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Chat Box! DemiDivine by TGekko 1 2,469
Why can't Team builder groups join each other. Eponymous by TGekko 1 2,120
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Report when dodge Simferoce by ShaDoWAsunder 1 1,736
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overlapping health bars Eggtart Prince85 by Eggtart Prince85 3 4,041
Stealth shading DeliciousVimp by House AD 8 9,398
Left Click Attack Move Pigv0mit by Pigv0mit 0 1,485
No more ignore button = less accidental muting, more accidental friend requests SkyMuffin by SkyMuffin 0 1,542
a way to rearrange rune pages and mysteries would be nice Labatman by Labatman 0 1,498
Update Launcher Troll Mstr by Troll Mstr 0 1,510
Modifier Key for Allied Clicks slifty by slifty 0 1,576
Health Bar Sizes/Toggle *click me?* Korvu by Korvu 2 1,852
Toggle Team Builder music. TheHat27 by TheHat27 0 1,536
Changing Mastery / Rune Page Order slifty by slifty 0 1,553
ELO Hell !!!! Myth or Fact? superhooper by bononoz1 8 2,829
Twitch`s shopping UI in ARAM TheDoctorFinder by TheDoctorFinder 0 1,716
In-Game Skins and Ward Choice Poiseidon by Poiseidon 0 1,693
How do I turn off the language filter? House AD by House AD 0 1,731
Host an AI developers tournament Cyberthropy by Cyberthropy 0 1,643
Spectator mode Reklats by Reklats 0 1,662
My suggestion for easier locked camera experience...any support? Augie CCLVI by Smizy 1 2,602
Let summoners change summoner spell slots mid-game Liquid Clockwork by Liquid Clockwork 2 3,213
post game aka load in screen team chat Zudamour by Zudamour 0 1,624
Insane whole team lag spikes JoniBeardz by JoniBeardz 2 1,662
AFKs in ranked Butoh by SniperGG 2 2,913
@ Reds - Why isn't this a thing? BrainDiver by SniperGG 2 3,029
How do I turn off "aggro display" The Ought by The Ought 0 1,675
Suggestions EradicatorClaw6 by SachVeritas 1 1,778
Dragonslayer Braum Spash Art - Riot Pls Fix Sackbut97 by Sackbut97 0 1,570
@Riot Notifications at Login Screen Buboniic by Buboniic 0 1,474
Specifying Pop-Up Duration MonkeeC by Lightschampion 1 2,134
Custom games iRetribution by Sly Effective 1 1,420
allow reports before game DrunkenDragon42 by DrunkenDragon42 0 1,462
Teammate Ult Indicator Improvement Masalar by Masalar 0 1,494
In response to the CV timers being taken down Zhirpcip by Killrpooh 4 1,868
Please add a force reconnect button airmate by airmate 0 1,356
In-Game Team Side Icons... TGekko by TGekko 0 1,412
Cast on/at mouse cursor Eggtart Prince85 by Chiliad Nodi 2 1,617
[Suggestion] Custom Timers in Chat Console Chiliad Nodi by Chiliad Nodi 0 1,369
Post game stats concern. RandomTShirt by Sly Effective 2 2,232
HP/Mana/Rage/Energy etc. NUMERICAL Values on Hovering Name Plates RypeDub by Sly Effective 3 2,965
Pricing maths xterZ by Sly Effective 1 1,499
[Suggestion] Dont close chatbox when nexus blows up.   ( 1 2) Hedgepig by Sly Effective 15 3,005
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Feature Request: Honor/Report players I recently played with Camphene by Sly Effective 1 1,766
Proposition to some improvements. Eggtart Prince85 by Eggtart Prince85 0 1,152
Independant-of-application Curse. SaintConnolly by SaintConnolly 0 1,289