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safari Cait ಠ_ಠ Raichiyo by Kiriba 1 339
Short Video: Taric, the Gem Knight Gabba The Butt by Gabba The Butt 0 238
My nidalee video Zudren by Zudren 0 221
My nidalee video Zudren by Zudren 0 196
I hate Master Yi SO Much.. I drew him anyway... LessThanPi by LessThanPi 2 617
Summer is coming... so Pool Party Syndra? ... How does this even work?   ( 1 2) Eldarhin by noxikon 10 1,461
PAX Sivir Eldarhin by Eldarhin 1 577
Ode to Achievements Tab Fwoggey by Fwoggey 0 257
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Paying for someone to draw.... Cry A River by xHeavyBladex 7 868
My Tattoo PrivateSkilas by PrivateSkilas 3 335
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Draw Something Creations Jessicaxak by Jessicaxak 2 344
New custom summoners rift map AFK OR LEAVE by AFK OR LEAVE 0 302
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I found you, beast! Foulex by Foulex 0 301
Karma Cosplay for a guy? Itete by Kiriba 1 467
How about a new Pantheon skin DvSProdigious by Kiriba 3 655
Annie and Tibbers art iBeeWho by Kinvaras666 3 595
Headhunter Master Yi Em0Panda by Em0Panda 0 315
Malcolm Graves custom login screen SnO3 by SnO3 0 551
Unicorn Hecarim Kinvaras666 by Kinvaras666 3 435
buying these champions in toy form Cry A River by Cry A River 0 285
Offering Keychain/Charm Commissions! Yoraeryu by Cry A River 7 1,386
I love designing art (but i need help :/) Ryzma by Kiriba 1 305
Tsm snapdragon skins AFK OR LEAVE by AFK OR LEAVE 0 280
Galactic Miss Fortune   ( 1 2 3) Astregoth by Astregoth 20 3,766
[Art] Viktor, prototype Waltre by Eastern Mind 4 796
My female version of Shen :) Kimiekimchi by Kinvaras666 5 824
Fan art of some of my fave champs! (more to come!) jemaica by MrJokus 3 363
Twitch Skin Idea! - Master Splinter Twitch! NEW! Imprerial Xyienc by Imprerial Xyienc 0 555
Long term art project - Redesigning Taric Bloodseek by Bloodseek 4 569
LoL Hip Hop Owellow by Owellow 4 790
I draw fan art (and run 3 askblogs) Vamper by TheHobbits 2 568
[Art] The Ultimate Urgot Skin (together with Unprepared Garen) Eserine by TheHobbits 1 451
Draven Theme song I made Inkcorperated by Michael Dragon 1 749
my terrifying experience in mid lane wtflockofbirds by wtflockofbirds 0 282
Custom wallpapers and pictures SAMAX006 by SAMAX006 3 493
Annie From Wreck It Ralph Skin AFK OR LEAVE by AFK OR LEAVE 0 343
Bubble Bobble Nami (Fanart) Maingan by AlethiaArete 1 588
A drawing of VI NachoMensch by NachoMensch 3 615
Taric Fan Art - Work in Progress (lookin for feedback) Bloodseek by Xarue 2 613
For A 3-D Modeling class... MECHA KHAZIX ▀kthedk by ▀kthedk 3 846
A Day in the Life of AP Sion FantomX by FantomX 0 282
Deep Terror Zoidberg (Thresh) 69SWEET4SS69 by girl of hearts 1 780
Learning to Draw: Beginner to Pro Ryceman by SisterGrimmy 5 1,099