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Fix ranking please. Taiurga by Celinaesta 1 209
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[Suggestion] One time champion voucher for newer players Yeroban by Celinaesta 1 442
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[Suggestion] Have a ping meter in client so you know your ping before startinga game 69Broseidon420 by Zero720 2 1,133
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Honest Opinion. Xpersha by UncleSlim 2 299
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Riot should make guilds/clans dreadnought0 by Sabbertron 2 618
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Riot screwed me in champ select, cost me LP Methalusa by Macintosh3D 2 275
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[Matchmaking Suggestion] GENIUS IDEA!!!! GreatXScott by GreatXScott 2 288
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League and Champions Played Takhuan by Takhuan 0 200
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Search and Randomize champions by type Dreamydark by Dreamydark 0 209
Pre Game filter to reduce fighting. Valderami by GreatXScott 1 254
Ranking system itpainsitroars by GreatXScott 2 280
So I lost 17 elo for losing a 3v5??????? Dane Belthound by GreatXScott 1 657
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