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There NEEDS to be a "Vote To Kick" kittys go merow by DrDomVonDoom 3 469
~~free riot points 100% legit~~ pitidarkgod1 by Sam 3 1,368
Why does 5's logic not apply to 3's? Benedictous by Brodrew 3 446
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god bless 3v3 AsianBoi by Pannucci 3 267
toxic players PermaFriedRice by Mindllapse 3 420
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Looking for 2 people for Power Level to 30 ButterMilkSalad by ButterMilkSalad 3 456
Is any one else getting tired of all the randoms power levelling TT FascistIguana by DancerofWar 3 515
TT forums are dead MDCityKilla by Gabriel Logan 3 275
@RiotNome: How do the Placement Matches for Ranked 3s work? Confused, example inside. Numba Wan Kenobi by scazzaf 3 8,148
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Powerleveling the next couple of days to 30 in 3's add me if you want to! NA Platinum ELO by NA Platinum ELO 3 316
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This dude has a point. GBG Fiddlesticks by FitzChivalry 3 573
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