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[IDEA] Post-Game Stats hallercaust hallercaust 0 218
Suggestion: Remove old invites @RIOT Basnap Basnap 1 365
@Riot is it really necessary to have the shine effect on main page? Venova Venova 0 266
Spectate Live issue naotasan naotasan 0 299
Fix your website game info. zlefin zlefin 0 278
Show ping in main menu Sid Ali Sid Ali 0 315
[Suggestion] One time champion voucher for newer players Yeroban Celinaesta 1 487
Fix Tribunal mojoshaman2003 mojoshaman2003 0 268
[Suggestion] Have a ping meter in client so you know your ping before startinga game 69Broseidon420 Zero720 2 1196
broken elo sistem, leavers G4V10T4 mojoshaman2003 1 299
Suggestion: S American Server mojoshaman2003 mojoshaman2003 0 263
Honest Opinion. Xpersha UncleSlim 2 320
A Replay Feature Suggestion Zabadaboo Zabadaboo 0 235
I can't download league anymore NeX FatBeard NeX FatBeard 2 352
Riot, please do something now. xenicae Dr Winters 6 557
[Suggestion] Champion Select Screen Djängo Rechained Yeroban 1 283
[SUGGESTION] Reordering of runes/masteries House AD House AD 0 253
Queue Reporting NewReno NewReno 0 245
Riot should make guilds/clans dreadnought0 Sabbertron 2 639
Don't leave ranked games! + advice for ranked games Macintosh3D Macintosh3D 0 372
Riot screwed me in champ select, cost me LP Methalusa Macintosh3D 2 298
three disconnects in one game? MasterTopher Macintosh3D 1 258
consistently long queue times fazisi fazisi 0 456
[Matchmaking Suggestion] GENIUS IDEA!!!! GreatXScott GreatXScott 2 307
@RIOT/(devteam?) Wards purchased Category and end game screen OakSpace OakSpace 5 757
UPDATE FAILED; Please check logs FingeredDander FingeredDander 0 306
Something is wrong with my Pvp.net thing PolarBearzz120 G1ooom 2 298
[Suggestion] Warning Message for Leaving During Champion Select Neoboo Neoboo 0 518
League and Champions Played Takhuan Takhuan 0 219
My client is a bit broken Prizmo Prizmo 0 246
Unable to see client? Tsquirrel Tsquirrel 0 210
Search and Randomize champions by type Dreamydark Dreamydark 0 228
Pre Game filter to reduce fighting. Valderami GreatXScott 1 274
Ranking system itpainsitroars GreatXScott 2 300
So I lost 17 elo for losing a 3v5??????? Dane Belthound GreatXScott 1 677
New leaverbuster idea amerhero2 FrozenwasteLoL 1 338
When do you get a ribbon? Sevealin Sevealin 0 277
Silver Division V Please fix Mage Lord Nelber Jayso449 7 2444
Open Oceania Server pls Bamboo Worrior McMuffin99 1 451
[Suggestion] A few changes need to be made Whistler76 Gooooober 5 727
Request for expiring honor animation Thrameos Thrameos 0 496
Team Coordination TheKnifedKing TheKnifedKing 0 258
@Riot - Name Uniqueness for Customs Mandaari Mandaari 0 531
Hit 0 Riot Points! Stehfe Stehfe 0 243
Ranked Stats suggestion UdonBullets UdonBullets 0 174
@RIOT Please return win % Takhuan Takhuan 0 207
Recent new ranked system problems Macintosh3D Takhuan 1 462
Admitted Elo jobs Kialune kaaskoekje 1 647
New queue system suggestion SuperBeaster Arcticfury 3 882
q for role Avengerqt Arcticfury 1 215