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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
ELO compensation AzureFlow AzureFlow 0 266
Queue-dodge penalties, and the "Lock In" button Ixeo Ixeo 9 1487
dc in game Bawsemaster Bawsemaster 0 270
no more surrender. Seditiv3 Seditiv3 1 255
How to get 8 Riot Points to buy skin SWA nickisan jhatchondeck 1 898
Spectator Mode for normal games. David Shavid Fraysa 1 357
Change the Pvp.net client from changing masteries when you redownload or.... Prizmod Prizmod 0 258
Vote to kick Brofists FerJeRo989 2 376
[Store] IP Price Increase? PsykoDemun Drakinite 1 356
Report for Positive Experience Frankencow seleleth 9 555
Store Quality of Life rune change Huudi Huudi 0 263
[Suggestion] Log out to account menu, instead of closing the game The Devil God The Devil God 0 425
[Suggestion] Win of the day timer Meijiro26 Meijiro26 6 588
Why isn't there a button to return to champ sel. StarBubbles StarBubbles 0 352
About Masteries Page JJ PornoGraphy JJ PornoGraphy 0 229
Suggestions - DC before game starts 82kill 82kill 0 241
Why so silent? I love music! Eanruig Eanruig 0 221
Whats up with my profile not showing my 3v3 rating? RedChineseDragon RedChineseDragon 1 247
[Bug] Inviting friends blocks chat Buizel Buizel 1 360
[Suggestion] Few things  ( 1 2 ) Havon Havon 19 1503
Team Creation Gunnzer Gunnzer 1 324
[Suggestion] Do not allow 'random' locks in ranked Rational King Pikmin 1 260
The Major Issue in ranked games (Speacially in low elos) HyperKorean HyperKorean 3 424
Riot plz read c-card fail NetherRelm NetherRelm 0 284
[suggestion] Add chat boxes to ranked teams Zerio777 Zerio777 0 245
Issue with IP not showing proper value Falseshadow Falseshadow 0 255
Forum Multi-Quote Desolit Desolit 1 454
Who has a weird hate for the Password window? Th3C0on Meijiro26 2 291
Suggestion - Recommended Items Arnostale Meijiro26 6 338
Cannot leave queue... budL budL 0 382
Forum link for 'Last Riot Post' knacko knacko 0 336
Suggestion: Reward positive influences  ( 1 2 ) Nebukadnezzer seleleth 10 951
"Team player of the match" system Ozzgard seleleth 1 579
[bug?] synapse 2.0/naga hex doesn't let LoL open groovingunsman groovingunsman 0 422
wheres the opposite of the report system ? M D K seleleth 7 1247
Lolclient.exe- make it dormant while in game santa hobofoot santa hobofoot 1 562
Please! I have something I want you to see!! </3 Caramel Snow Caramel Snow 0 249
Question about the Profile of people Polo1027 Polo1027 4 373
My hot-button issue Huudi Huudi 0 239
Suggestion: Close chat confirmation boxes and/or Chat memory Ryuzaaki Ryuzaaki 0 380
Leaving SnowSC2 Sarabade 4 410
Logical and Quality of Life changes for LoL Heitzzz Heitzzz 0 321
for the love of riot insrtlamenmehre insrtlamenmehre 0 210
Suggestions Sarabade Sarabade 0 193
@Riot Champ trading fix and other ideas. Blazeise Blazeise 1 365
[Suggestion] Champion portrait still shows on not connected player Wutnaut Wutnaut 0 303
Trolls kavinh the third kavinh the third 0 352
getting banned. the fosizlenator seleleth 1 325
Friend List Problem! Help! UnholyNinja1212 UnholyNinja1212 0 368
Masteries/Runes tied to champion? what do you think? RuckDhitVitch RuckDhitVitch 0 260