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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
I wouldn't mind an option to select a view of playing on a ROTATED Summoner's Rift Ma Habimaru Habimaru 0 500
CDR timer on teammates bradles iPenisland 1 520
In-game recommended builds.  ( 1 2 ) TheBalv Matake 10 1694
Personalized health bar color for oneself's champion. Nugre bradles 2 1013
Team notification for Dragon/Baron Kill North Kozar bradles 6 2202
Arena Mode Lakot SolidSp33d 2 685
Cannot see floating text/combat text 1D94PhPh 1D94PhPh 0 1002
Centered Minimap Trollegend xBiscuit 1 529
Shop Item List - Shortcut Items- Arwen Undomiel Arwen Undomiel 3 1271
Make minimap icons for champion skins Trausko Trausko 1 622
MIA ping? Ownedº Lord El Wilio 2 555
Champion Gold Value Hellblaue insanemuffin 1 1183
Just a suggestion Qu1ckSlver Qu1ckSlver 0 466
Please read this people [AFK Fixing] Zuil Cr0ssF4d3d 2 626
Installing custom LoL launcher/Custom macro's for MIA Zarocian Zarocian 0 918
RP Purchasable Announcers - Riot pls KingMoonfish KingMoonfish 0 653
In Game Build Guide JohnnyBGoode427 Åzure 1 2564
We want more mastery page healthytofu Åzure 2 609
shop-improvement THE REAL LUMPYY Åzure 3 778
My idea for ults. Zuil tryLIFIK 2 646
The Description Lecrayen Lecrayen 0 531
Have the champion selection screen locations been altered? Dinictus Dinictus 0 735
Setting status to away should stop invite notifications. Arimil Arimil 0 604
Official ARAB map! Callahan Callahan 0 568
Favorite Item list. Cyteq Oefig 3 1059
In-Game Hub -- Smart Casting & ZOOM issues! BloodyMurderer Warrrrax 3 1293
soundtrack selector and player PhD Christmas PhD Christmas 0 549
As long as the ghost minion bug exists, remove the 5 second wait when leaving ga Callahan Mango027 1 695
Featured Games request - show game type. Warrrrax Warrrrax 0 558
Ui bugs zern Blank1268 6 1338
Rune page suggestion Soupremme Soupremme 0 552
attack and defend map, and no respawn? Reconsul Reconsul 0 562
Dafuq? Kuranto Seth the Bum 1 535
Middle Click Scrolling Chlose Seth the Bum 3 757
[Suggestion] Option to show cooldown timers of teammates skills on HUD Venova bradles 6 2247
Came Back to Game after Being Gone for a Few Months. New UI made me leave again... l Al Borland l bradles 1 680
Come check out my stream!!!!! Doing giveaways and everything!!!! Smklol Smklol 0 531
Boots of mobility Icon BONEDARKNESS RsnPanda125 2 782
Button Issues themaddscientist Wasusa 1 599
Setting personal "recommended items" ª ÇhøþŠtÏ?k Lance Volcanix 3 825
Missing two of my friends catagories suddently JudoPunch JudoPunch 0 508
Leveling up skills SoLunAether SoLunAether 2 997
Custom Game Description Shaann Shaann 0 549
Mini-map changes size by its self Whytesilver Whytesilver 0 561
[Bug] Recently Played displaying summoners I haven't played with RyuuMasken RyuuMasken 0 557
Disconnected NvFear NvFear 0 724
League freezes Koreh Koreh 0 755
In-Game Chat Unavaible!!?? o.O H3llBag H3llBag 0 577
In-game font size Matyi Matyi 0 1232
Wide Screen Gaming Bug. Erishkegal boourns 2
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