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Sticky Thread Learning to CS for non laners  ( 1 2 3 ... 81 ) RiotHavoc rakno69 808
Riot Post
Silver 5 jungle stream. Beruken Beruken 0 148
Silver III BANH21 Sparkery 2 231
Need a team asap Flexxxx Flexxxx 0 121
Oh the throws noVa Legionary Thaiboxer87 2 236
Caitlyn Instagib Game Mode Vorpike Soljahh 1 314
Why are there no cheap activation items? Zaphery Thaiboxer87 4 364
Message for the Bronze/Silver SoloQueuers Psy Cool Guy Twist741 4 392
Ranked duo Blow This Grip Thaiboxer87 2 206
Banable Offense In Ranked? HELP? Wilkinson Wilkinson 1 246
i need loss forgiven AsianxXxBoy AsianxXxBoy 2 191
Silver IV KazumoAtstuchi Nezero 7 396
Level 11 Player Here (Looking for Friends) i2iku i2iku 3 237
ADC looking for a good support... (B D2) TheMrEUser Crystal Reaver 1 147
Homeguard really guard your home? Crystal Reaver Crystal Reaver 4 660
Need A Top Laner xXGrizzlyXx Pokelind 3 236
PSA regarding Mejai's and soto glitch markd315 Dociu 3 850
Play til you win. Baffle Waffle Baffle Waffle 0 203
Looking for some people to play with. Dociu Dociu 0 161
Bad News Bronzers 5's Ranked Team xXGrizzlyXx mrtomayto 6 548
How to achieve more goals in games? Donovaaan Whoa There Betsy 1 199
Diamond Player Streaming Top Lane! Muy Tacano Muy Tacano 1 179
Ranked teams recluting Askoriz1 Askoriz1 0 138
Plat ranked solo que stream xRome xRome 0 121
http://www.twitch.tv/kitsunekyshin Kitsune Kyshin Kitsune Kyshin 0 147
Ignoring pick order in Ranked? AtheistGuy1 AtheistGuy1 2 495
Why ranked is absolutely absurd Mikehuntsdirty Achi11eus 4 610
This bug... Dajoe Soljahh 1 289
Going gold? Eillin Eillin 0 199
gold 3 Krasis Krasis 0 193
Today's Most Popular?Most Banned?Highest KDA? AnnaRS AnnaRS 0 303
Tryndamere or Singed i2iku i2iku 3 494
LF 3 more decent people to play with right now and tonight Spectre321 Nisimisim 3 200
Stupid stack glitchers.. Chukey MrGangles24 6 620
Hecarim or Sejuani or Vi Thunderosly DrRoman 5 1193
Can we just close servers Supreme Squid Supreme Squid 0 191
Duo Q idiots Laptop190 Soljahh 6 472
deleted Ursarkar E Creed Ursarkar E Creed 0 151
Sivir- The past, the present and the future Eat SPAM Excalibur09 5 18887
Riot plz stop making new champ instead of find a solution to thoes afk game CommunismForce SpiritoftheFox 2 236
need help rammus or yorick? Excalibur09 Excalibur09 3 251
Best Early Trading Adc? SuperBad Shiro The Red 3 787
This hacker.. RebornNinja1209 FeuerMarke 4 669
Getting a good CS score? Brisket451 kuroshini 1 297
getting out of bronze hughhoofer joei26 8 686
Anyone wanna help my road to Gold? DamenM BVBkid 1 210
I can't join games properly! Plz BIadesOfExile Shadow Claw Zed 1 646
Ranked Queue down... Gold Tier 5 man Scrim Anyone? Badger France Badger France 0 200
any idea when ranked will be back up? Noxus Serpent Noxus Serpent 0 235
Good to be Back! ToxicFantasy24 LemonFreezer 1 122
Plat 5 Solo Que Stream xRome xRome 1 140