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More custom game filters!!!! StrygwyrBS by StrygwyrBS 0 712
Store Filter is missing some Champion Attributes Amiyuy by WCS Permacorpse 1 758
@Riot - Maintenance = License to Troll? FelixNz by Eeagleagle 2 849
Conduct Score Eeagleagle by Eeagleagle 0 715
[Store] Cassiopie Siren skin, portrate issue JudoPunch by JudoPunch 0 733
New Issue of the Journal of Justice Available Now! Dathadorne by Dathadorne 0 665
issues logging into chat when there shouldn't be any... Kurokoshika by Kurokoshika 0 743
Suggestion "Player Rating" WIP GrandBreaker by GrandBreaker 0 691
Skin sale reducted prices need tweaking Kuroonehalf by CuriousVirus 1 847
A possible way to fix elo hell Dr Fuzzy Gloves by canadiangreen 7 10,527
[Request/Suggestion]Spectators and system replays of matches. AdowTatepBR by AdowTatepBR 0 762
Free to leave a game Strumpf by xx The Wiz xx 9 2,043
Time penalties for dodging villi1187 by xx The Wiz xx 1 806
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Any answers to this new dodging thing in normal Draft? Comat0seRoses by Comat0seRoses 0 677
@Riot I was ok with 45 min queues back in the day Sintobus by Ashqelon 7 963
[Request] Dodgers Syvir by Syvir 0 726
[Request] Intro Syvir by Syvir 0 689
[Suggestion] Griefers, trolls, Elo hell Sick of it?? so am I Shoc by Ashqelon 1 10,709
Degraded Elo Gain/Loss for Leaves WildWolfay by Ashqelon 2 4,023
Spelling error in Graves champion page. Fleshpenant by Marobe1 1 866
"Dragon Slayer Jarvan" & "Dragonslayer Vayne" skin names FedeS by FedeS 0 871
Can't purchase riot points Cyndaquil by Crayth 2 928
Cannot buy RP ZombiePez by ZombiePez 0 692
Why can't I purchase champions and skins on the website? cordurory by aviraaaa 1 681
@Riot, why do you give AFK's a random champion instead of kicking them out? redmaw226 by redmaw226 4 824
Harrowing Limited Edition Runes! UNAVAILABLE P O T by SyStemHALTER 1 1,176
Rune Idea irishknife by Sirchipnsalsa 1 653
View Champion Skins owned. Z4CK3RY by Z4CK3RY 0 853
A champ deletion button xXNightmairXx by Fleshpenant 1 801
Number of invite to PvP Games Sinsol by Sinsol 0 681
ignore = never get q'd with that player again xDozie by 1UPedU 3 1,086
Rank Q dodge penalty sucks. Miss Directions by 1UPedU 6 1,885
Symantec Endpoint + = Crash Manirelli by DoctorGauss 5 14,902
[suggestion] See other players collection of skins. BearwithChainsaw by BearwithChainsaw 0 711
[Suggestion] Match making filter. NexuS by IzzyOttr 1 630
Someone leaving in character select screen butters777 by butters777 0 673
Summoner Info tab in profile? Antnerd by Antnerd 0 626
Add Team/Clan Tag tserich by tserich 0 701
[suggestion] report and ignore in chat / ignore list IzzyOttr by IzzyOttr 0 719
Ranked, Dominion, Normal, etc. Vaspin Hyolic by Ashqelon 1 685
Connection Failure in Champ Select? Tr pdoor by Tr pdoor 0 638
[Suggestion]Add a new regional server 00renavatio00 by 00renavatio00 1 1,217
Camera View and Movement Xanra by Xanra 0 871
black screen on ranked champ select Se7en3o8 by Se7en3o8 0 692
@Riot: Idea for the RANDOM button Viralion by Codas 1 750
The New Patcher- EULA Fain fds by arlyngelei 3 7,675
[Suggestion] cancel button for "logging into chat" HuggEd174 by HuggEd174 0 685
[suggestion] Settings Spotlight Ashqelon by Ashqelon 0 688
Skins for IP or IP into RP Soferir by FemJesse 4 910