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Allow ranked match spectating during big tournaments Korevar by Korevar 0 420
game crushing after end game screen I am DJAY by Oz SammyD X 1 335
Promotion Series AFKers Benoit88 by Bmbrman 2 364
[Suggestion] Another tool to communicate Gregor Bondaruk by Gregor Bondaruk 0 212
sigh ImmortalGrunt by ImmortalGrunt 0 475
Vote to Kick in lobby PrayForPain by PrayForPain 3 451
[Suggestion] Link Rune and Mastery pages to Champions. Beastica by Beastica 0 332
Suggestion: Promotion/Division Series Draws Brisholine by Mynx The Origin 6 627
NO! Im MID! < Solution   ( 1 2) ElectricOhm by Mynx The Origin 10 713
Fix for dodging que Reavvera by Devious Rogue 1 381
New Ranked Players vs Old Ranked Players Devious Rogue by Devious Rogue 0 400
[suggestion]observing mode OTL KlN by OTL KlN 0 208
Solo Que Elzzup by Elzzup 0 225
RECOMENDATION: Not punishing for dodging in ranked game Metalpower19 by Resther 1 288
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Fail Bronze/Silver for a reason SeptikAydz by Resther 1 434
Suggestion: Prerequisites for Ranked Play Resther by Resther 0 266
Mafia Graves not showing in skin selection Maxed Down by AiRMaXQC 1 658
Suggestion: Team communications Undertaker89 by Hashpoo 3 536
[Suggestion] Disable friend requests GrimSkippy by GrimSkippy 0 265
client error? GangstaBlasta by GangstaBlasta 0 179
Riot please disable ranked queue or give out loss forgivens. Saikog by Saikog 0 240
I lost, and got LP for it Twaught by Twaught 0 191
Bronze V (Welcome to the hotel California) Darkest Anubis by Brisholine 3 439
@Riot ,Lyte, and others. Why not put in a "Role que" feature Mojo Joe by Brisholine 1 218
Trash Riot server ilovemonopoly by stonerdude2012 1 188
rune pages and dodge penalty xenexphobia by xenexphobia 0 174
ARAM queue, and Role reservations Akurionn by Akurionn 0 219
Fix the League System w0kie by Evanms 4 300
disable queue timers after dodging with new system braiNiac oP by braiNiac oP 0 194
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Ranking against your friends dreadnought0 by dreadnought0 0 229
Normal Win Count Threshold Before Ranked Azzalin by Azzalin 0 541
high ping and lagging please read Soro by Soro 0 557
Front End Interface Item Listing and Explanations Angrypoonani by Angrypoonani 0 220
Better stats FrickeFresh by FrickeFresh 0 175
AFK Champion select Sindy Sinful by MxGDoctor 1 178
lolesports "spoiler" suggestions Scriptir by Scriptir 0 150
Time-out Random in Ranked onumb by onumb 0 296
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Ranked games AFK or leavers solution proposition Pyrander by VengefulWrath 2 464
How long it takes to receive LP? Spensanator by Spensanator 0 207
Position calling in matchmaking sssim111 by neg9 4 404
Possible Glitch with Ranked System Feleas by Feleas 1 220
Bronze V (Welcome to the hotel California) Darkest Anubis by Darkest Anubis 0 217
Pre-Game lobby problems (And possible solutions) TheWarWolf by TheWarWolf 0 278
Improving of the Chatbox placements Terra Enigma by Terra Enigma 8 1,092
Mod complaint and refund etehdik by etehdik 0 249
Spectator View: Coaching Option TheDonofDay by TheDonofDay 0 240
Influence Point Gifting Fancy Pancake by Fancy Pancake 0 431