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Time Zone for LCS Next Match Pawn01 Tal OCE 1 460
LCS Jayce Really Lucky LtSmashFSP 1 423
how is c9 so good?  ( 1 2 3 ) Go Explode LtSmashFSP 28 3738
Define or Drop "Korean Meta" Please ThisTimeForREALS ThisTimeForREALS 6 4290
NA & EU LCS Games of the Week Gonz02130 Baxter the Teddy 4 436
Esports Website Issue Jezzaxx Jezzaxx 0 305
LCS Pro-AM(Pros and Amateurs) Event SupremeOppressor SupremeOppressor 1 583
Trying to get music onto LCS streams. Skiddly Skiddly 0 387
Cloud Nine overrated or overpowered?  ( 1 2 ) Rekcs Cavo 12
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OGN- If you're like me and can't always watch it live... Baxter the Teddy Baxter the Teddy 0 441
"2nd Dragon" Gaeta Qwurp 2 588
Best Kassadin NA with PROOF Mikey Wazowski LUS Montplaisir 7 1140
need a new a adc and supp Psuser10 Tal OCE 2 565
Esports shows SK beat Lemondogs but Lemondogs won! noxstreak noxstreak 0 456
Question about the keyboard giveaway. Muqq Muqq 5
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Recap/Analysis of NA LCS Week 7 Tellysavalas Tellysavalas 0 498
League of Legends PRO SHOUTCASTERS RainßowÐash Baxter the Teddy 2 1210
Riot @ PAX Dev and PAX Prime? Havoc 360 Gudge 4
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League of Legends Pro App! Ace of Fate simof99 2 700
S3 Worlds ticketing @RiotTiza Bazaam MGhosta 6
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@Any Rioter-QuakeCon 2013 PsychicToaster travis122294 1 737
Want to experience being a pro gamer? Join us on KoL Tournament LCS Edition. Optimus Primé Optimus Primé 0 638
V Blog #4 some updates♣ Dab0i Dab0i 0 561
Looking for information xXWolfCallXx Moonrah 1 717
MYM vs SK Gaming Redirect Loop B4ugh B4ugh 0 597
Platinum 4 support lf AD to duo Makrura Makrura 0 652
Are North American Regional Tickets Still Available? A Good Player Killrazor 2
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Which country has the best LoL players? Bong Ji Hyo power121 4 1825
Streaming - Road To Gold!!  ( 1 2 3 ) Reddeyezz Reddeyezz 21 3064
Streaming! w00t w00t(support POV) ohlookyourdead Misread 2 645
Not gaining as much LP? Suriza Misread 5 929
balance issues in the ranked system Stabbzwildley Ketsumi 4 824
free prizes just for watching Mikey Wazowski RiotTiza 1
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GAMERSCOVE TOURNAMENT 5v5 thebeastychaldo Coold Masta 3 649
question about the meaning of this number thingy Silvertip Legend Silvertip Legend 3 807
Baxter the LoL playing Teddy! Baxter the Teddy Baxter the Teddy 1 711
Promotion Matches and even though this is probably the 5000th post on this topic... Jiggawatz LUS Montplaisir 3 810
Pathetic OGN chat Rangers Baxter the Teddy 1 729
Demoting Down to a lower league GangstaBlasta Baxter the Teddy 2 644
Shoutcasters wanted!! Begetter Begetter 0 579
Some Reasons Why I think Asian Teams beat the rest (with statistics) Knows Gogeta SS4 LUS Montplaisir 4 956
Help me do my part for eSports [Survey Within] Anderzz Anderzz 0 605
Where to watch LPL? Frozenepic Baxter the Teddy 6 3984
Seriously with the C9.  ( 1 2 3 ) Baxter the Teddy pikachu8090 21 2682
Riot, plz explain... THATFLIPPINPANDA pikachu8090 4 748
Highressupp! ohlookyourdead ohlookyourdead 1 455
I carried myself out of Bronze SoloQ! xLegendary Troll Misread 5 2192
LCS players sumrfing? williamturton williamturton 0 535
Bugged lp system? Delphineas Baxter the Teddy 2 488
LCS dragon calculator oSABREWULFo oSABREWULFo 0 517