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My ranked team is gone? Jamesdabeast Jamesdabeast 0 250
[Suggestion] Quality of Life Changes for the PvP.Net Client Lohaf Lohaf 0 276
When I start LoL after the recent patch... Hidden Sniper BaronVonWalrus 4 412
Please fix this auto-requeue FenrilW FenrilW 0 236
Stopwatch analysis of the front end yields poor results  ( 1 2 ) HayApples Hercanic 10
Riot Post
AFK / LEAVERS solution perhaps? Fattles Fattles 0 285
Client is slow. CuriousVirus iTrolololol 1 550
Reward Influence with Influence Points seleleth seleleth 0 296
Option Sugestion XUPA TOLAS XUPA TOLAS 0 233
The Tribunal: Thoughts and CnC Combat Omega Combat Omega 0 258
@Riot: Would like to see... dragonstripes dragonstripes 0 215
I just bought RP for Ziggs, I should be able to dodge games until I can pick him. Ziggl cycostinkoman 8 659
friends list tweak mikiri mikiri 0 235
Friend Request Added Message Strixie Strixie 0 303
Riot fix the freaking AFKers in champion select ZTD09 ZTD09 1 310
Who is going what!?!?! Rosstacular Rosstacular 0 212
Request: New ban reason: Having a xenophobe/discriminative actitude Paabloc lazyfulness 6 427
Forum Icon for Tribunal instead of IP Hymnosi Hymnosi 0 237
Give Bot (A.I) some Random Skin KungYii1994 KungYii1994 0 258
Why does league of legend suck so much? TruelD HornyHitman 2 490
Player Profile Arranged Team Display MysIrrMan PinkHippo88 1 416
Riot's TOTALLY AWESOME Matchmaking skillz Blono McHazard 3 306
Fix it please ThiagoLA92 Huntsvoski 2 316
Extremely Minor Forum Request Blocksbox Blocksbox 1 295
Lagging out during RANKED champion select. joshs coffee Maxed Down 1 419
[Suggestion] Skin Preview COOPAR THE SEX 202halffound 3 986
Champion Select System AceprojectX CutMESilly 3 410
You Cannot Leave Queue Until Riot Says You Can Leave Queue SnakeG SnakeG 0 424
Character Selection Que Metalkicker Bondye 1 329
It would help to have the champion type filter in champion select. Aiden1 Bondye 1 320
Show champ stats for normal like you do for ranked. Highdollar hoe CutMESilly 4 628
Match Making suggestions Inquinox ReelBigDan 1 261
@Riot client suggestion. Zeranis Zeranis 0 342
Automatic Log In nick88389 nick88389 0 293
AFKers/leavers in ranked: DO SOMETHING RIOT Rekokulus Rekokulus 0 275
Loss Forgiven for Leavers DogofWar1 IReiDzI 4 709
Griefers, Ragers, and a Better Tutorial Thunderclise Kouret 1 439
Brazil LOL XxPenisAzulxX XxPenisAzulxX 0 261
Language Filter Urza1234 SirMoag 1 366
Dear Riot SiuMoi SiuMoi 0 203
Can I expect better Matchmaking at 30? Frogfucius PeteN00b 8 354
Friends List [Suggestion] zZkid4vZz zZkid4vZz 0 236
A Suggestion For League of Legends MisterButtPlug MisterButtPlug 0 199
[Bug] @Riot server switch glitch boo3it l zamen boo3it l zamen 0 262
[Suggestion/Request/Fix] Skillshots & Cone-AoE abilities in Melee Range Dred Pyrate AgesAndAgesAgo 2 351
Patch update problems Amonggods Amonggods 1 303
Editing .properties files JHobz Dred Pyrate 4 2178
Accessing the Store outside of the game xDrolraw Dred Pyrate 1 366
vBulletin? xFac3R0llx xFac3R0llx 0 300
ticked off at repatch xxunholyxgodxxx Dred Pyrate 1 507