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Suggestion: Cancel game if someone didn't pick champ during champ sel. Basnap by Karlyr 8 1,018
Adding a functionality with rune pages Karlyr by Karlyr 2 631
Login Screen - Shift-tab Not Working shoelessinsight by oenaj 3 1,032
[Suggestion]Media > Swfs and Mp3s Typhingblade by Decoylegends 2 1,106
[Suggestion] Ranked Q Role Select Desdiinova by Desdiinova 0 434
Petition to Remove Adobe AIR Vesuvias by Vesuvias 7 1,473
Match History: Display Honor Gain? Erdrik by amefurashi 1 539
Suggestion: Play (another) sound when CG or premade group is full. Basnap by Basnap 3 955
Why does it keep you in queue if you DC? Demagoguery by Demagoguery 0 627
Banned till 2286? White Ąmerica by Kvastier - -
[Suggestion] Improve the quality of queueing with additional filters/options Jiz Khalifa by Kvastier 1 438
[suggestion] Academy for summoners under 30 or newbies nosthertus by nosthertus 0 456
About the Honour Garblax III by Garblax III 0 454
Summoner's Champions MrSirGeNIUS by Beaumains 1 638
Why does the vote function need to be anonymous? Upvotes/Downvotes Ginga by Beaumains 5 1,033
Live Chat support service laststanding6 by laststanding6 0 500
RP rip offs. Shojar by laststanding6 1 535
@Riot: Store Champion Filter Mistake FailbotDeploy by FailbotDeploy 0 497
Reveal the turret range when you mouse over a turret? laststanding6 by laststanding6 0 592
What's up with medals? Spraya by Father Return 3 Riot Post 4,581
Login Animation/Sound After Hero Isn't New Bensam123 by Bensam123 4 870
These people in rank... You got to be kidding right? Palatte by Own1ng 3 708
Would you like to terminate the launcher? Okro by Okro 0 461
[Suggestion] Ready check button for arranged teams Airoe by Airoe 0 421
Champion Trial Periods [Per Champion] (Read for explanation) laststanding6 by Big Bill 64 1 490
Champion Favorites List TheRadishSpirit by Oddible 3 653
ELO rating system. MagnificoX by Habimaru 3 2,220
Remove locking in from Summoner's Rift blind pick Best KindOf Duck by Best KindOf Duck 0 406
@RiotKiddington Re:Vote to Kick Phonike the 2nd by Phonike the 2nd 1 582
Rune changing at champ select Adleada by Syrian 2 543
[suggestion] role queue Apollo Kreez by Apollo Kreez 0 415
New Champion Sorting Tags? crzymdscntst by crzymdscntst 0 642
"Game in progress" should be tied to an account, not a computer. Amuq the Native by Voltorocks 4 683
Leaving Spectate Game. Hiroxo by Hiroxo 0 525
Mass Friend Delete VBandSelecta by Kredentis 2 1,187
Separate Team and Solo Q Statistics Stārk by Stārk 0 399
More gold for smaler teams migty1joe by migty1joe 0 398
Wishlist Option for Store? Big Bill 64 by Big Bill 64 0 378
Full Screen Mode For the Client Demagogue by tonic32 2 592
Create A Second Performance Score For Match Making Jacyle by Jacyle 0 421
Customize Masteries & Runes Pages RapidFox by RapidFox 0 380
Damage dealt to champions Gavbot by Gavbot 1 390
What is going on with this CLIENT? thegreatestman by thegreatestman 0 554
[QoL Request] Quick Que Phonike the 2nd by Phonike the 2nd 2 420
[Suggestion] Team Forums Reiji Ozora by Reiji Ozora 0 327
Queue dodge penalties for ranked are too punishing.   ( 1 2) Kitomi Kyu by paShadoWn 15 3,760
Server kicks Winged Ferret by Winged Ferret 0 303
Right Click Join Friends Custom Game Jareba by Jareba 2 706
start songs(riot look at this) rebelseal by Typhingblade 1 335
Didn't receive summoner icon for gifting. IkeIII by IkeIII 2 806