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I'm not a fan of the item shop interface.   ( 1 2 3) TwistWrist by The Jocker Knows 25 Riot Post 3,260
no option to bind self cast to an item gardenGnostic by Skevoid 1 286
New HUD: Balance Issues and Stickgarens owlmazing by owlmazing 0 226
Add Summoner Spell cooldowns of teammates in game. razzlemaester by razzlemaester 0 254
How do I move parts of the default UI around? indpndnt by indpndnt 0 264
The new HUD IS STUPID Gloom by matmax322 6 447
New UI Should Be An Option Strexx by Strexx 0 204
Black UI option c0untess by c0untess 0 294
Dev response? Anesthetics by Anesthetics 0 206
Easy small improvement to shop HUD. Skevoid by Skevoid 0 466
Privvy the shop changes? TestyCarrot by TestyCarrot 0 256
Please, Change Hud Back to the old one.....This is just as bad as Windows 8... Fembot by Chýllin 1 272
Fix the new shop EternalSummoner by MrClutchPk3r 2 406
Please change the graphics back to what they were! Psionic Pig by MinnyHo 2 271
Recommended Items and Your own customisable Items.   ( 1 2) DrunkPenguin2 by UNSCmagick 11 3,109
No positive feedback? but I like.. i23sonny by Identities 1 217
Came here to complain about the new shop Ornadin by Identities 1 217
game client, store etc suggestions to make them better haidasaint by haidasaint 0 198
Suggestion - item tab/champion builder Meserion by Meserion 1 467
Please add an option to increase the HUD font size. SkyMuffin by Meserion 2 372
The new UI fail. NiL9 by Vanchelot 2 273
Aura and Activable sections on the shop NA Rukhron by NA Rukhron 0 161
Resizing the Shop UI Andyvorld by Andyvorld 0 326
Tier selection on items in shop Deathstickstrike by Deathstickstrike 0 201
Bulky new Hud is creating mouse lag. Akkas by Akkas 0 304
Maximum Size of Mini-map Reduced Mindy Nam by Deathstickstrike 1 358
Why Can't We Select Which HUD To Use? Korzu12 by KillYouGently 9 398
Cannot see passive information anymore Riddler by Riddler 0 181
New Shop is Great! Change the Total Gold Location. DSale by DSale 0 220
Not a fan of the new UI Aplayaz2000 by Omega1337 1 587
The new hud was pointless and will throw off old players x2theone2x by Aplayaz2000 4 497
New Hud, a few simple suggestions. Sephrinx by Sephrinx 3 387
Shop "Buy" button Flying Lollipop by Flying Lollipop 0 233
New UI looks great BUT... the borders are too much. CeeEss by CeeEss 0 178
HUD options Inâ?n?te by Inâ?n?te 0 263
The new shop hud themiracleninja by WizzOnU 4 229
Nothing Good to Say.   ( 1 2) Dundai by WizzOnU 10 375
Old HUD back? Lytth by Lytth 0 138
New HUD Feedback xTc4 by WizzOnU 1 143
New HUD Feedback xTc4 by xTc4 0 101
New hud contrast and colors causing eye spasms. Crewman06 by Anesthetics 4 319
Simpler Skin killbot9000 by killbot9000 0 146
Middle Part Is Bloated Lochemya by Firefly303 4 252
New UI & HUD Laggy, small, not user friendly XinHong by AD Bottom 1 225
Whose idea was it to make the font size so absurdly small? Hraagh by Firefly303 6 401
Change the HUD back! pyrosucks by ImDJPhoenix 4 280
My complaints on the new HUD Thethiefofsouls by WizzOnU 1 128
New HUD needs to be optional l Complexity l by WizzOnU 1 160
For the love of God   ( 1 2) DspartaN868 by Pxny 11 371
Chat is too small! Mag1cPlochp by Aplayaz2000 1 108