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Ward Skin Tab Daat Kif by Daat Kif 0 1,454
Using a Netbook karnivalkrush by karnivalkrush 0 1,712
Item slots The Öutcast by The Öutcast 4 1,748
How To Fix Resetting HUD   ( 1 2 3) iZyphur by Kaguya Houraisan 28 Riot Post 19,893
Ward pings hero253 by FearOfTheFlesh 1 1,714
Mouse sensitivity changed in a recent patch. loliamnew by loliamnew 0 2,171
Damage Text change question Stockingu by Stockingu 0 1,913
in game health bar not showing anyones levels Lord Vocu by Mitori Kawashiro 2 2,532
Death-by-Garen-Ultimate animation needs to be removed or able to be toggled off. Here Captain Lockski by FFF1 2 2,655
Cannot see people's lvls nxt to their hp bar Bloodydeckjr by Bloodydeckjr 0 2,098
Health bars messed up after update Steeez by mikerodeman 3 2,531
Please, please PLEASE revert to the old health bars. Siyanor by Siyanor 0 2,122
[BUG] Trundle active icons migty1joe by migty1joe 0 2,141
The new health bars are hideous. Nurturerofnature by Utaah 6 2,473
Another Health Bar Thread Dr Strangelove by Dr Strangelove 0 2,244
New Health Bar Tweak Knight of Virtue by Knight of Virtue 0 2,299
POLL: Do you think there should be an in-game voice chat feature?   ( 1 2) Prometheus856 by Steeez 13 4,202
Option to turn off zoom? wheresDaMuffin by wheresDaMuffin 0 2,056
Mastery point shifting support Percy X Lee by ZeroGman 1 1,836
The updates are not that appealing. manisan by Nurturerofnature 1 1,581
Most important change to pinging EVER!! Kandata by Kandata 2 1,651
shop window not scaled MeatDERP by MeatDERP 2 1,571
Treeline minimap minions SvenVvath by SvenVvath 0 1,471
S4 hud issue bb0yer by bb0yer 2 1,813
Ward health bars Anrita by Anrita 0 1,454
Damage over time indicator Commaman by Commaman 0 1,512
[Suggestion] Live Match Updates and loading screen chat S3rvers by Prometheus856 4 5,079
@Riot @Morello Suggestion: Move Mastery Pages aefijaw390fjaw3j by aefijaw390fjaw3j 0 1,547
[Suggestion] Surrender Disable at Nexus Meserion by Sorderon 5 5,257
Timers on allies ultimates and summoner spells Ðragøn by Raisu 1 2,296
Summoner Icon Idea Emotion by DolaKmon 2 2,107
Twisted Treeline lag issues Preli by Noviate 2 4,406
Suggestion! Loading Screen Chat LikeAHuy by ur mum oi 2 3,108
Why not free control of hud? soulyy by soulyy 0 1,487
Accidentally muting friends is way too easy SlantRhymes by SlantRhymes 0 1,438
It would literally make everything better if Riot did one or two simple fixes... nutbag by Sorderon 1 1,583
Cursor screen movement MaineDutch by MaineDutch 0 1,630
Enemy mini-map icons SoraXKnight by eric411 2 4,248
Interface of Purple Nexus Team in PvP Fourb19 by Sorderon 1 1,835
Spectator Mode Hyperdash900 by NanoCarp0 2 3,922
Fizz ultimate graphic change Transforcer by Sorderon 1 1,750
Hotkey specific Quick cast range indicators Shortyme by Shortyme 0 2,152
Add Buff/Baron/Dragon timers in-game OPMADAFAKA by Buff0815 3 7,119
NEW LAYOUT (Main Screen, etc) Ry0n by Ry0n 0 1,794
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Chat not showing up in spec mode? Fomorian27 by Pissfer 1 1,589
In Game mp3 soulshot268 by Pissfer 1 1,492
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