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Some Fun Changes Msyxorap by Msyxorap 0 450
Customizable Recommended Items Moridin22 by Qsario 1 442
Typing "Promote" into the shop's search box should bring up Banner of Command Morzas by Ghyrt 1 584
Custom Build Feature Overlord65847 by Overlord65847 0 373
Champion ultimate indicator RCM94 by RCM94 0 437
Can we make the champion level indicators more legible? Callahan by Callahan 0 463
Buy consumables with F1 through F7. Qutse by Qsario 1 559
match history - game length br0ked by br0ked 0 439
Outline or Aura around your champion to make them easier to see scolemann by scolemann 0 456
[Add] Vote for Best Line "+" Feature (own a line, win a medal) DukeR3 by DukeR3 0 449
[Add] The Last time a Player connect in my friendlist. DukeR3 by DukeR3 0 573
In-game Voice chat EricHyunsubLee by DukeR3 1 584
Make Player Icon on Mini Map Same as Worn Skin FathomTheFinest by FathomTheFinest 0 472
Can we have the option to keybind self-cast items? Gotcha Sinx by Gotcha Sinx 0 481
Creat item list befor playing any games. vylexes by fishbeard 1 940
Riot should make a chat translator SuperBrownBoss by SuperBrownBoss 0 496
I think a scrollbar fix-up is long overdue. holyfire001202 by holyfire001202 0 495
Smart Cast options for different champions W8G6 by W8G6 0 939
How can I permanently make the LoL client smaller? RobertCarlos by MssrLouisCyphre 1 871
Camera Unlocked While Holding Spacebar Poats by SLAUGHTERHOUSEqq 1 552
Setting custom item builds in the shop ElDynamite by Poats 5 4,242
Suggestion for zooming, since it's an active topic NinetyNineTails by Poats 1 589
Riot needs to start work on an In Game Team Voice Chat feature!!!! TheTylord by Sum1too 6 958
Customizable UI????? trashadin by PHOkDaSky 1 520
Anyway to check ping before a game? IF NOT ADD A WAY CodeJerry by PHOkDaSky 5 3,484
Summoner icon side notes Damned Warrior by Damned Warrior 0 532
Custom Announcer? Veak by Veak 0 827
Talking to your premade group in-game TheNarvalOfDeath by TheNarvalOfDeath 1 588
Champ select votekick! DoeWinD73 by AWPNATiC 1 555
Suggestion for Competitive Observer Mode Nprime by Nprime 0 471
Increase Minion Healthbar-Size option superbob52 by ErÝMus 1 1,132
Why no "Mute player sound" option? XxXReAlKiLlAh11 by XxXReAlKiLlAh11 0 595
Suggestion: Ui Invert/FoV Invert. Redfoxmagic by AD Bottom 2 874
Option to have HP in number form above a player's head Amarajah by AD Bottom 1 569
Why do we not get the game specifics when loading into a game we're spectating? AD Bottom by AD Bottom 0 588
Character Picture Replaced... (Skins only) Thorazn by Thorazn 0 642
[TEM SHOP COMPLAINT] Double-clicking an item on a build tree doesn't buy that item! Tolinar by Tolinar 0 584
Loading Screen Team Chat Christ my Savior by Christ my Savior 0 647
Asian Character Sets / Non-English Text Hashiba Kazuo by Hashiba Kazuo 0 851
Make Shop Recommended more user-friendly ongelvin by ongelvin 0 672
surrender option size and timing 5hitBag0potomus by 5hitBag0potomus 0 662
Is it possible to know who has buffs through the UI in spectator mode? Iglie by Iglie 0 559
Why is chat filter always enabled for Spectator ? Wendek by Wendek 0 785
In Game voice chat? TooNinja4you by TheTylord 2 651
More mouse icons please! Remikai by Chýllin 2 817
Suggestion regarding Pickpocket mastery Vv SaintFatal vV by Vv SaintFatal vV 0 577
Player role Preferences: Knowing Who Plays What Role krnho by Angziety 4 1,025
Re-size Shop Option? Kaproww by Kaproww 0 665
[Suggestion] Aesthetic idea about the avatar in the HUD Jackilla by Jackilla 0 582
QoL smal change for item shop (picture) migty1joe by Thalandor46 5 Riot Post 1,402