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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Bug: Missing chat while in store Zophir Zophir 0 268
Client Issue Regarding Connection o Loquacious x o Loquacious x 0 309
Buy all option for the store? Krellnus Krellnus 0 319
Ranked teams do not show elo? Logano5 DemoGuide 6
Riot Post
what can i do if i dont quit game to solve " cant connect to pvp.net " YAKCantony YAKCantony 0 338
Game start sound ToyJazzer ToyJazzer 0 377
disconnect at the same time bdreamer Shargun 1 306
Banning - User Meliadul - Last Hour lilwezzy Shargun 2 375
shifting between 3rd and 5th riot posts in Diana thread Amariithynar Amariithynar 0 392
Matched with Reported and Ignored Players Ikrit122 Shargun 2 455
[Suggestion] Make the LoL logo on the launcher a button that opens the LoL website. deja deja 1 521
I'd like to make one suggestion about pick ban window Haunting4 Haunting4 0 300
[Feature Suggestion] Friend Notes and Categories!! Eggroll9000 Eggroll9000 0 300
Custom game column LoRDRoast LoRDRoast 0 288
PVP Ranked AFK/ Leave zPikachu zPikachu 0 300
UI change to help streamers. Malchak Malchak 2 762
Bots in PvP games Reconsul Reconsul 0 308
Rename "Top Sellers" to "Recent Items" naotasan Henry Plainview 2 582
Show Dom/Normal wins? Kharlon Kharlon 0 258
@riot pvp.net icons prYzm prYzm 0 253
Proving Grounds should have its own queue WalmartLowPrice iR Chaos 1 408
Adding a clock (PST time) to game client losee1 losee1 0 277
Show the # of leavers, what team they were on, and when they left in match history. Reconsul Reconsul 1 509
Bug with updating elo when checking profiles Ice the Chain Ice the Chain 0 265
AFK from start, ruins entire game Kcoldlock RamboJeezus 2 443
Smart casting, but a little feature. Jue Begal Jue Begal 0 278
Zyra patch PlatinumTrinity PlatinumTrinity 0 296
Group Join Custom Games Stormrulerr Jue Begal 1 469
Bug with the Search Bar in Ranked/Draft Mode futureblast futureblast 0 280
Champion Sort Feature Zhijod Zhijod 0 337
Why do i keep getting matched against these players? Luingar Thing O Doom 3 541
Opponents' abilities during loading screen. Falrinth Thing O Doom 2 384
Spectate Any Player JoDoe Shargun 2 1510
Champion test mode Spriggin Spriggin 0 820
Aussie Server Zrike Arcanist 5 1378
I want to swap my rune pages around Arcanist Arcanist 0 511
Name Change Difficulties DrMatthew DrMatthew 0 369
can i have new patch for1.43? ChinaZone ChinaZone 1 344
The Queue System ninjakingcola ninjakingcola 0 299
Game is just no fun when forced...  ( 1 2 ) Fall3nLeg3nds CrazyGoNuts 14
Riot Post
Suggestion for UI change  ( 1 2 ) Imperian Lord Imperian Lord 10 968
Legality issues regarding a site offering free RP AznAddiction jukestep 3 568
Queue dodge wait times Eldraz Panickvamp 2 473
Adding Date / Time for forum posts Nexthy Nexthy 0 269
[Graphics Bug] Champion portraits in Featured Games blank Tigercule X Tigercule X 1 446
Server Status CTRLraider CTRLraider 0 280
"Unskilled Player" XCodes xNameless 1 488
Perspective Option for Top Nexus Pet Katherine xNameless 1 367
4 Cereals? Mage Lord Nelber Mage Lord Nelber 0 291
25+ minute penalty on ranked xXZangetsu kuweh 4 424