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Language servers Endriago by Endriago 0 446 chat is broken in character select and game summary screens - on Riot's side. SAINTabilo by Bung Hole Face 2 832
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IP Boost overlaying with Win of the Day DoubleSquare by Daesigil23 5 Riot Post 2,289
Added Functions to the Store Ravison by Deathmare 1 690
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[Suggestion] Don't automatically requeue someone after a someone queue dodges. doublebp by doublebp 0 398
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[Suggestion] Voting to allow a teammate to QUEUE DODGE without losing elo poopsalot456 by OOM Crayon 2 548
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[Suggestion] dodge penalty for custom games 00011011S by Xzodia 1 529
Fix elo rankings plz OliverKlozov by Void2258 2 945
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Suggestion: Change "Lock In" to "Ready" MrSpaz by An Troll 4 928 on Windows doesn't fit 768px tall resolution Fat Dave Saxman by LadyAzalea 2 1,147
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RP reduction on previous bought items. Axolen by Axolen 0 544
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