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Client Window Size CraniumBasherX6 by LadyAzalea 1 583
Signing in. Dmitri212 by unfitg0d0fwar 2 584
Left click leave the shop King of Crete by unfitg0d0fwar 2 466
[Suggestion] "What's New?" tab in store n0tinvayne by unfitg0d0fwar 1 414
Just 2 things i think need to be re-examined Fierce Ranma by unfitg0d0fwar 1 321
Dissecting the reasons why they don't want to give us a boot option. Bromoner by unfitg0d0fwar 2 411
Making the game more enjoyable Elithraldoro0 by Ngumbe 2 363
Look I know this is a team game... PVP rant. Azeyn by unfitg0d0fwar 1 336
Changes that should be implemented to the website unfitg0d0fwar by unfitg0d0fwar 0 271
Spelling Error dacannonator by dacannonator 0 297
Is this fair?(on gold awarding) Kyu Ryu by Master Brawler 4 378
Reordering Mastery and Rune Pages Poki3 by Poki3 0 363
Why so Silent after Log-in? I love the Music Eanruig by naotasan 3 493
I have a dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Unknown Shookaka by Unknown Shookaka 3 284
Client going to black screen Ulaenyth by Ulaenyth 0 506
[Suggestion] Names for Rune Pages Ryrygodofthunder by LadyAzalea 2 528
Deciding what Login Menu art you want in options? BadShotQQ by Samahndal Rey 6 1,040
A better chance to spectate featured games from beginning TheFlyingSpoon by TheFlyingSpoon 0 389
Suggestion: Invisible status Josh So by Ajera 2 704
Change to Draft mode NightStalker336 by NightStalker336 3 546
Random drops for LoL Rahler by Saolue 4 807
Region Selection (Idea) Jinjix by Jinjix 0 1,791
Problem with players dodging games. mailxsz by mailxsz 0 318
Making Chat commands less cumbersome DemonBOF by SAI Peregrinus 1 469
[Suggestion] Loading Screen Chat Samahndal Rey by Samahndal Rey 0 314
Tribunal Introductory Info. ThePandaNinja by ThePandaNinja 0 331
about report troll Duplik by QuaterCircleFour 1 453
Disconnecting and Leaving JancedLack by QuaterCircleFour 3 392
Win streaks? Explained below! OXGUN by OXGUN 0 644
champions need to fix and gameplay feedback King of Crete by King of Crete 0 392
This game is too expensive: Purrs by Duke42 5 2,070
Add filter to custom game lobby. (with poll) ZaP616 by ZaP616 0 370
Why not show which champions your teammates own? Twilíght by Twilíght 1 426
Hey Reds: Rune Pages. Come on. Zerokaiszer by Blue Eyes Fil 6 1,385
[Suggestion] Randomise draft order Bromoner by Elladril 6 552
Add a limited dodge system to ranked. ZaP616 by ZaP616 0 402
All filter to custom games. ZaP616 by MobileForce 1 475
Harsher dodging punishment Nimblest by ZaP616 2 404
[Suggestion] role call Eeagleagle by Eeagleagle 0 315
Custom Balance teams button simpsonboy77 by Eeagleagle 2 539
Access the store without using the client? bieksa by bieksa 0 436
A better LoL community X0rro by X0rro 6 916
The After Game Reports Priest by Priest 1 406
Spectating suggestion Gaarashatan by Gaarashatan 0 326
Karma System Cyath by Billenstein 3 997
Rune order LeeYoonJae by Decoylegends 1 853
Would it be possible? -SUGGESTION- Geonde by bradles 2 423
Replay option! Spinnach by Spinnach 2 616
opcion votar usuario KbLunes by KbLunes 2 474
Activation Item icons moved to an easier place to activate Ectshakeau by Ectshakeau 2 542