 2 Riot Post 1,307