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Can you put a ping gauge like in game on the launcher? Reznorist by supister 1 600
New type of custom game with preselected champions supister by supister 0 446
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Afk loss forgiven Subberz by Subberz 0 510 Crashing McFlatulence by McFlatulence 0 477
the new /r Stealthykins by Stealthykins 2 766
More chat rooms and full chatrooms bigkmartt by bigkmartt 0 524
Why can't we give invite to other group memebers anymore? Ichibu by Praised Glory 3 975
RP store bug? iiKira by IIxeenoxII 1 752
Suggestion: "You have been pardoned/punished by the tribunal (See notes)" CSDragon by seleleth 1 730
Game MVP Vote DebosBike by seleleth 1 794
Draft mode que Wralondite by Wralondite 0 524
I cant get into the game Challott by Anubuis 1 588
Spectator Mode Suggestion Shards397 by Shards397 0 482
/ignore should disable emotes 00011011S by 00011011S 0 573
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People who don't click "Play Now" RAGEbutthurt by CHICKENpl0x 7 Riot Post 2,111
Rune and Mastery Page Assignments Murloch by Murloch 0 595
Help cant play bug? ENEMY85 by ENEMY85 0 491
It went black cowpotato by Hobbsgoblin 3 1,225
@ Riot. Sort by: Most Played Phaux by Phaux 0 491
Solution to the term " elo hell " and new players in ranked cram320 by Phaux 5 1,171
Champions IP Sales-50%Off UrosV3 by 00011011S 2 975
Design Rune buying like Champ buying CHAOSBLACKDOOM by CHAOSBLACKDOOM 0 645
[suggestion] spectate a game that your friend is spectating Monopolowa by OneOfTheLostOnes 2 911
end game stats: damage dyvynr by dyvynr 0 484
Giving IP to other people LTCRSheperd by JJ PornoGraphy 4 1,117
Ranked champion stats are not appearing Kuniv by Dark Technique 3 1,047
Spectate camera option : follow champion drunkadin by drunkadin 0 644
Fix your banbuster system now!!! Szilagyi by TehReview 1 580
Client super laggy aznbobby by Titusville 2 861
Spectator Mode Suggestion: The Daily Wager Dr Royco Wiggles by Dr Royco Wiggles 1 623
[Suggestion] Increase friends list cap StrategicPlan by StrategicPlan 8 2,606 Main Window Spectator Redkaos by Redkaos 0 475
I think we need a game type between normal and ranked Hobbsgoblin by Hobbsgoblin 4 492
Show the Wins/Loss in my profile? blackdragon2910 by blackdragon2910 0 621
Suggestion Implement a report system in champ select ZTD09 by Tyr Ahn Nee 7 884
Haven't yet been able to spectate a featured game from the beginning of the game TheFlyingSpoon by TheFlyingSpoon 0 480
A little champion select improvement idea. Shihou by Shihou 0 449
Is a "Spectate" forum section in the works? Tyr Ahn Nee by Tyr Ahn Nee 0 542
Would love to see more mastery pages~! SmecssRaege by SmecssRaege 0 701
commenting games while spectating. raggsocka by raggsocka 0 456
Passing co-lead for invites L33tT4rd by L33tT4rd 0 373
Lobby Youtube Video drunkadin by drunkadin 0 365
Flagging for PvP Calcarra by Calcarra 0 359
Capture the Flag (FTF) mode ExEmPlorY by ExEmPlorY 0 406
Only 10 Mastery Pages.... Really> Urza1234 by Golden Helmet 1 470
New Draft Banning Structure... 420Leaf by Dr Royco Wiggles 2 674
FEATURE: Showing what runes you already have in the store Restitution by Restitution 2 440
PVP.NET Patcher stuck at 33% icylily by Detrimental Era 3 818