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Reverse Camera Lock Controls? BrokenStylus by deathlyangel47 1 1,639
Idea For How to Improve the Rune Page Experience UnrealSkilllz by UnrealSkilllz 0 1,504
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Huge Options Menu and Victory/Defeat message Xtreme2252 by Xtreme2252 0 1,603
Timer UI Suggestion Qutse by BrokenStylus 3 1,531
Suggestion: Improving Draft Mode in Casual/Ranked GGMystic by GGMystic 0 1,520
Skins In Game Cursedgamefreak by NinjaToad99 1 2,367
Jungle Timers Removal Echo1scout by CS Is For Scrubs 4 1,506
Requests for UI fixes for a 3 monitor user please InfinitR by InfinitR 1 3,109
Intro Bots Shopping tip ShadowCleave212 by ShadowCleave212 0 1,438
Runes | Masterie Page idea CommanderSweetie by CommanderSweetie 6 2,267
Minions interfere with inventory descriptions Lordnewb by Lordnewb 0 1,334
New HUD feature (for clarity) Geolox by Geolox 0 1,335
turret idea bratt30 by bratt30 0 1,338
Enemy team icons on right side of screen jballant by jballant 0 1,389
Regarding the score screen Elrilok by ParamoreIsABand 1 2,633
"Loss Forgiven" honorable mention idea Keltzon by TheGreatMrKuhn 2 1,692
New Match History The Oney One by WafflesTheEpic 3 2,309
Map rotation The Bonecrush3r by Warlor 9 3,526
Reporting Trolls During Champion Select Tanisll by Keltzon 2 1,809
Disable Pings in Chat Booga97 by Booga97 0 1,729
Need Some serious update consideration GreenknightSea by Barbwired 4 3,872
Giant window fetish House of Defoe by House of Defoe 0 1,798
Confusing question about Overlays! Help PLEASE Slurpeess by Slurpeess 0 1,718
HUD purple side Grinchery by Grinchery 0 1,625
Please fix the AFK penalty!! Pornstar4u by Pornstar4u 0 1,627
How to disable that annoying chat noise Partack by UltimateFlapjack 1 4,045
Pantheon E Tooltip FrozenIndustry by FrozenIndustry 0 1,709
Simple, and effective!! License by License 0 1,718
fIX PURPLE SIDE Eskimoƒo by Eskimoƒo 0 1,717
A few changes that would be greatly appreciated Vtimpaler by Vtimpaler 0 1,680
New Match History BuddyWasTaken by BuddyWasTaken 1 1,709
custom or a hand selected group of fonts that will increase lol gameplay kizzuro tuna by kizzuro tuna 0 1,600
Possible Camera Changes (Just ideas I had) xEzrealAsItGets by xEzrealAsItGets 0 1,438
In Game Indicators Suggestion Pet Succubus by Pet Succubus 0 1,521
You should be able to make your own HUD(elaboration inside!) Arcane Ezreal by Arcane Ezreal 0 1,547
Friendly Suggestions Im with Carry by Seth the Bum 1 2,367
Jarvan Passive Cooldown Indicator Juicijuice by Hxc Deci 5 3,931
Kog Maw HUD Cerberuss72 by Hxc Deci 1 2,219
a major change: adding a timer or removing lock in button. aaargh by Hxc Deci 7 5,411
Jungle Icons BurstDemon by Hxc Deci 2 1,628
Smite tooltip CannibalMoose by Hxc Deci 2 2,028
[SUGGESTION] Revive rework Meserion by SquirtleBeach 2 2,123
Reviewed Games Should Show LP Gains l0l0l0l0l0l0lLOL by l0l0l0l0l0l0lLOL 0 1,440
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Should caitlyn still build BT? HexSketch by HexSketch 0 1,561
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Mouse/Keyboard Movement Draqonic by Draqonic 0 1,667
Do you use item sets? TheHolyDevil by Kirito Asuna11 1 1,920