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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Key Binding! Time for a change? 1000Moons 1000Moons 0 281
Champion Select "I own all champs" mark 3mptylord 3mptylord 0 247
I demand a refund of 3 LP Chokepoiint Chokepoiint 9 391
My ideas for champion select. AirbroRanger AirbroRanger 0 276
Few UI suggestions I think could improve the overall LoL experience latecpk w3ak 2 402
Why promotional Series dont make sense Celinaesta w3ak 1 261
Suggestion about high ping CRAZZY RJ CRAZZY RJ 0 385
Ranked Queue Suggestions. Please read. Kebber Snowsprite 2 278
POST-GAME STATISTIC: "Number of Wards Purchased" Snowsprite Snowsprite 0 233
Riot what are you thinking? Drakkon94 Drakkon94 1 711
Option to show "hidden elo" Vicious Koi Vicious Koi 0 233
why can't you guys IP ban? metamorph8 Pachuukk 2 245
Achievement system? Pachuukk Pachuukk 0 207
RSS Feed for LoL? Simpuhl Simpuhl 0 230
please fix this CreatorOFstorms CreatorOFstorms 1 224
Looking for ranker Contemplation Contemplation 0 201
Dodging Queue Padddle Padddle 0 190
Language specific teammate preference  ( 1 2 3 ) Zer0blizzard Zer0blizzard 26 2847
Suggestion: Tribunal System Appeal option Pyrander Pyrander 0 185
Role selection Sillacoid Arcticfury 1 200
Champion select: A combination of Captain Mode and Swap Pick Order Cpt Munchies Cpt Munchies 0 216
Leaving Champion Select JoshTep JoshTep 0 201
rank wait time killernoobz Arcticfury 1 244
Queue should match by role. GodzillaMagnum Arcticfury 2 230
Champion Select/Role Select FreakyWowFreak iPeaceMaker 1 221
Pvp.net and me Benarious Benarious 0 196
Gifting Center R2BeepBooop R2BeepBooop 0 202
Ease of access. Super simple stuff crafterofmines crafterofmines 0 198
Champ select is a joke Higherthanmoon Zero720 5 393
Custom game improvements Drodeka Drodeka 0 245
Sale ideas Tastyxproof Tastyxproof 0 181
Please put this into consideration RIOT IM ROB1N IM ROB1N 0 218
Suggestion for matchmaking system funnybobisland funnybobisland 0 202
Gonna do anything about the trolls and afks yet? Dane Belthound Arcticfury 2 280
@RIOT-Runepages eMgRoB Arcticfury 1 370
league of legends Getrix2121 Dr Winters 1 301
Ranked Queue Suggestions TheVoiceofExile Arcticfury 1 287
Ranked Bugsplat/Disconnect Tickle Taco Tickle Taco 0 234
@RIOT please respond about vote kick for once Dane Belthound Dane Belthound 2 241
Thoughts on ELO being given based on a "good enough" metric? Zer0blizzard Zer0blizzard 7 1029
Make it possible for Bar/Drag to get kill gold increases based on deaths Zer0blizzard Zer0blizzard 4 455
Give player statistics based on gold vs average lanes in the user client  ( 1 2 ) Zer0blizzard Zer0blizzard 12 1774
Able to buy refund points? DarkShadowax bdurrr 1 411
champion sorting redheadwinner sembik 2 446
Throwing such a good game out the window.. GigaDexstrex GigaDexstrex 0 462
client Crahsing Nexttoradio Trikyboy 1 507
Fix ranking please. Taiurga Celinaesta 1 230
Signing Out Option The Fudger The Fudger 0 262
@Riot Reds Blade2Master Blade2Master 0 283
[idea]Role Preference Match Making KoKocipher KoKocipher 0 269