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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
The Lower HUD Complaint Kultunas Seethman 4 740
returning to full screen mode SinisterPyro141 SinisterPyro141 0 385
got this problem after the new patch Leilaa Chlose 1 433
Expand Mini-Map Options Cyrus Halcyon Cyrus Halcyon 0 1046
@Riot Rune changes during Champion Select NightWolf1452346 Solo Vex 1 728
Death recap scaling ChaosPL ChaosPL 0 593
People Who Play Locked View (must read) declinesmerf ChaosPL 6 1486
Quick question regarding DoT's. LamestOne LamboDiabloSVTT 3 524
PvP.net Client Suggestion PenguinChan PenguinChan 0 2871
Health Bar Opacity Slider/ Health bar color change KaiSong KaiSong 0 1082
Suddenly, blurry HUD Aurionin Aurionin 1 617
Help moving UI components around (not actually modifying, just moving them) r0achthelooter r0achthelooter 0 607
Whispering In Game Belaire SeanTheKiwi 1 744
[Low Level] Game keyboard hogging I Play Tiny I Play Tiny 0 777
Mute/Ignore/Avoid option. dragonyte270 Moelon 2 1953
Team Gold in the HUD CameronCrazy616 CameronCrazy616 0 476
Choose role / Mia ping Shenji06 Shenji06 4 622
Auto-message after someone leaves Champion Select DeathWish457 Brianw63 6 2500
[Suggestion] Aura buy menu ammayhem ammayhem 0 524
@boourns: some suggestions for the camera issue LamboDiabloSVTT LamboDiabloSVTT 0 478
Visual indicator of armor reduction Callahan Callahan 0 491
Character Damage Display MiniReaper MiniReaper 0 509
On screen Voice Chat Digressed saber91101 3 1027
Small but needed change! xxtank3rxx xxtank3rxx 2 537
PVP.net Client Size Kendama Kendama 0 722
@ boourns Key binding issues theguyuknow Nihilo0 9
Riot Post
[suggestion] smartcast range indicator 1525 1525 2 1419
Tab Scoreboard Easily Lost ViewingParrot Nihilo0 6 12453
The Tab key has stopped bringing up the scoreboard. Nihilo0 Nihilo0 0 806
enemy targeting Milk├┐ CupcakeTrap 1 932
[SUGGESTION] for the HUD Desturiem Desturiem 2 645
Item Store Glitches [WINE: Low Priority] MageSoulKnife MageSoulKnife 0 791
Consumable item slots Lazearian Lazearian 0 573
Stalking More People Chlose Chlose 0 427
Something that sort of bothers me about the Death Recap screen akumawings Soplin 2 576
Flickering HUD Eternalnami Eternalnami 0 759
Binding normal casting to shift+qwer Tokiopopski Seethman 1 564
Details About the LIVE Tourney REVEALED Signup Here!!! TheWhitestGhost TheWhitestGhost 0 433
About : Romanian Language and Skins Citaku Citaku 0 630
[suggestion] Nexus Defense Crownz McFatz 1 541
[Suggestion] New kind of STORE luospanda luospanda 0 430
Two things RIOT developers: Reynmaker Reynmaker 0 403
Multiple HUD Scaling Options (rather than one) iKayEssBro iKayEssBro 0 620
Dev Idea :2 or 1 Extra Slots For Wards/Potion/Elixers Nuetrist SeanTheKiwi 1 410
[Suggestion] Latency/ping display At Champion Select Barasuishoo Barasuishoo 2 719
Great Idea for Lock Camera players declinesmerf iLiveAgain 3 755
flickering hud at start of game Junzo iLiveAgain 2 560
[Suggestion] Request Additional Time at Champ Selection Kenbo Calrissian Kenbo Calrissian 2 604
[SUGGESTION] Target Selection Desturiem Desturiem 0 433
A lot harder to move items around with the new HUD... PoDragonSlayer SynRG TheKMAP 2 790