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Screen size and launcher store. And unnecessary scroll bars. AileTheAlien by AileTheAlien 1 465
When queueing up add role selection. RAW Xyann by RAW Xyann 0 293
Allow an option to keep the log-in music inside the client KImre by KImre 3 666
Joining Spectating Friends Ground Stop by Ground Stop 0 252
problem - client has been disconnecting me every 5-10mins Nicdude777 by Nicdude777 0 244
Server busy, cant reconnect to a ranked game. Tropical Pants by Nicdude777 9 608
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Wanna play lol, oh wait 48 min log in time. ness777777777777 by Xetroff 5 561
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So many companies are looking to "improve" the concept of chat platforms. SLPYHD by SLPYHD 1 419
RP to IP i the store ViperKilo by guzman1432 4 566
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a small suggestion Wagasaki by Senriaa 2 335
Anyone else dislike the new summoner spell select change? Pieceofcandy by Pieceofcandy 0 249
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I know it's been discussed a million, billion times, but it's still not fixed. Metronomotopoeia by Darmon 1 366
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