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Move the minimap to top left corner? TinyFish by Waymer1911 1 871
Minor issue with shop recipes Pnoexz by Waymer1911 1 566
Re Amp the HUD with a new interface? TightPinkBox by TightPinkBox 0 521
Surrender box too big, gets in the way of game play often. freakylegs by JonMcClane 6 1,312
New Skin Countdown Timers PeachMarmalade by PeachMarmalade 0 593
Allow me to adjust the text size in-game Amnesia by Amnesia 0 522
Hey Zilean!!, Question and suggestion about the Camera. Bolraguard by Bolraguard 0 484
Camera modifications Paradrakor by fugzjenkins 2 496
I have no chat in spectator mode. Steven Mcburn by Pnoexz 3 1,485
Report Options Lizdeath by Lizdeath 0 518
Typing in non-Roman characters should be allowed! OrenjiNikku by MarethRavenlocke 3 1,075
Calling out your position. peachknight89 by MesonicAphid 2 1,097
Summoners Rift Coxybaws by Coxybaws 0 427
keybinds shootingfish by shootingfish 0 413
Problems leveling up skills? MesonicAphid by MesonicAphid 0 957
Range Indicators or smart casters BAM SpiceWeasel by DaejinTye 2 615
Score Tab matrinox by matrinox 0 471
Ping Menu Felicrux by Felicrux 0 603
Different Resolutions Cause Minimap Icons to Shrink M2tM by M2tM 0 524
Can we get a loading chatbox? travisHAZE by Michael1992 1 660
Change the normal game matching system! Michael1992 by Michael1992 1 629
Spectating Tabs Kyzrathnosh by TPjorgeDP 1 524
Allow Spectator Numer to be Visible TPjorgeDP by TPjorgeDP 1 507
Talking to Friends In-Game Axiola by SCNA Rohan 4 1,583
Windows mode BlownHeadGasket by SCNA Rohan 2 875
Suggestion for ingame/outgame boundaries Dux Hominum by Dux Hominum 0 400
Help please. Spiciest Pepper by Spiciest Pepper 0 354
Color coded borders for champion selection screen? Chrestomance by peachknight89 1 966
Cheats in game. TopJungle by peachknight89 3 2,137
Suggestion for the minimap khakispony by peachknight89 9 3,309
Ping checker in queue peachknight89 by peachknight89 0 428
Ping Indicator before match start up. Perplectual by peachknight89 3 502
This is unplayable because of the small HUD. SFJake by SFJake 6 17,344
HUD too small... Unerseer by SFJake 2 1,614
Riot- WIll You Hide Players Items lisoyt by IS1250d6ed7e1fa3 2 498
Why not display allies' summoner cooldowns like in Tourneys? HS by Gailie 2 737
Pausing (at least for ranked) with d/c'd player(s) ynthrepic by OkaMoez 2 744
If 1 person declines matchmaking why do we have to wait for everyone else's decision? Abortionist by OkaMoez 2 715
Prioritized Item slots? OkaMoez by OkaMoez 0 525
Option to choose role b4 Q up Quasar81 by Applejackie 3 822
Ranked Solo/Duo Suggestion 98Impreza by Applejackie 4 1,445
Some Quality of Life improvement suggestions. ringthree by ringthree 1 385
Toggle Smartcast SaucyFoot by The End is Tom 7 1,880
5th Ping Option RagnosMithrandir by FrySeven 4 712
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Muramana Appears as Magic Damage in matchhisotry Zephiryth by paddystar11 1 400
/mute and /ignore not working? CVonStauffenberg by Fraekith 2 1,036
Hud alignment top/bottom switch WabbitMonster by WabbitMonster 0 500
In-game notepad InfiniteZr0 by Shadow3750 1 1,060
Afk Coolmn21 by Nahele 5 789