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Options Menu: Please add mousewheel scrolling. Bodain by Bodain 0 182
@Riot: A punishment for DC and compensation for his teammates FolterungMeister by FolterungMeister 0 217
(Suggestion) Add a report button to champion select Beélzebub by Slash7 2 763
(SUGGESTION) include the pregame chat in tribunal reports hope that helps XD BigNoob by Redwaters 1 219
@Riot Small request   ( 1 2) catsinblenders by zomg101 12 Riot Post 2,635
Damage Dealt in score screen isn't useful Orbital Nuke by Orbital Nuke 0 214
[Suggestion] Ward Kill Counter CkretAznMan by Zer0blizzard 1 232
[SUGGESTION] able to gift gold in game captinwizmad by Zer0blizzard 8 1,662
[suggestion] Item queue. Palatard by Palatard 0 247
[Suggestion] -Spectator Mode- Add Oracle Elixer Buff Icon to HUD SirAdolfCritler by SirAdolfCritler 0 458
Moveable Rune/Mastery Pages Ocelot113 by Ocelot113 0 358
Please add a disable for Minimap Movement. Leagallow by Spyder ZT 2 1,253
<IDEA> Give us preference items Lexstrus by Jeanschyso 1 615
[SUGGESTION] Spectating Tournament Player Status, in friends list InsideTheVoid by InsideTheVoid 0 447
In-game clock Omnipherious by deathndisco 3 1,995
[SUGESTION] WARD counter iShivas by iShivas 0 430
[SUGGESTION] Show the range of towers TheOneTrueAustin by Jeanschyso 3 790
~Queue Dodging Solution~ Demrock by Rawr Luke 4 1,842
[Suggestion] spectator mode HUD GuruAlex by GuruAlex 0 644
[Shop Suggestion] Custom Item Slots Dai Tou Zai by Dai Tou Zai 0 543
Build Saves and Surrender counter Felax by SlashTech 4 851
Search bar for the item shop? BluuPanda by Avanesce 5 1,486
Spectate In game character icons and skills LegionofArcana by LegionofArcana 3 748
In game chat disappeared Lucemia by Lucemia 0 676
Chat for Spectating Errylander by Soullesspenny 3 2,162
Multiple Game Issues Found Within In-Game HUD TerrorFlop by Beélzebub 4 1,391
Mastery pages sparticus69 by Private Riem 5 1,103
De-Centering Locked Screens Mortalvis by 7Cyrus7 8 1,713
Teamspeak Integration? Bestrafung by PlezDieForMe 8 2,079
Something I would like to see Biggerthenu by Biggerthenu 2 1,021
Suggestion - Ping lines in minimap Farranor by Stuonner 1 1,150
How should Ranking really be. MaxXx192 by Stuonner 6 1,776
Implement option to ignore all chat Yoonabomber by King Kashue 5 1,854
Left click controls? Key bindings? Spectrie by Qsario 4 2,391
Suggestion: Recommended Items Eternian by Qsario 2 1,522
new HUD bug list and wishes Crystal Nexus by TTTintillo 7 2,105
Advantage with Resolution Vigilance Prime by Vigilance Prime 3 1,311
How do i change the color of the skillshot arrow ? Davox by DatAsianOne 1 1,183
Suggestion: Custom builds in shop XtoepherX by Farranor 1 1,383
Damage done to champions in graph? Rayketh by Farranor 2 1,771
Macros Kuuuro by Kuuuro 0 941
Character selection Suggestion SlaySlay by SlaySlay 0 1,122
[Suggestion] Add %Attack Speed to the Attack Speed Tool-tip rPAHT by rPAHT 0 1,042
Target enemies behind players Alirean by Åzure 2 1,385
Banned Forever Sexual231 by KevinDelMarr 3 2,747
Ignore Button sbLroflwaffle by BigScary 4 2,564
Old HUD? ThePinkBrigadier by ThePinkBrigadier 2 1,022
Minimal HUD Mode Suggestion BigScary by BigScary 0 1,102
Suggestion to further curtail verbal abuse and other chat trolling. BigScary by BigScary 0 902
Floating EXP text oGiant by Rockwell84 1 1,478