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Hud problem and blurry text. AbsoIuteZero by AbsoIuteZero 0 518
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gratuitous graphics options Absolon by NoradIV 1 16,078
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Death Recap in Spectator Mode? AbyssionKnight by AbyssionKnight 0 430
Switch the colours in colour blind mode. AbyssionKnight by Wbs 9 Riot Post 5,757
Assign Runes/Masteries to Champion AbyssionKnight by AbyssionKnight 0 650
Reorganize champ tab of shop. AbyssionKnight by Enalung 1 6,400
Clarify Damage in 'Damage Dealt' graph. AbyssionKnight by Hentitan 1 1,167
Name Rune Pages! Acac Sunflier by Frigid319 7 2,884
Create a champion contest Ace Mckickass by Der Cutze 3 508
[Suggestion] Teammate Summoner Abilities Ace04uries by Razzee 1 308
Purple team disadvantage-- solution? AceLaser by awkwardbowman 4 1,450
My Genius Way to get rid of noobs/undedicated people off ranked AceStar by hermeneutist 9 762
[Suggestion] Ranked Game Leavers AceStar by AceStar 0 288
Need chat on loading Acezi by Acezi 0 208
[Suggestion] Ability to Chat while game is loading! Acezi by Zeiler 1 267
Leaving a game/Allied Champions/Forfeiting Achenar by Codfish 5 4,085
New Item Shop Interface Achendach by Achendach 0 315
Numerous suggestion compiled.(masteries, practice, store) Achendach by Achendach 0 289
Showing cooldowns on both forms of switch champs Achillees5 by Achillees5 0 1,260
Queue Match ups AcidicDeath by AcidicDeath 0 11,346
[suggestion] adding a 3rd rune page Acidpro by TheMotherGoose 1 281
Smartcast for Items Acorn22 by Acorn22 0 266
Smartcast for Items Acorn22 by xTrizzx 6 20,542
[Suggestion] Camera Zoom Acostaseris by Hacktor 1 572
@ Riot: consistency in visibility of abilities ACrossingRoad by ACrossingRoad 0 10,405
Mousbuttons for Hotkeys Action Aron by Action Aron 4 349
SUGGESTION: Time-Line Report actionjack by actionjack 0 840
Why do we not get the game specifics when loading into a game we're spectating? AD Bottom by AD Bottom 0 592
My thoughts on the new HUD. AD Bottom by AD Bottom 0 122
Please fix the "Surrender Vote" Ad Victoriam by Tha Steelman 4 15,706
Custom HUDs? Ad Victoriam by Perb 5 31,118
[Bug] [Minor] Old splash art appearing on death AdamNW by AdamNW 0 428
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North America French AdarkHalo by Feedbro 1 1,096
death recap - include damage type Addison16 by Powermad3 3 326
Character stats screen adlarn by Hedgehog 2 532
/ff should be /qq Admiral Crab by Admiral Crab 0 357
Can you see what's wrong with this picture? Admiral Crab by Sir Mavs 4 901
Better mouse sensitivity settings Admix by Admix 0 5,596
[Suggestion] Enemy Team Chat Admonitor by Admonitor 0 15,684
[Suggestion] Refuse to communicate in queue adoniswong by adoniswong 0 364
In Game Whisper Change Adrenicide by Adrenicide 0 531
Auto-kick. adtheren by adtheren 0 1,356
Champion Select Stats Feature AdventHawk7 by AdventHawk7 0 457
Petition - Update Pathing Mini-Map UI AdventHawk7 by TrueShot Haze 1 5,914
Fun New Game Mode AdventHawk7 by MrNeutral 2 799
Suggestion: Loading Screen and In-Game Options Menu Aeb Lincoln by DaveyWolfe 1 2,161