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A Small Idea For Riot...Very Simple To 8D inyobutt 8D inyobutt 0 853
Location of player's health bar. EvylMyke Ebertine 1 1347
Directed Camera Positioning Hides Baron Life Total Soliduck Lord Bayliss 1 1510
Update Team Sidebar?  ( 1 2 3 ) Thanatos Noa Kedros 22
Riot Post
In-game Store Grim?ock LuvCup 3 1114
To stop toxic players zxR3TARDxz LuvCup 7 1066
For those visually impaired Azea LuvCup 1 833
Show Gold for Team & Player Grim?ock Lasac 1 784
[PETITION] Champ Recomended Items common source Grim?ock 1 711
A thought out improved draft/ranked pick select (With image) Oneuno1ichi Ch├Čllin 1 1389
Surrender Bar Suggestion OkaMoez OkaMoez 0 709
Self-casting  ( 1 2 ) ExcaIiburn ExcaIiburn 10
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attack move cross how to make it smaller ? BlackBoy911 BlackBoy911 0 724
Smartcast hotkey RhynoD RhynoD 0 1131
Res and Buff changes Numot Numot 0 722
New Idea for The Item Shop Daimante Daimante 0 775
New Shop: Items you can buy aren't always highlighted Zielmann Qsario 1 943
Horizontal Scroll Button in Shop bagofpiss bagofpiss 0 847
Buff and de-buff icons Amazerfulify Amazerfulify 0 770
Larger Test (Gold,Damage etc.) Derbstep Derbstep 0 926
Create our own Build List Per Champ Plantain Nog IElvaI Hyperion 6 1501
[UI BUG] Shopping Menu Refresh Bob Chandler Bob Chandler 2 1214
Is there still a way to change your own character's health bar color? mk DILLY Perb 1 1146
Varus' Q indicator oakwood oakwood 0 946
Open store LOCKS OUT any other ui option Ralfazar Ralfazar 7
Riot Post
Camera Issues With Shop Open WSTN Epok2 4
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Customize Buttons DucksUp Mutware 3 858
Victory/Loss screen stats xtramoney Infirc 1 2050
[Shop UI] Quickly Finding Items The Star of Hope Qsario 3
Riot Post
New hud SuperSayian3Jake SuperSayian3Jake 0 515
Shop Catagories drednaught18 drednaught18 0 522
amumu skin bug Isumaru Isumaru 0 573
Cursor too small, lose track of it in teamfights calsium calsium 0 632
Make the Item list have two columns Rampantwolf Amazerfulify 1 702
little idea TeddyXD TeddyXD 0 433
A Needed Tweak To The New Item Shop Hud Lejendx Lejendx 0 471
Riot i got an idea.. kickinemdown kickinemdown 2 500
Suggestion: Center Screen on Cursor key Zyrxil Zyrxil 0 497
Playback games Coldlucidity Coldlucidity 0 497
New option on queue screen (kick trolls players) renytas renytas 0 505
HUD BUG After Balance Update! RC Endrance DestinyMaster 2
Riot Post
How did glaringly obvious things about the shop/ui get out of internal? Ralfazar Qsario 5 879
URGENT!! Invisible HUD??  ( 1 2 ) RoricX MhmCandii 16
Riot Post
Shop - Search Bar Inconsistent Qsario Qsario 3
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[Shop] Enemy Team's Shop opens Shop Window LittleMountain90 LittleMountain90 0 487
At RIOT, you guys forgot a VERY important lesson with the new store K.I.S.S.  ( 1 2 ) Ralfazar Darmival 12 1448
Chat room! SgtMajorDoobie SgtMajorDoobie 0 422
Solution to "leavers" Frijoles2012 Jegalo 2 751
new UI has made my glancing at info useless Hennath Hennath 0 478
Problem with Scaling Shop and Menu UI Grand Namek Grand Namek 0 465