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Dafuq? Kuranto by Seth the Bum 1 524
Middle Click Scrolling Chlose by Seth the Bum 3 718
[Suggestion] Option to show cooldown timers of teammates skills on HUD Venova by bradles 6 2,170
Came Back to Game after Being Gone for a Few Months. New UI made me leave again... l Al Borland l by bradles 1 669
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League freezes Koreh by Koreh 0 742
In-Game Chat Unavaible!!?? o.O H3llBag by H3llBag 0 562
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Wide Screen Gaming Bug. Erishkegal by boourns 2 Riot Post 1,429
Minimap BUG Martinzithox by boourns 1 Riot Post 1,498
[Game][Tooltip][Minor]Gragas Passive Tooltip bug. Heshin by Heshin 0 622
Lost the KDA/Ping/Time HUD Alternoob by Alternoob 0 658
The most awesome bug that needs to be a feature Cizjut by Cizjut 7 1,057
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new smartcast modifier 4llu by Kalafai 2 1,034
Could we Auto Kick AFK players in champion select   ( 1 2) Sir Gabesalot by boourns 15 Riot Post 5,368
Queue Dodge Team support MechaChao by Wasusa 2 674
[Suggestion] Make announcements less opaque Aaryn by Aaryn 0 557
Why was the monster icons changed? ImpTaimer by pandaleon 2 807
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The surrender vote box is WAY TOO LARGE EatUExcreteU by John ThePro 4 902
Camera Inversion/Flip i wish to feed u by i wish to feed u 6 1,691
Spectator Mode - Minion Kills Dramallama by Dramallama 0 540
Icons in game match skins? Bernkastell by Lord Seacow 1 731
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