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[Suggestion] Switch places of the Game modes "Dominion and Classic" in the PvP menu Delifox by KazumaVerdao 1 311
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Ranked Team Name and Tag availability check Panzerfaust by DAVdaBRAV 2 Riot Post 3,080
Add a ****ing delay on re-queues after someone dodges. NoongaOutDaFront by Deroido 1 481
[Suggesstion] Toggle Auto-Decline Friend Invite Mahphisto by Lootsweeper 5 Riot Post 2,523
PvP net error upon game locking in Comprissent by Boy Kaluluwa 1 671
Champion Skins Preview Amy the Raven by Micaelyx 1 778
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General Suggestions to Improve League of Legends bluefire40 by DeathYotta 7 9,636
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Random Lock FaitcH666 by FaitcH666 0 395
[Suggestion] for in-game shop Pandora531 by Pandora531 0 326
Meditation and Sregnth of Spirit and the Utiltiy Tree should benefit Energy users Fat of the Land by Fat of the Land 0 276
How to Improve the LOL Store Throdo by Throdo 0 233
Unable to join queue due to league client losing connection to maestro Nouqraz by Tripple Chaos 1 832
when will the sejuani patch come up? no news for me tubbeebucket222 by tubbeebucket222 0 321
How to stop troll ques? M0uthwash by M0uthwash 0 234
friend is hacked how to stop? iHaZeX by tubbeebucket222 2 Riot Post 852
Is there loss forgiveness? Lithorendale by tubbeebucket222 2 298
Adding an elo counter in match history xDeception by xDeception 0 237
Changable Spectator Delay Fission Mail by Fission Mail 0 489
Ranked Role Queue Bezx by Bezx 0 210
Let's brainstorm how to improve this game's post game score screen. DeRosier by DeRosier 0 261
Tired of playing with the same people. Kairon Doomspeak by Kairon Doomspeak 0 300
Selecting pool of champions to random from idyemyhairbrown by monkeydog 1 228
Auto-requeue option. monkeydog by monkeydog 2 210
Suggestion: Queue-pop prompt box change Sauron by Sikbo 1 403
Update problems KultoDeSkaro by KultoDeSkaro 0 244
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I'm not sure where I should be posting this (suggestion) GheyBacon by GheyBacon 0 240
The "Owned" drop box KingTheDragon by KingTheDragon 0 237
Top Sellers in LoL Shop Firzen777 by Firzen777 0 653
LoL Library wish list (suggestion) windowlikcer by windowlikcer 0 454
Queue dodging - Why does it cost Elo? Lithorendale by Lithorendale 2 601
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player preferences Goooose by R3mon 1 334
Champs on sale. LIES TheGreenHatted by R3mon 1 331
Dear Riot Games, Zutkul by R3mon 2 323
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my 2 probles with the client Potato404 by Potato404 1 374
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Group Chat not working only on this account. Zemalf by Zemalf 0 516
Picking in tournament games 5v5 WaterD103 by WaterD103 0 291
Some confusion in the store interface bc87 by EvilChookie 1 308
Suggestion regarding masteries. RIOT please read Zeidster by Zeidster 0 253
PLEASE remove random instalock at 0 seconds remaining Erazmus by MrSpaz 4 391
Item List Grndvltr by webadict 1 454