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Why remove the spectate game box? SpankaTeyr NobodYouKnow 4 764
PvP.net Client crashes while visiting player profile Taurhuzz Chopzzay 4 739
Is anyone getting an afker every game they play? Pulsefire EzreaI mojoshaman2003 1 189
Please Allow Ignoring Pings Again Cherubas Cherubas 0 196
Groups of champs during Champ Select Noobfruit Strobler 1 586
Game Search Sporky111 Sporky111 0 156
Public Chat xWaRxPwNeRx xWaRxPwNeRx 0 159
Is this even possiable? KayLix KayLix 0 164
[Store Suggestion] Rune Filter Bigbit Bigbit 0 151
Chat Fix MMM103 HotRivenGG 1 189
International Menu Dr Winters Dr Winters 2 444
Forums Recommendation Mortalspirit Mortalspirit 0 179
Ping checker in the pvp.net client? Mortalspirit Mortalspirit 1 225
A way to solve the leaving problem in ranked sexytaco97 sexytaco97 0 206
[Suggestion] Need an easier method to clean up Friend's List SeaZn LeagueDoctor 1 677
All my hard work is for nothing? maaier Arcticfury 1 207
LP Point System Feedback Solo/Duo Queue KumiKaze KumiKaze 0 312
Forum title and badges RexZor RexZor 0 184
Add an option when I que for 5v5....(Language Options matchmaking option que for 5v5) I Hate Dat Teemo I Hate Dat Teemo 0 227
Scroll wheel Oh No Bananas Oh No Bananas 0 492
add a option for timers cutefurballguy cutefurballguy 0 226
Name-Change Note Maker plz Lusitainia Lusitainia 0 328
Super-simple change to solve troll problem Ramenhaus SnowSquatch 3 716
Normal Queue elo...or whatever RhynoD RhynoD 0 300
Ideas for a new Chat system? matchet matchet 0 300
Team arrange system Sid Ali Sid Ali 0 254
LoL Client IM vVv Addhoc vVv Addhoc 0 234
Client Crashed, Knocked out of promo series ax0ns ax0ns 0 315
[IDEA] Pre-Role Pick Queue Unknown Henchman Unknown Henchman 2 308
Bug with League Point distribution? Froggyd neg9 3 472
@Riot: Please, let chat room's creator be able to moderate it! Astral Yorae Sagara Webber 3 539
Chat Rooms... iiintox Vic Boss RX7 1 242
Offer IP For Spectating TheKnifedKing Arcticfury 3 556
WTF promotion LiquidSunlight Arcticfury 2 308
[Suggestion] Account Security Arm8thendae Arm8thendae 3 825
LoL Forums - View Posts HowdyMcGee Ultramundane 2 524
Honor system rewards wcoolx FastEddy1114 3 1309
following thread totalwar235 totalwar235 0 227
Riot, do you even play Solo Queue in Ranked?  ( 1 2 ) Zer0blizzard totalwar235 11 1230
Autolockers... hxolhpths hxolhpths 0 445
Language specific servers? Ashtrophe Ashtrophe 0 242
Server transfers Yenath Ngumbe 1 308
Terrible Ranked League Mechanic Ngumbe Ngumbe 0 233
Leaver rant DJ TRav DJ TRav 0 235
Moving tabs through the mastery tree menu TheVissen TheVissen 0 274
How to solve champion select fighting and the arguement over call vs pick Krusader4710 Krusader4710 0 247
Solution to summoner's rift's ''ELO Hell'', change the queue algorithm a little: UberNutie tofumasta 1 388
*Greater glyph of cooldown reduction gargamel 00 gargamel 00 0 406
Ward Skins WiryJackal WiryJackal 0 221
Current Issues about the new ranking system Kumamon JPN Kumamon JPN 0 603