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this ranking is stupid 3FE by w0kie 3 322
Suggestion: Wards Placed Stats The Ashrak by The Ashrak 2 386
lots of small patches? «ÍrbÍrŻs by Wendigo45 1 195
Cant get onto the lol pbe. RichiePlz by Wendigo45 1 451
Low quality 'textures' in the mastery tree background Uuni by Uuni 0 297
Fix the league bug please MacroNomix by Mage Lord Nelber 3 392
I am so confused about the new match system EvilGodCityriver by EvilGodCityriver 0 163
What's with the TERRIBLE download/patch speed? Nydus the coward by Nydus the coward 0 178
[BUG] Error Null upon opening ANY profile. Thing O Doom by Redwolf90 2 339
Ip blocking NGvisator by NGvisator 0 494
Queue for specific role CptMonkeyFist by CptMonkeyFist 0 212
How is the new Ladder system Fair? SeptikAydz by SpitN 1 352
I would GLADLY pay $15+ a month for... MemoryLapse by Zer0blizzard 1 324
@ riot quinn and valor bug Wild Haunter by Malzyhurr 1 194
A Question Regarding Stability SourCreamChips by SourCreamChips 0 404
URGENT-Black Text/ Random d/c Deadlydavydave by Deadlydavydave 0 209
Lag between lane calling? Mastuuh Chief by Oz SammyD X 3 389
Phone Application? FPJ by Oz SammyD X 1 224
Fighting against allies Kimimaro49 by Kimimaro49 0 197
(Store) Sorting by realease date doesn't work Vinyl Dash by Vinyl Dash 0 473
Riot, a request for Moderation. madjai by madjai 1 208
Role System that would change the GAME!!!! PLEASE READ Fizzy Bone by Fizzy Bone 6 375
LoL Tournament SGChimpS by SGChimpS 0 172
LP Gains/Losses in Match History MaxChaotic by MaxChaotic 0 182
Add Game accounts to Online Accounts tbagchamp by tbagchamp 0 178
Bring old Holiday/Event in line with new ones? Antnerd by Antnerd 0 150
LP Progression Arc Kalocal by lordamarth 1 566
Champion Select Reporting FluffiestUnicorn by Malzyhurr 3 378
Exclusive Titles and or Skins for Frequent RP Program FEARtheFACIAL by FEARtheFACIAL 2 187
A really quick question Spraya by Spraya 0 157
Please for the love of god Pantisnatcha by Pantisnatcha 0 157
Mute Draft Pick Music Option Phonike the 2nd by Phonike the 2nd 3 235
Please let us spectate live games even with a random banner on the main page. Floggle by Floggle 0 257
Sell us an elo reset Mad Mathis by Jubeja 4 506
Yet another divisional league system question Benarious by Benarious 0 179
Be able to gift a friend something with IP Gohda by Gohda 0 183
TRIBUNAL LEAVING SUGGESTION & IMPROVEMENT: Veto the Ban   ( 1 2) Lexperiments by Lexperiments 18 Riot Post 1,946
Ranked LP bar, PLEASE! Lifebound by Lifebound 0 251
New punish system for afk/leavers BeerFanatic by BeerFanatic 2 201
Can we please get an item list or shop/build simulator in Venova by zeronothingzero 1 395
Interface Improvement: Champions Owned Scarey23 by Scarey23 0 272
Tribunal Xable0162 by Xable0162 0 118
AFKing in ranked champ select Pervy In The Par by Pervy In The Par 3 287
About the matchmaking this patch (3.02) LudwigL by LudwigL 1 193
There is one, huge, glaring, ugly problem with the gifting system, PLEASE FIX. nantris by nantris 0 108
Queue Dodging LP loss Stefangrujic by Ramenhaus 2 620
Gifting   ( 1 2) astralwolf by Fabs 10 1,568
This is ridiculous: Damn League-System Vic40k by SkeithGotBanned 2 254
Error in Game Info > Champion Statistics soccerstud25 by soccerstud25 0 113
Penalty for Queue Dodging needs to be removed   ( 1 2) Feleas by lFalse Kingl 13 1,007