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For Riot: Team Builder Improvements SluGGutS by SluGGutS 0 515
Team Builder Suggestions TheBykov by TheBykov 0 506
The tutorial still needs work Gailie by Gailie 3 4,067
Surrender Change   ( 1 2) MespeR by MespeR 13 3,957
Definetly Needed Modes/Queues tamashinoerufu by tamashinoerufu 0 345
My jungler just went Jayce Jung ProtoStorm by tamashinoerufu 3 1,457
In-Game Mastery/Rune Change Phobos1189 by tamashinoerufu 4 2,417
team builder champion locking Matdra by tamashinoerufu 1 490
I sea a good way too make team builder better. scalegreen by tamashinoerufu 1 450
Team Builder Problem -- A team captain? Dufuq? Trojan Horse 101 by tamashinoerufu 4 456
HUD Suggestion. BondyeLwa by scalegreen 6 2,505
Locked Camera Players Purple Side Disadvantage   ( 1 2 3 ... 4) PvM ChinWoo by Ten2One 35 9,327
My thoughts on the Team Builder so far Meserion by DuskSC2 1 420
Solo Que Suggestion Khloro by ShaDoWAsunder 1 1,659
things need fixing in game (hud) reaper2493 by reaper2493 0 376
@Riot loading screen xXAmpzXx by xXAmpzXx 0 429
Fix the chat so that you can scroll up without it resetting when someone talks. Squishy or GTFO by Runesage99 6 2,562
The new name font size and the health bars literally and universally are disliked x2theone2x by SUGGYLOL 4 2,969
"Did You Know" really needs more seriousness Ant by BLU Medic 2 1,375
Windowed mode can't be moved/adjusted Airbag by Dan The Enigma 9 Riot Post 4,897
Offensive/Defensive indicator to promote team synergy KiddFly by GOLDENBOOTY 3 1,648
Prevent loss imFOB by imFOB 0 490
ranking system/tribunal WreckOnPorpoise by WreckOnPorpoise 0 555
LP per game and howling abyss called the ''murder bridge'? King Orb by The Blind Karate 1 2,405
After Lv30, rendering Exp boost uselss ExliedVolt by ExliedVolt 0 672
Tanks role in the new meta xSwagPatrolx by xSwagPatrolx 0 970
/~*Suggestion*~\ Ranked Team Builder Kraft905 by Kraft905 0 953
4.3 Patch Mac Client trprbound by trprbound 0 1,061
Most Damage Dealt in Single Hit for the Post Game Screen Bloodseek by Bloodseek 0 1,072
Smartcast locking aristalis by aristalis 0 1,165
Ping Spammers ATwiz by DelghettoBlades 3 3,219
Suggestion for wards Senomaru by Senomaru 0 1,273
Spectator Mode All Chat Obstructed HydreigonDraco by In2TheRainBubbzz 1 2,491
Flawed Ranked system MethNote by Wolves 5 4,889
Implementing the idea for Vote to Dodge Champion Selection. NoobyLyfe by NoobyLyfe 6 3,629
Missing the gp10 stat in the character info? UnholyNobunaga by UnholyNobunaga 0 1,509
Custom default item slot for new items Anoni K by Anoni K 0 1,498
Request: Camera Controls IdiotChairDog by Scytus 7 5,291
@Riot The New "Away Status" Interface Aserus Nai by Aserus Nai 0 1,497
Show Stats at Game Overview Reveri3 by Reveri3 0 1,519
[Suggestion] Target Prioritizing Meserion by Meserion 1 1,756
SUGGESTIONS: New Pings, Dealing With Negativity and Lane Calling. Gyrodat by FatYee 2 2,194
Lock in button Beluga Tortuga by Beluga Tortuga 0 1,483
Please Add Experience Bars to Champion Portraits in Spectator Mode Mainframe by Mainframe 0 1,562
Riot doesn't care anymore .. they grown too big? Supranatural by lordofkoolaid 1 1,732
Dragon, baron and buff timers Tryonic by Hyrum Graff 1 2,156
Movable mini-map, skills bar etc Monnika by Monnika 0 1,695
Suggestion: Ping Check before Game Umair by Lord Vetinari 2 3,906
Team vs Troll EmeralSoul by Fargo79 4 3,764
Please for the love of christ move the restore defaults button Just Awkward by Just Awkward 0 1,729