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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Ping Display in Game Client ShadowAzlar Andarel 1 1201
LoL's Mouse Cursor. Temporized Temporized 0 980
View friends list in game Hifto Hifto 4 5716
HUD SKINS!!! [Important] Mkaa00x Mkaa00x 0 1423
<Skin>Champion's Skins should show in in-game HUD Wuloric Lord of Sweat 4 950
connection ping tester for lol client.. Ledre Ledre 4 5634
Turn off name of Summoners 1GG 1GG 1 515
Recommended Items/Custom Build macdr a13ph 1 813
Champion Selection Improvements. Naveronasis a13ph 1 1048
Custom Item Builds for Each Champion (Idea) Gautham523 LumiSquirrel 1 626
Movable HUD Elements Kavrae Chinoman10 5
Riot Post
Leavers in ranked: Compensation & Punishment Falxhor bradles 4 931
More bundles please External CrossOvver 3 576
Blue or Purple!! :)  ( 1 2 3 ) Mr Grim166 GuTanith 21 10107
A Baron and dragon would be good Pr0K1II3r Pr0K1II3r 0 513
Matchmaking queue? NovaRox NovaRox 0 511
Selling items and key bindings. Uncle Sueño Seethman 3 741
Change to the way the attack speed changes are displayed. ZaP616 Fanaticmogg 1 521
Team Chat during Loading Karisuno kenste69 1 616
Elo Range Sistér Sistér 1 478
Gradual Screen Scroll Kahlnen big raging mama 2 737
Leaving Games-- Penalty too weak.. waferjuice kenste69 7 2553
Ranked Queue Dodge Times kenste69 kenste69 0 528
Can we have customizable HUDs please? Xhaiken fendermonkey 3 1133
Queue Matching: Some Summoners Are Just Terrible People Angry Drunk Guy hiero 1 864
Item Active Ability hotkey toolbar? RedspadesXIII Vince Ricci 3 831
Anyone else here get there HUD messed up in the last patch? Meshly Meshly 0 536
GTX 590 problems KhanGhengis kelsar56 9
Riot Post
Show Ping & FPS Setting Carry Over From Game To Game krispo krispo 0 1144
Wards beyondthefray117 Ålphabet 1 480
I still have a blurry HUD Numerals xtrati 2 751
UI addons Aletex13 Aletex13 0 583
the switch TheJumpySnyper A DOLPHin power 3 561
Resizing in game store Thiney Thiney 0 488
In Game Chat Covers Scoreboard naotasan naotasan 2
Riot Post
Smart cast Toggling itself on/off Corruption44 Corruption44 0 457
Coaching system Kirisame312 Fanaticmogg 8 664
Suggestion: "Looking For Game" Status CTG SgtScoots CTG SgtScoots 0 407
Make bots use the brush Deus Fatorum Deus Fatorum 0 447
Camera Zoom GetzJiggy GetzJiggy 0 450
Quick Access Call-outs Sirax LumiSquirrel 1 549
In game cursor color change is desperately needed! Kholdheart LumiSquirrel 1 814
Free champion skin select Gdaddypurps LumiSquirrel 4 1504
skins should come with their own unique champion thumbnail lobstersteak Darkwolfy511 7 1326
Right Click Ignore on Recently Played Polloløcø Polloløcø 0 416
Champion Stat Suggestion Aurkanthis abchiptop 1 470
Recommended ability's in game shop Gdaddypurps Cloudstorms 1 676
Changing the size of individual HUD parts? UltimatePhoenix7 UltimatePhoenix7 0 584
Customize-able Size HUD? Chewn UltimatePhoenix7 1 981
[Bug] stretched UI Crystal Nexus Daemous 1 564