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Death Recap not displaying some damage. Alazak by betatrash 1 839
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Add % of perfect CS and Blue/Red Timers BelligerentGnu by ┼zure 1 620
Dropping consumables onto other champs. bigusa by bigusa 6 997
No spectator delay for custom games? BbQ Ch1ck3n by Darkăide 5 4,255
Ban Changes in Draft 3mptylord by 3mptylord 2 594
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Skill Level-Up Indicator UvulaBob by Pissfer 2 1,246
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Re-model of Surrender Vote The Turt by Pissfer 4 742
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tab should be top most window Qutse by Qutse 0 573
Sorting champ select by role Aitheon by ┼zure 1 793
Champion Select Xensai by Xensai 2 832
Questions about hud directed to Riot TheBziur by TheBziur 1 608
Color Blind Cho'Gath KARUSthelegend by Warrikon 8 Riot Post 1,701
Pre-Game Kick Button Option Rewniewr by Arm8thendae 1 644
New TF and Talon EGOtyst by EGOtyst 0 544
Dragon/Baron timers for spectator mode starlion92 by starlion92 0 659
@Riot: new HUD idea to increase teamwork and good attitudes in-game lockrider by lockrider 2 664
special badge when player was honored by yourself Shaz Ivanhoe by Shaz Ivanhoe 0 559
change for custom game QWASER LORD by QWASER LORD 0 456
Bagdes Eunson by TheBziur 4 606
Idea: Change champion square to current skin used MacGravel by MacGravel 3 1,274
My Resolution will not change! inferno10085 by TheBziur 1 509
Customizable Item Builds in shop Shakuu by Fenglorian 4 749
Implementing a VGS function to LoL   ( 1 2 3 ... 6) QraQers by Ma Renka 51 Riot Post 6,787
Set your own "recommended" items   ( 1 2) Bocab by Qsario 10 3,873
Custom; Categorize Champions. Tengauge12 by Mufascar 1 714
Separate Death HUD Size Unf0r5ak3n by Footyballs 2 1,455
Colorblind mode upgrade Dr Obrdy Jones by Dr Obrdy Jones 8 Riot Post 1,794
The in-game Item Shop needs an update, and this is it! [Interactive Demo + Hotkeys] Polixo by LetsHaveADraw 7 1,051
Maximize Rune Page Limit. Tengauge12 by Tengauge12 0 873
@Riot "New Suggested Items Page" Lousinator by Thulgen 7 1,034
@Riot im begging to make this change mogar42 by Baguvix 4 565
Suggestion: Color-coded retreat pings in spectator mode CBlazer by CBlazer 0 518
Editing the health bar's drain color? Yakkers by Yakkers 0 583
Chat Window Suggestion KaosReigns by KaosReigns 0 467
Fog of War in spectator Tarsmi by Tarsmi 0 491
Suggestion: Custom Keybinding by Champions Hyrkali by Qsario 3 1,172
[Bug] [Minor] Old splash art appearing on death AdamNW by AdamNW 0 445
[Idea]Passive Range Indicators: Randompaserby by Randompaserby 0 872
Honorable Opponent HUD. Tengauge12 by Tengauge12 9 1,740
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Riot: We need new forums. NOT debetable. Basnap by Grim Reaper 4 581