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Casting item abilities. Sir Khahandala by Evanui 1 5,438
Rune Page Suggestion Bhagat by Hellavor 6 Riot Post 6,206
How do you change your smart cast key bindings for items? bl0b by bl0b 0 5,563
Custom/Coop vs AI Games Ice Terror by Ice Terror 2 6,013
blacklist petition Worst crow by Ice Terror 8 6,594
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Manually changing the in game portrait Razekal by Razekal 1 6,712
RAnking sentrons by XavierTheTitan 1 5,689
We want video Th3C0on by Th3C0on 0 5,707
Please make the minimap un-right-clickable. Ergheis by Cixah 6 6,418
Commercials rather than loading screen. PervySages by NoxiousIce 3 6,165
Countdown timers on buff/debuffs? Gillette Series by Gillette Series 2 6,260
[Suggestion] Improve ping system Linquisitor by Nytemare3701 2 8,988
Warnings/Alerts/Tells/Assistance Notifications Gattabekd by The?nForgiven 4 17,058
UI Suggestion: Allow players to rotate their view of the map 90 degrees on SR. Comrade Tao by Gherontius 3 6,522
Mastery Text too Dark Covenant by Ortros 4 9,378
Selling runes and champions RustyWarrior by Lepastro 6 6,671
why so small SomeSortOfDuck by RoflMyPancakes 1 6,212
Win of the day timer without having to finish a game. hrakkar by Jak6 4 6,602
Skill SelfCast Lepastro by The Null Revolt 2 6,624
please put a STOP! to leaves during champion-selection Roger Barbossa by inf3st 4 6,731
In Game Voice Chat? Skyforever by gerakis50 5 7,254
Reorganize champ tab of shop. AbyssionKnight by Enalung 1 6,400
Moving the hud Enalung by Enalung 2 6,584
Smite JonneyMarket by ImDefinitelyGay 2 6,607
"Refresh list" button is broken Henry9000 by Henry9000 0 6,529
Re-organizing rune pages IntuitionaL by IntuitionaL 0 6,588
Chatbox during the Loading Screen Ghaunn by II Loki II 1 6,528
Spells tab on summoner profile. Kabulous by Kabulous 0 6,481
Custumisable item lists Enalung by Enalung 0 6,547
I am going to post this in ever forum until Riot notices   ( 1 2) GrimreaperFX by Xzauhst 11 12,463
Hello, Would someone care to help me with my custom skin problems? :) TakinTheHeat by TakinTheHeat 0 6,684
Can we please get Swish and Insanitys Edge reported for this deathstreakmem by swish11609 3 20,780
feed back for install splash KARMA5 by KARMA5 0 6,542
Manamune / Archangel's Staff passives LysEcarlate by Veni Vidi Pwnd 4 7,171
If I wanted to tower dive him, I would have clicked on him The Abortinator by casperi0002 8 8,912
Loss Forgiven Debate LiutenantHooter by Magma Armor0 1 6,905
[Suggestion] Lock-In Mechanic   ( 1 2) EleJames by strattmandoo 13 16,857
@Dev Team, Chat Translation? Meleney by strattmandoo 1 7,572
Why dont destroyed towers have their collision boxes removed? Gillette Series by MurhpysLaw 6 8,320
HP/mana/lvl Bar HEX Zero Limitz by SevSaint 1 7,011
Bolth teams stats 253Bowser by 253Bowser 0 7,063
Regarding the main client itself (Not ingame) FreeK200 by FreeK200 0 7,101
CS next to K/D (upper right, below latency/fps) in game hud please. Gaeb by Kraaj 2 7,861
@boourns & Rayven AzuraZero by Everspace 4 Riot Post 9,808
@boourns Snrub by boourns 2 Riot Post 7,875
About Centering the Screen (Spacebar/Y) VengefulMilk by JezdziecBezNicka 1 8,520