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Colorblind mode upgrade Dr Obrdy Jones by Dr Obrdy Jones 8 Riot Post 1,661
The in-game Item Shop needs an update, and this is it! [Interactive Demo + Hotkeys] Polixo by LetsHaveADraw 7 999
Maximize Rune Page Limit. Tengauge12 by Tengauge12 0 853
@Riot "New Suggested Items Page" Lousinator by Thulgen 7 1,016
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Suggestion: Color-coded retreat pings in spectator mode CBlazer by CBlazer 0 503
Editing the health bar's drain color? Yakkers by Yakkers 0 564
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Fog of War in spectator Tarsmi by Tarsmi 0 470
Suggestion: Custom Keybinding by Champions Hyrkali by Qsario 3 1,073
[Bug] [Minor] Old splash art appearing on death AdamNW by AdamNW 0 428
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Honorable Opponent HUD. Tengauge12 by Tengauge12 9 1,710
How to make this game easier for new coming players dustyspells by Raynoc 2 583
Passive Range/Radius Benterder by Basnap 1 554
Spectator HUD vs In-Game HUD Raynoc by Raynoc 0 601
Way to Organize Champs During Champ Select Kristaphonie by Kristaphonie 3 629
Can we change the attack speed display on the HUD? 3mptylord by Sereg Anfaug 1 347
Riot: We need new forums. NOT debetable. Basnap by Grim Reaper 4 553
UI Suggestion: Pings and Champion Icons Eat Orange Be K by Qsario 1 371
Painless way to fix a lot of the purple side rage. jloysnenph by theonlydefence 5 1,218
Change the Tooltips MrBronson by MrBronson 0 346
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Map Scroll riotss Jinxyou by Jinxyou 2 433
In-Game Shop Keybinds SonOfAthena by TheBziur 5 1,438
No hud Craymac by TheBziur 4 1,286
Any chance we can get opacity controls? DoozleDorf by TheBziur 2 661
Ground indicators for pings. CodeN49 by NeoIcecreaman 2 374
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[Suggestion] Better tracking for killing turrets Grim31 by Grim31 0 343
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Mundo's Passive Masachist by camlum 4 932
Surrender Wakesback by Wakesback 1 483
Skin previews in the store lolTLO by lolTLO 2 781
Fix ranked OndaMark by Sereg Anfaug 1 360
Auto ignore team feature needed. Dawncaster by Sereg Anfaug 1 431
Korean Announcer Sound Files? AznProd by AznProd 0 512
Incease button size/sensitivity for the "X" (close)... DoozleDorf by badcookie 3 480
adding a last replay option Magnatte by Magnatte 0 426
Auto Attack Ruining In Game Quality. SupDudesss by Sereg Anfaug 4 640
My wishlist: an open letter for advances in the league's Design. Daynen by Daynen 0 888
Suggested changes that would help anyone who uses targeted abilities or auto attacks Tyrlkol by Daynen 1 1,286
Get rid of scoreboard and ranked stats Krazula by Dathadorne 1 772
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@ Riot ~Selecting multiple friends.for deletion Knighteverlastin by Ethaneus 1 648