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To Riot, Smart Pings are the best implifications in a long time. Great Job. OdiIon by Sereg Anfaug 4 842
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Camera angles Energy Source by Plato83 2 1,081
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Has Riot ever posted that they would consider a UI swap? Plato83 by Plato83 8 2,529
Can you shift the locked camera's center? Nomwich by Plato83 2 719
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Locked Camera Mode   ( 1 2) Ajson616 by Plato83 13 3,399
hud positioning tsukiko313 by Plato83 4 1,324
I know this is a common complaint, but can the purple team's camera get touched up? Mynx The Origin by Plato83 1 669
Locked Camera - Customizable HUD M?cah by Plato83 5 594
Add Volume ctrl to Smart ping Mincemeister by Mincemeister 0 202
@Xelnath Can we revert this Graphical Shop change? xXCrazyBarksXx by xXCrazyBarksXx 1 382
How to fix pick order in ranked thank me later HowToDunk by GrimFate56 7 556
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Shoutout to Xelnath and his team Entrox Licher by Entrox Licher 0 280
In game friend hub x3ph by x3ph 0 290
Can we get a "Legacy Ping" option? JFerrier64 by BirYarrakYala 3 309
Alternate Control Devices Fonrus by Fonrus 0 294
Spectator: Removal of game clock Jarzelia by Jarzelia 2 285
Editing border for S2 visible on the main page Pulse Dršven by Pulse Dršven 0 262
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CC Visual as displayed in Quinn's Spotlight TŠl by Mapache McFly 2 585
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In shop, Liandry's Torment builds backwards. Anrita by Anrita 0 334
@Riot [suggestion] [Spectator] Order of champions S3b1gut by S3b1gut 0 300
cleaning mastery tree option Slash7 by XIS 1 312
One thing I wish Riot would add to LoL WaffleFaces by peachknight89 3 520
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