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Sticky Thread Who are the best champions?   ( 1 2 3 ... 78) Snoop Nome by MrAnonymus 771 Riot Post 465,671
Sticky Thread Compendium of Map Specific Champion Balance: Twisted Treeline   ( 1 2 3) ManWolfAxeBoss by Telinus 29 Riot Post 67,130
lulu 12edruM by 9Fporco 1 938
The Vilemaw icon... Blackfire32 by Tazokh 4 7,925
Looking for a 3v3 team Maleificent by Maleificent 0 849
3s gatorbeastx by gatorbeastx 0 841
LF Gold+ player for plat 3s Prodotnet by TwoSlick 3 1,589
Need one more for Gold No lIfe Grind! XxtheDarknezxX by XxtheDarknezxX 0 834
Need help getting to gold BlondHeadphones by XxtheDarknezxX 3 891
Want gold? 3v3 ? xDefiledx by XxtheDarknezxX 1 874
Have gold team, need 3rd w/ no life to grind a lot this weekend Mytholxgy by BigBirdNethers 2 1,238
The Twisted Treeline Altars BRISFU by BRISFU 0 744
l Cocacola Sonic by Cocacola Sonic 0 678
Silver player looking to get Gold Jeouno by Jeouno 0 672
trying to get lvl 30 on smurf. tunagamer by tunagamer 0 606
Looking for one more person any rank 3v3 deadly76 by ELOGAHMAS 2 591
LF group.. need gold ELOGAHMAS by ELOGAHMAS 0 558
Any Silver 1 team with 2 or 3 invites for Gold? Astral Yorae by Astral Yorae 0 493
NEED 1 MORE FOR 3s GOLD ATTEMPT!! The Swaggarnaut by Skarner Need Hug 3 645
Looking to get gold rewards need a team Dragvio by Dragvio 0 405
I found the only legitimately OP thing in the game MLG420YOL0SWAG by Soul of Infirc 4 639
How to Riot can remove Elo Hell. Slam Dunks by BrainFacker 5 1,730
free icon ruining TT Dangerous Music by MDCityAPOP 6 1,563
Looking for people get fast exp Ludum Ergo Sum by Bypass 1 1,215
LP gains are annoying now. Diamond Demon by Diamond Demon 4 1,106
@Riot: Please revisit Grez's and Hex Sweeper im a people too by GiantNooblord 2 671
LF Gold+ player for Ranked 3's. Maxim by shiq 4 553
Seeking team to grind for last minute gold DeathColony by shiq 2 871
Hiemerdinger needs reviewed in 3's Stradiater by Rumination 4 1,225
Silver 1 looking to join 3s team for Rewards Captfailboatqt by Captfailboatqt 0 429
NEED PEOPLE RANKED 3s CajunRecipe by CajunRecipe 0 423
Two Silver 4 players looking for 3s team for Gold this weekend. Yes Indeedy by Yes Indeedy 4 508
when toxicity is maximized Sheepsknuckles by AznDudeIsOn 2 576
Looking for Plat IV + Grinding 3's blackenedsummit by blackenedsummit 0 485
LF 3v3 Team to grind for Gold this weekend Joshiroth by Nakihabara 3 517
LF 3rd for Ranked 3v3 to get to Gold ThatOneJewYouNo by ThatOneJewYouNo 0 476
LF 3v3 ranked team HookDesire98 by Yes Indeedy 1 732
Silver 2 3s Team 1 game to promos need 2 Players YDT Inc by YDT Inc 0 466
LF 3v3 Team to grind out for gold tonight and rest of weekend. GripAndRip by MummLegend 6 722
Quick 3v3 gold team ^.^ XxtheDarknezxX by XxtheDarknezxX 0 580
L> Gold 3v3 team. Fishey by Fishey 0 601
The Matchmaking System on Season 4 IS14155bc7d78be46301c21 by IS14155bc7d78be46301c21 0 934
Looking for 2 For Gold Rewards (I have gold team) Mytholxgy by ThunderLama 5 1,206
3v3 Map Sir Scarf by MDCityAPOP 1 593
Looking to make Gold in 3's before Monday Joshiroth by Sir Scarf 8 1,119
LF Team for Silver or Gold Hulk Smash 1988 by Hulk Smash 1988 0 676
Bug on Twisted Treeline OnTheNightshift by Vegetaseba 1 1,292
cant see minions in TT kurindrise by Rabbitsuit 1 848
2 diamond sq players looking for 3rd for Diamond 3's. King of Slugs by Son of Blood 3 1,265
Last Minute Challenger Grind: D2+ 3s please. Looking for very active team/players Quark by Quark 0 950
League of Legends RP Card Giveaway. WhyAreYouSoFat by WhyAreYouSoFat 0 874
LF 3's team to get gold with SweetPete7 by SweetPete7 2 984