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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Fast terrain wanted TopFat TopFat 0 692
Please add back the option of Fast Terrain Athundras Athundras 0 466
Hexdrinker shield in spectator mode Arthandir Arthandir 0 545
Add this hud feature KSTEEL KSTEEL 0 429
HUD Problems  ( 1 2 ) batman3789 Deadlynitro 14 1629
It Looks Awful Hi Im Greg Meshly 1 471
Why the hell do I need to strain my eyes to see anything. WelcomeToTarget WelcomeToTarget 0 400
Riot, pls send me a microscope... Roy1980 tlokzz 3 500
new hud scaling Ozmega steNchdot 1 402
Left Click Not Work Ashuras Ashuras 0 433
Champion Icons? FeIron54 Bicko 1 590
Champions Slain Is Too Small (Right Hand Side) br00ksy br00ksy 0 377
Hud problem and blurry text. AbsoIuteZero AbsoIuteZero 0 539
Feedback on new game look iFiraga Reign of HavoK 5 428
Screen resolution/"You have left the game" Haunted Chef NewbieMasta 1 754
Minimap scale Derpfrid MeetMyKnife 3 640
Reorder items in shop Anrita Manouso 3 1210
A new solution to AFK random selects Tierless KnightMetal 2 622
An option to increase gold text size? SuperNoobDave AbbySmaLL 6 4582
**The REAL reason riot needs to change purple's camera angle:  ( 1 2 3 ) Wafer Lanolaven 21 3996
Request to see all chat after matches Tronic DM Lee 1 468
[Suggestion] Damage Taken Lifetime Totals ATDestroy ATDestroy 0 421
Suggestion: about spectator mode SeiKanHiKou SeiKanHiKou 0 333
minions on minimap you BAD bruh Pandora531 1 473
[Suggestion] Custom In-Game Item Build Pages Rygol iPittyDaFoo131 3 1226
Summoner spells + respawn times belong in HUD MTaur MTaur 0 548
@boourns camera rotation? tash456 tash456 4 637
Spectator Player Lock Suggestion DaMystic Tuna DaMystic Tuna 0 620
Character Portrait Question Insane Rush Åzure 1 811
Please let me click what I click again. Kalafai Chlose 1 628
Need to show who is pinging... HopeIdunLose Rygol 1 759
Fixing The Leaver Issue 420jon420 420jon420 5 954
Option to Get extra info Written Across Skills during Disables Orbital Nuke Orbital Nuke 0 598
Improvement to SmartCast Migrañaboy Chlose 1 777
Ally Portrait/Info Improvement JJJNigel JJJNigel 0 672
glitch yankmybeef yankmybeef 0 665
Summoner name toggling imfaux Åzure 3 2694
Attack Only Champion Move Awdsone Åzure 3 4205
Strongly recommend to add the "Pause" function Saudi Wong Aurionin 3 1284
I would love more control over the opacity of the UI. ZG Million ZG Million 0 714
Double left click to center view on click AlethiaArete NinjaChopsticks 1 872
Camera and In game interface suggestions Tynstert Anduthrandir 1 809
champion tools tips, buffs, debuffs, dots, and hots Yoshiro Yoshiro 0 766
TF and Nocturne Ults - cast range indicator AngryPanda19 tomtomx2 3 1531
Any chance that the in-game face portraits could be changed to reflect skins? Mr Popo Åzure 1 1278
Janna's Q Range Indicator Princequus Princequus 0 899
Update the look of the in game HUD Omen Omen 9
Riot Post
Just a small sugestion Blacklorathal Blacklorathal 0 755
Fair fieldview = Fair play Silent Sonnet RainsfordII 5 1060
I want to share ip for skin Pezadiya Pezadiya 5 1574