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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Co-op Improvements ldiotic ldiotic 0 240
[Suggestion] Honor Crest Highlighted on our Profile AHylianHero AHylianHero 0 524
Vote to exit game before start Dragn3x Funkeejunkee 1 321
Next Tournament: Bonus for summoner icon of winning team Codarra Beaumains 1 782
How to view wins and losses? SeventhRayze Beaumains 1 741
Idea for Mastery/Rune Page organizing Gahlo Beaumains 1 499
日本語化、日本サーバーについて About translation into Japanese and Japanese server mounting lion55 Anise Tatlin 2 1478
Do away with the minutes for Co-op games Ursa Superior Ursa Superior 2 398
Suggestion: Champion custom Play List Kiedis Ursa Superior 1 331
Ranked Stats Comparisons ShineyOddish ShineyOddish 0 386
Elo Hell badges for ranked logo Malak3t Malak3t 4 861
Follow us on Twitter, Follow us on Facebook, Follow us on YouTube Aquacity Aquacity 0 357
failure to launch Lockout05 Lockout05 0 298
Summoners like this idea DR FrEaKeNStEiN Lockout05 1 309
Boot System For Troll players ol Tones ol Tones 1 335
Changes to matchmaking dodge punishment? H1R0 NioSenpai 1 373
Idea for summoner Icons The Impregnater The Impregnater 0 277
The total world stats for each Champ Thcized Thcized 0 477
Matchmaking Unseen Depths Unseen Depths 1 348
Ranked game got screwed by a patch? Cantrips Cantrips 1 309
lol a DDOS on the summoner icon redeem site AwesomeGuy09 Blackflame0729 1 511
AFK Protection KlassAkt KlassAkt 0 332
Suggestion for Reporting System Hoe Fry Hoe Fry 1 551
Rank Queues CrushTheBlack Karn Bishop 1 358
IP Refunding Don2955 Nijipotamus 1 383
Why did I lose my Junior member? DontWeturself Panzerfaust 5
Riot Post
Giving Honor post-score screen (After a game) Tattsu Tattsu 0 458
Monitoring Online Players Stats KhellQc KhellQc 0 842
Matchmaking issues penguinairlines penguinairlines 0 404
Mobile version for Tribunal page. DimmSk Lashrack 2 544
League of Legends Forum Enhancement Suite Kushad Shiba Lee Kushad Shiba Lee 0 1131
Damage dealt to enemy champions stat @ game end 1ST BLO0D XQuincyXArcherX 2 802
suggestion for required "dodging" Turtlepower937 Turtlepower937 0 399
Offline friend requests Xandrina Xandrina 0 414
displaying wins to loss ratio in summoner profile Kirbon Kirbon 0 840
Honor System Suggestion GTH Sora GTH Sora 0 937
Tribunal : Partial punish Vinceicarus Vinceicarus 0 391
Dodging. lhCrazy lhCrazy 0 405
donate riot points? meat rampage meat rampage 2 808
Preserve: Chats SonOfAthena SonOfAthena 2 549
RP is holding our money captive leminlime iJarbin 6 575
Honoring = No reporting RhynoD Vinceicarus 5 486
Filter for random champ select? Shajinja Vinceicarus 2 422
Issues staying logged into the Site & Forums AvariceSyn About 7 jews 1 421
Connection Status? Bynaar About 7 jews 1 450
Mac problems. peperasta897 peperasta897 0 478
There needs to be a report form in character selection. OdiIon Varaxael 1 459
Honor Begging SchiefSalmon Vinceicarus 1 385
Level match Vinceicarus Vinceicarus 0 408
IP boost question Harby82 ACGIFT 2 611