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slight problem while typing to friends in game DontEatPaper by DontEatPaper 1 489
Suggestion regarding surrenders SgtMcMuffin by FrostFyr 2 380
[Bug] Gragas Passive ability icon replaced with last CC/buff/debuff Merluza00 by FrostFyr 1 360
My Photoshop of what the UI for this game should look like   ( 1 2) r0achthelooter by Reconsul 13 1,597
Clicking on dead ally champion does not show items/stats TheEdgyOnex by Kiddalee 1 686
Moving your screen by pushing mouse wheel and scrolling removed chinomunk by chinomunk 0 654
[Please Consider] In-Game Store Navigation Hotkeys   ( 1 2) gnatnath98 by gnatnath98 11 1,150
New splash art makes TF very hard to see on minimap. Eggroll9000 by Eggroll9000 0 610
Ping Display Eahkob by PeRFeCt SHoT13 4 36,198
Camera angle MurryLaMoose by Veehmot 1 399
[Request] Better AFK Detection ne44to by Veehmot 1 329
Option to Flip HUD with example pics (yes, i guess another post) Sponge0987 by Sponge0987 0 506
New Game Mode: Mentor Mode itsKarma by KatuXiK 5 2,104
Make AoE abilities make the area that is being effected ZaP616 by gnatnath98 1 467
Taunting/joking/laughing while moving should not stop you Callahan by gnatnath98 6 2,172
Utility Tree in shop Mango027 by gnatnath98 8 1,176
Custom Reccomended Items Jokerwolf by Kemherar 5 950
Optional smaller overhead healthbars Cizjut by Cizjut 0 436
Surrender Screen Too OP spurzey by Neon Kitty 6 1,370
item shop suggestion TheSkyMan13871 by Pikahiiri 2 302
Opaque Hud Suggestion FOXTROTx71 by Lajinn5 4 428
Suggestion on Smartcast Grimbatul by Danish Vikingz 4 713
Hit escape, but don't close windows Night Mayor by Night Mayor 0 303
Chat 5349U11 by 5349U11 0 210
Ranked 3v3 Bug? HowdyMcGee by HowdyMcGee 0 257
Dealing with disconnects/AFK Faiz Ali by Grimbatul 1 286
Modify Ignore Options Yumakami by Yumakami 0 209
UI Obstructs Move Orders Strill by Strill 0 223
Best way to get rid of smurfs & to keep high level players interested draqxqard by ┼zure 4 595
Shop Idea MishyInWhite by ChillE 5 419
Remove afk's before normal games are created bigkmartt by kronvict 2 736
where is my xp boost 7 days... Yukito Nagato by Verandure 1 395
In-Game HUD options Discpled by RauchSS 4 1,266
Remake games MishyInWhite by MishyInWhite 2 322
Feedback for Riot Programmers AlexDnD by AlexDnD 0 287
Riot trolling us? ConQuerr by Aurionin 8 638
Blurry Text in-game KevinDelMarr by StarBubbles 3 412
Suggestion for a better game Shadowoftshadows by ┼zure 6 995
Idea for Summoner spells Zuil by KevinDelMarr 1 329
New item lineup top sexylisa by sexylisa 0 273
Dual Monitor Cursor Lock Problem M2tM by Lethal R2D2 1 1,094
Filter/Overlay while un-dead? 3mptylord by 3mptylord 0 300
Pop up map display in LoL update MetalCataclysm by MetalCataclysm 0 345
Champion Portal overlap Hellblaue by Hellblaue 0 302
Suggestion: Dragon/Baron count jupiterblade by jupiterblade 0 343
Minor Suggestion to Clarify Objectives Karter Wid a K by Karter Wid a K 0 378
Spectator-Mode Friend Requests ┼zure by ┼zure 0 425
I need secret langdd by langdd 0 425
Left edge of screen still blurry StarBubbles by StarBubbles 0 397
Dodge is still a stat on extended stats Desastrado by Desastrado 0 431