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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Need a faster way to use item actives Isitonbabies Desturiem 3 1284
[Suggestion] Dragon kill indicator Scuzzer Desturiem 2 466
[SUGGESTION] Allow Voice Chat Enable Please  ( 1 2 ) waferjuice Desturiem 13 2612
maybe not a hud thing but it affects me. Ðucktales Ðucktales 0 346
@Riot: Implementing Tournament Pause in Custom Games Rahul the Waffle Rahul the Waffle 0 566
[SUGGESTION] Multi-kill timers DJ Koopa DJ Koopa 2 510
Gold per 5 catalyst1c Zielmann 1 430
Minimap is way too big Hueymcduck Zielmann 1 597
@boourns Some Customization Ideas. aslpls aslpls 1 1143
Rearranging your inventory in the new patch Ab Aeterno DJ Koopa 8 1389
Game is played at a new angle? Lebron Games SeanTheKiwi 6 909
HUD keeps blinking in and out warmasher TheXterminator 4 854
Implementing a camera change option 3xkrazy 3xkrazy 0 399
Minimap: Jungle Tooltips Suggestion IIRozenII Cry1 1 587
Enemy Side Icons Cry1 Cry1 0 518
Individual HuD Scale Slider Suck Mode forcemblem 1 823
Death Recap Scaling with HUD forcemblem forcemblem 0 430
flip camera Tnecniiv Icy York 1 727
[SUGGESTION] Faded Champion icons at last known location on minimap Fazdogg Fazdogg 0 429
Need HUD Help! Keegsy JJJNigel 2 728
Remove excess green bars from team portraits MasterEvilAce JJJNigel 3 636
Dragging Items Chlose Chlose 0 354
Modify HUD art? SeanTheKiwi SeanTheKiwi 8 5791
Riot please fix the minimap or offer scaling Zimbardo Cryxx 3 1170
Search option in shop jabitt waferjuice 1 361
Fast terrain... Chronic69 Zielmann 1 925
Everything is worse than ever. MEOW FEAR ME Zielmann 1 596
Gj Riot Elderpriest LolnItUp 2 675
Favorite Shop Items Kage Kara Shi Bsboy88 2 557
[Suggestion] Right click THROUGH the HUD MacGravel Seth the Bum 5 1405
Purple or Blue Side occurrence rate Jamaree Jamaree 0 457
New Video Settings Mastrificus Riyadh 1 973
@RIOT Customizable HUD (Patch???) KevinDelMarr Perb 1 612
Darius patch HUD problems Shuggles KevinDelMarr 1 657
The new UI Thurskroa Neutral Summoner 2 819
HUD scaling in Darius patch NoIntestines Hamm3rhand 6 975
New Buff Icon Glitches Åzure Åzure 0 773
Lobby Interface Changes Wishlist World of Warwick spadetheace 1 518
Blurry Text  ( 1 2 ) dawmail333 datHOMIE 11 1531
HUD is so bad now Rycko Rads 1 783
Problem with the new HUD update ParadoxEffect WisWis 1 595
Option to make Mini map smaller QuickAcee QuickAcee 0 743
New HUD TCWA Tigerbite TCWA Tigerbite 0 618
Build List - The ability to put something other than recommend up. kingdavid337 kingdavid337 4 1212
HUD very bad on eyefinity setup, here are some of the things i noticed + 1 suggestion  ( 1 2 ) Minutemade kunatchi 12
Riot Post
[Suggestion] option of Opting out of map clicking Schaminater Kedros 1 911
Amount of damage done by players visible in game Looga slight Kedros 1 902
Interface and Quality of Life Suggestions Void2258 Kedros 2 1318
Fast Terrain... I NEED IT! LadyAzalea LadyAzalea 9 830
My Ideas/suggestions for the GUI chaosxspirit chaosxspirit 0 496