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[Spectator Mode] Jungle Health Bars RubenatorX by RubenatorX 0 2,488
[Suggestion] Ubiquitous new Health Bar Breakwater by Breakwater 0 2,622
[Suggestion] Ability Targeting UI Improvement Mecharuva by Mecharuva 0 2,607
Gifting Timer The Daptor by The Daptor 1 2,872
Health bar - Shield Idea Xose00100 by Twelfth Tower 1 3,150
15 Minute Surrrender ARAM xvampireprince by DeliciousVimp 1 3,044
The new "Tint" when you go invisible is really starting to hurt my eyes Bucketofice by DeliciousVimp 1 3,306
Suggestion for Last Pick in Ranked Bit64Productions by KakashiSensei21 3 3,290
Minimap Icons at Edge of Map THE NASTIEST by THE NASTIEST 0 2,541
A new option to change camera view CatBugzz by a lurker above 4 3,800
Red Box around Window when Recording SnoKingXBL by Trash Hermit 3 6,766
[Suggestion] Ping display   ( 1 2) chaos122 by Pissfer 15 20,057
Spectating Chat Menu KakashiSensei21 by Pissfer 3 2,653
[Suggestion] More accurate and fair Ranking method. Arileon by Arileon 0 2,454
Hud Player Icons Left side ULT CD timer Motaclown by Motaclown 0 2,516
Tower Visual Range Indicator PENNtakillC88 by JevelFaithful 1 2,808
Mac HUD Animations THE GOLD KNIGHT by Best Azn NA 1 2,713
Champion select TisTheWay by TisTheWay 0 2,472
scrolling combat text ogMersault by ogMersault 0 2,590
Weather Effects - Rain and Snow Cdore by Cdore 0 2,502
Leaving Ranked SupportNidaleeOP by SupportNidaleeOP 0 2,437
Flip Flop HUD Brorippie by THE GOLD KNIGHT 1 2,685
Queue warning JevelFaithful by JevelFaithful 0 2,206
[Suggestion!] Random queue atrocitea by atrocitea 0 2,315
Better mouse sensitivity settings Admix by Admix 0 5,836
How to improve game forst by Pissfer 1 2,523
[Game hindering] Stretched HUD issue post 3.13 Pork The Chop by Pork The Chop 0 2,436
Why the hallowenn skins dont apear on limited aviability filter? jjookkeerr by jjookkeerr 0 2,233
Hello Community (Ideas) IappleFromWoW by JoeyAye 2 2,350
Fix the connecting in champion select A HornyReindeer by Pissfer 1 1,993
Turret Item's Tooltip Sorgens by Sorgens 1 2,074
Suggestion: Option to show damage numbers in Spectator Mode Knux by Knux 0 1,998
Revolutionary change for the better... Talidus by Pissfer 4 1,928
Muting/ignoring Freezman13 by Freezman13 0 1,762
[SUGGESTION] Champion folders Cooody by Blue Mystified 7 2,331
Death Recap TasogareReiken by TasogareReiken 0 1,324
Bonus Magic Damage On-Hit Fayatrix by Fayatrix 0 1,523
Riot... Champion Grouping Mauu5head by H0lylight 2 1,511
Riot Points, Refund, and Gifting suggestions AsDarkAsDeath by Sohrab19 1 1,210
Suggestion: Wards placed statistic at end of game PlayingDumb by Ristretta 1 1,165
Fix Buff Icon for Thresh's Flay JumpNShootMan499 by JumpNShootMan499 0 1,104
Provide an in-game mute button!!! PatmanBBE by Tomomothy 4 3,868
Having trouble with UI mod i made VeeXIII by VeeXIII 0 1,570
Add ping to scoreboard Shadowykiller by Chereaux 2 1,535
Some suggestions for the next patch. Noogle Gexus by Noogle Gexus 8 4,754
Transparent Shop window Zerg Hydralisk by Razz Pitazz 1 1,431
How to move your character portrait? Suzikai by Overkill63 3 2,983
Hideous Red Trim when Mouse Screen Lock enabled Trash Hermit by Trash Hermit 0 1,848
Just Players in general RoRite by Pissfer 1 1,320
Toggle feature for target champions only instead of a press on/off Zerg Hydralisk by Zerg Hydralisk 0 1,958