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Why the hallowenn skins dont apear on limited aviability filter? jjookkeerr by jjookkeerr 0 2,232
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Fix the connecting in champion select A HornyReindeer by Pissfer 1 1,989
Turret Item's Tooltip Sorgens by Sorgens 1 2,067
Suggestion: Option to show damage numbers in Spectator Mode Knux by Knux 0 1,992
Revolutionary change for the better... Talidus by Pissfer 4 1,927
Muting/ignoring Freezman13 by Freezman13 0 1,761
[SUGGESTION] Champion folders Cooody by Blue Mystified 7 2,329
Death Recap TasogareReiken by TasogareReiken 0 1,323
Bonus Magic Damage On-Hit Fayatrix by Fayatrix 0 1,515
Riot... Champion Grouping Mauu5head by H0lylight 2 1,509
Riot Points, Refund, and Gifting suggestions AsDarkAsDeath by Sohrab19 1 1,209
Suggestion: Wards placed statistic at end of game PlayingDumb by Ristretta 1 1,163
Fix Buff Icon for Thresh's Flay JumpNShootMan499 by JumpNShootMan499 0 1,103
Provide an in-game mute button!!! PatmanBBE by Tomomothy 4 3,867
Having trouble with UI mod i made VeeXIII by VeeXIII 0 1,559
Add ping to scoreboard Shadowykiller by Chereaux 2 1,532
Some suggestions for the next patch. Noogle Gexus by Noogle Gexus 8 4,751
Transparent Shop window Zerg Hydralisk by Razz Pitazz 1 1,423
How to move your character portrait? Suzikai by Overkill63 3 2,981
Hideous Red Trim when Mouse Screen Lock enabled Trash Hermit by Trash Hermit 0 1,839
Just Players in general RoRite by Pissfer 1 1,319
Toggle feature for target champions only instead of a press on/off Zerg Hydralisk by Zerg Hydralisk 0 1,948
Camera Reset on Respawn Not Persistent LivingJon by LivingJon 0 1,336
Camera and Viewport Issues: Another Possible Solution Ghyrt by Ghyrt 7 3,892
Health and Mana Bar Opacity. DaveyBinkers by DaveyBinkers 0 1,378
gameplay option to benefit deaf players Coldmanj by Pissfer 5 3,100
Posibility to customize smartcast. Ranguro by Razz Pitazz 6 2,816
Shop option suggestion BaconDaggers by Razz Pitazz 2 2,287
Suggestion To Make LoL Fairer (Solutions Included)   ( 1 2) FMROYAL by BaconDaggers 15 3,697
Chinese text language option for NA server? MrSc0tty by Grandhippie 1 2,366
Center screen on my cursor key Qutse by Greggypants 1 2,653
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Black environment BUG Mr Pwntanger by Mr Pwntanger 0 1,433
Team Chat Syncing Correctly DeathBlad3 by DeathBlad3 2 1,423
Suggestion for Ranked pick/ban selection see my swag glhf by Pissfer 1 1,501
.i.. Bolraguard by Bolraguard 0 1,440
Suggestion: Queue as a Role OctoMonkey by Pissfer 1 1,718
game mode suggestion (freeplay / trial) Nezbeck by Bolraguard 1 1,501
clicking mechanics Vischious by Vischious 0 1,489
New Player UI Feedback - Improvement Ideas Egomine by Pissfer 1 1,705
Currency Trading StopDropNdTroll by Pissfer 1 1,586
Mouse Cursor Issue - Blending into Big Fights Creflo by Exterminator411 1 2,846
Pairing System Improvement Doppelgangr by Pissfer 3 2,648
Locked vs Unlocked Camera Problems Brantley by Brantley 4 3,650
RIOT idea- please look. Temozarella by Temozarella 0 1,373
How come top is bot-side, and bot is top-side in loading screen? Sparkykun by Sparkykun 0 1,217
Small suggestion about Leaver buster and a small part in-game Shermie KOF by Shermie KOF 0 1,180
Champion Categories in Champ Select IceShard88 by Pissfer 1 1,294
'Not owned' filter for runes Pepper Sunlight by Pissfer 1 1,165